Thursday, December 17, 2009

Glittery pink 2010

Hi Hi sisters ..... Just received this glittery pink BYJ 2010 diary from cloudnine today! Yeah yeah, I am embarassed to reveal that I still have to bother cloudnine to order Japanese stuffs for me from BOFi. Thanks a bundle, dear cloudnine, you are always so helpful :) Oh, I love this year's choices of pink or silver, pink is so glamorous, silver is so elegant @@ Hehe, but I am a pink girl, I don't even have to think twice of what I want :) My lighting is so bad, it doesn't reflect how pretty and glittery it really is @@

Haha, enhancements this year include the very charming bookmark :)

and a very thoughtful pen holder! I have been saying to myself the whole year long, "if only there is a place to hold my pen too in my 2009 diary". Now it really comes true!
Here's the layout of the months and days

As usual, an info page of our handsome man @@

Hehe, the rest are some droolingly handsome pictures of Yong Joon, but cloudnine and I both wonder why they are from Bassini? Aren't those copyrighted by AB? We'd rather see some new shots of our handsome prince, right? @@

Have you ordered your copy through your country's fan site yet?

Btw, I finally dropped by at Gosireh Gon in Ikebukuro this past weekend. It is in the basement food floor in Seibu Department Store. Aiyo, forgot which building again! Just follow the smell la, huh?

If you are familiar with the food floor under a Japanese department store, you know how each deli has its own square floor space with glass display case all around it.
Gosireh Gon occupies half of the square floor space, thus only has 1 side of the counter - see how tight it is? Well ..... price of real estate in Tokyo @@
Errr, since we still had a few other places to go that day, so I didn't buy any food. They sure look delicious and healthy, eh? We just quickly snapped up a few shots before being swarmed by the crowds again :) Hope I can do some taste-testing next time :) Time flies, only one more week to Christmas Eve! Are you ready?


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Thank you so much for your caring message, it makes me feel all warm inside. Yes, it has been bitterly cold during the last two weeks with temperature around -30C without windchill, but the good news is that it starts warming up yesterday. By living in Calgary, I am already used to this kind of weather, plus, after Winter Sonata and April Snow, winter isn’t that unbearable anymore, and I enjoy the feeling cold winter brings me that home is the warmest place in this world.

The food from Gosireh Gon looks really yummy, wondering when I could have a try.

Enjoy the mild winter there in Tokyo. Take care.

love… yudi

jaime said...

Dear Yudi,

Happy to hear that you are doing well. I agree with you, after watching Winter Sonata and April Snow, winter is especially meaningful and romantic :) Please enjoy the warmth at home!

love ... jaime

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Thank you so much to share with us the beautiful BYJ 2010 diary and the pic of Gosireh Gon. I like the pink diary jaime and the food in Gosireh Gon look yummy. Have u try the food there.

Agreed with u that time is really flies and we will wrapping up our 2009 and look forward to 2010 just less than 2 weeks. Wish u all the best in year 2010.

Have a nice and wonderful weekend with your family yah .



Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Missed your blog while away on holiday. Thanks for the last few entries and esp for all the lovely pix.

I just dropped by to wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed christmas (which you'll be spending in Taiwan, so I read). Just wanna catch you before you leave. Take care . . . :)


jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

I haven;t had a chance to try the food at Gon yet. Will let u know how it tastes, ok?

I also wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays! Have fun and eat well, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Alcy,

Thanks for dropping by and your well wishes even though you are busy. I also wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. See you when i come back.

love .. jaime

bb said...

i smiled at the 'i'm a pink girl'... and wanted so much to shout out loud to you, 'me too, me too!' :)

Carol Ann said...

LOL! I am with you and bb ... I'm a pink girl too ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that diary! It is just beautiful! Pink, glittery and BYJ too. Sigh. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that! :-)

Where do you order things like that? Can you give me the web address?

jaime said...

Hi bb & Carol Ann,

Sorry for my late prely. Carol Ann, this calendar can only be ordered on Yong Joon Japanese site.

cheers ..... jaime