Monday, March 2, 2009

Scandalously Handsome

Hi Hi ..... sister newbie mentioned that she likes to see how our prince looked around the 'Untold Scandal' era. Hehe, I personally cannot fall for a man with 'a bun on top of the head' look, even when the man was HRH @@ The silly me actually began to despise that mesh headgear thingy after our prince told us how much it was hurting him that he had a headache! But I do love Yong Joon's modern day look around that era though. I especially love the sexiness and confidence he exuded when he posed between his 2 leading ladies :)

I sure think a man can look his best when he has a real sensual woman by his side. Hehe, and in this case, he's doubly best looking @@

If only looks can kill @@ Well, it can't kill, but HIS sure can seduce :)

A classy playboy?
or a boyish gentleman?

This is a very rare pose of Yong Joon in a photo shoot - a modern day Untold Scandal. The picture itself is telling a story - probably one of the most suggestive by Yong Joon. Hehe, I am kind of shy to post this, but I really like him here. Um hm .... I stand corrected, I really really like him behind there @@

Ok now, let's cleanse our mind with his beautiful sunny warm smile before you go to sleep, ok? Sorry, since these are old pictures, they are credited as shown.


Yee said...

He looks so nice in blue and I like him better with glasses.
AS hair style is my favorite.
I confess, I don't like Untold Scandal. As an excellent actor, he portrayed the character very well, made me don't want to watch it more than once, just call me very old fashioned.


Anonymous said...


Thank's girl for the pictures personally love love the second to the last hehehe,,,,i don't know if it's just me or his face look kinda different from before,,,maybe the age thingy!!!!

i super love his smile here it looks really genuine

i maybe wrong don't you gals agree that maybe the loneliness factor affecting his aura these days...

i missed the bright sunny genuine smileeeeee!

oopsss i saw april snow
the gal in the movie i thought was perfect for him...

is she single????they looked really awesome together...

if i would be his cupid or perhaps a person who can set him up i definetely call that gal wouldn't you agree!!!!!!?


jenny said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for posting back this old photos for us. He actually look very handsome on short hair as well as long hair.

But hope he will be changing his hair style and give us a new look soon. Why so quiet in baeland?

Spring has arrived? I love the sakura in Japan. Do you know which is the best week to see sakura in Japan this month.



Lin Chen said...

Dear jaime,
These photos are so nice, and YJ, is handsome and gorgeous as ever. He looked a bit thin since he needed to lost his weight about 10kg for the movie.
I watched Untold Scandal before knowing who is BYJ. (That time I know BYJ but could not know the guy in the movie is him), my friend gave me a movie file then...but I like the film and think, oop, the actor is handsome and well perform.

A bit turn back to the past to express my love to him. I admire him with all his successful works, any kind of them, he always do his best to give us wonderful feeling to live in the world he takes us in. Thanks YJ for all.

Thanks Jaime. Always miss him.

With love

chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime!!!
are we turning backwards? he he he he...
this movie..i love it!! yeah..naughty me...not just that, but i love how he acted the part of was right after the WLS craze, so, i had to admit that this movie shocked me to death!! he he he he
i was still absorbed into his Minhyung character..and then THIS!!
i REMEMBER i saw the movie on my DVD watching SIDEWAYS...just couldn't believe it was our dear BYJ..couldn't digest it took me another 4 rounds of watching the same movie in a week..until finally, i got it!!!
i love the last part when he fell off the horse with half of his face buried in the sand/mud..then with opened eye, a tear fell...this is something that i would probably ask him (how difficult it was doing this scene) when i meet him one day...take care!!!


Lin Chen said...

Hehe Jaime,
Why are you shy for posting the photo? So nice and special!
I have some of his photos, even more sexy. That is why he is perfect, right?

Wing said...

Dear Jaime..
WOW! Yeah yeah yeah!...I havent seen some of these photos before...our prince looks so tanned and handsome - his quiet aura and beauty really is exuded!
Pant pant pant!
I had to catch my breath too...I dont mind seeing him posing with the pretty ladies either - it makes him so manly and uber handsome!!
Thank you for making my day....enjoy your days and take care :)

Anonymous said...

Err..I love that riske picture
yes bad bad bad me
But it brighten my day thanks


bb said...

chakachan, actually he did share that doing that fall-from-horse-into-mud scene was very very very difficult. not only was it cold, it was terribly uncomfortable, as he had to make sure his eyes stay open as he fell onto the sand. he could not even wink or shut the other eye that's in the sand coz that would cause the 'exposed' eye to look all crinkly and he would end up not looking dead at all... phew :p

p.s. you watched him sideways? hehe, was it the 'yo' scene? :p

p.p.s. and i love love love reading those back stories about how he sought the director out and asked for an audition, when he had literally hundreds of movie offers back then... (this role was originally intended for lee jung jae, who had worked with the director in A Love Affair, which incidentally also starred LMS, and the movie's a fave of mine...)

Anonymous said...


just watched US hehehe it's very interesting movie,,,love the way he present himself as a gigolo,,,whew!

i just realized that two movies AS and US has one thing in common true Love...don't you agree?

after all the bitterness the guy will ultimately found himself with the one he love...

ahhhh!puzzle maybe our guy longing for that kind of love,,huh???

whenever i think of him i'm always like these thinking,,,in real life i'm a total opposite....when you encounter this kind of soul you change a bit without you knowing it......


chakachan said...

hi BB,
thanks...geez...what a tough job it was doing it!!! but that's our BYJ..doing his very best all the way, no matter how difficult it is..he begged for the role??? he he he..nice nice...
i hope he does another movie that dosen't have his "proper-prince" image..something really nasty and naughty...i luvvv it when he glares when he's mad...soo arrogantly handsome..hmmmmm...and yup, my dear princess, more YO' scenes...he he he. naughty me!!


jaime said...

Hi Hi Yee,

Sorry for the late reply. I am old fashioned like you, and I cannot relate to a plot like Dangerous Liaison/US. But I think Yong Joon learned a lot from this movie. The most obvious one is the old Chosun tradition which he translated in Gosireh, and probably will be in his upcoming book too :)Thanks for writing to me! Have fun watching BOF.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi newbie,

sorry for the late reply. the actress in AS is Son Ye Jin, she is a very beautiful and successful actress too in Korea. Yong Joon commented that SYJ is a natural born actress, I guess she can grasp her role easily. I don't think they are an item though, sorry.

Hahaha, you are naughty, you are like 2nd last pic? I think he looked so gorgeous there. Hehe, I am actually just using US as an excuse to post this pic @@ Thanks for dropping by!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Jenny,

Yes, it's very quiet in Baeland cause everyone is trying to give Yong Joon his space :)

Yes, the sakura is very beautiful in Japan. Because of the geographical difference in Japan, Cherry blossom starts earlier in March in the warmer southern parts of Japan, then moves northwards. The forecast for Tokyo and Kyoto is around the last week of March. If you can't go so early, you can still see Sakura in Hokkaido early May :) Please google 'Sakura forecast' on a few links for comparison. This is from JNTO :

Are you planning a trip to Japan?

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Lin Chen,

Yes, we miss him so much. Me too, I always love to look at his old photos even though I also love his long hair very much.

Really?! You have more sexy pictures of HRH?? Please please share them in your wonderful blog so we can all enjoy and decide for you, ok?

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi chakachan,

I wonder with the princess too, SIDEWAYS?? and 4 times!! hehe, naughty naughty you :) I personally am just dying to see him act in some new dramas, good guys/ bad guys, I am not picky anymore :)

please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Wing,

I am happy that you enjoy these pictures. I just wish I had collected more of his old pictures so we can re-examine them again :)
Thanks for leaving me a comment!

love ,..... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi moontime,

Yes, I think we all love to see him trying something new and a bit more out of his comfort zone. Hehe, that pic probably fell into that category. Glad you like it!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi princess,

Thanks for telling us the background story of that last scene again. I just can't imagine the discomfort of having an open eye in the wet sand?! He is really a dedicated actor, he would not take the easy way out.

love ... jaime