Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pretty things up

Hi Hi sisters ...... thank you for your thoughtful response to my last post. Before we further explore Yong Joon's life philosophy and work ethic, I can't resist 'prettying' things up on the first day of the last month of this year :) I know someone will smack my head silly, but I do do do love Yong Joon looking so feminine and sexy in his long hair. So please allow me to admire these newest Face Shop Christmas shots, huh .......

original from BYJGallery by miemi


Tamar1973 said...

I like the one with the suitcase. I hope he comes to California wine country!

regie said...

dear jaime,

luv. luv,luv them all..especialy because he's wearing my favorite color black.His smile just unbearable..

Thank you for posting them.
Talk to you later.

love n peace,

karen said...

hi hi jaime,

me too....me too..i love Yong Joon in long hair n I miss him in long hair, Jaime..tks for sharing this set of pics, he looks so charming too..hahaa..

oooohh...my HK trip is fantastic, I bought n eat a lot dear. Lucky is my baggage did not over weight cos I handcarry some hahaha... Their food is so yummy n I went to macau, there a lot more of yummy food, i hv eat boil double skin milk n a lot more to mention Jaime...i 100% agree we are in the same boat, and yes, we need another room to store of stuff... hahaha..I believe in Japan hv much much more to shop hehehe...so how can & how long we able reach the level of MooMoonKua ?? :D

Hugs ~~

Carol Ann said...

Oh, love the photos! Ever since seeing Legend 6 weeks ago ... hee hee ... love that long hair on BYJ!

One thing I am disappointed about - and it has nothing to do with Mr. Bae - but a brand new FACESHOP store opened in NYC the first week of November and there is NOT A SINGLE PROMO SHOT of BYJ anywhere in the store. The store is in the heart of the Korean section and yet no BYJ. I mentioned it to one of the clerks, but she just smiled and said nothing.

I hoped that the store was just so new that they hadn't had time to get up all the advertising (I was there the 3rd day they were open!), but I was in NYC again on Sunday and still NO BYJ.

Maybe they are waiting for these new promo posters? I hope so. I go back to the city in about two and a half weeks --- so I will be asking, if I don't see any BYJ posters or promo shots!

I may even write to corporate headquarters, if I can't find out why no BYJ in the NYC store.

A lot of the charm for me, of going to FACESHOP and buying their products, is because it is one place in America where I can see a familiar Korean favorite star! (well, his photos anyway ... although the times he has been in NYC, if I am in the city, I am looking very carefully to see if I spot him ... hee hee. No luck so far!)

cecy said...

Hola Jaime. how are you?
thanks for sharing these pictures of our prince so beautiful, looks beautiful with her hair long.
cuidate cecy fondly Mexico.

Tamar1973 said...

They never had BYJ at TFS in Santa Clara either and he's not on TFS USA website. I suspect his contract did not include the USA, only Asia.

jaime said...

Hi Hi tamar,

I can understand why? His legs are as slim and long as the time he starred in Love Greetings! His face as scholarly and innocent as before. He is born with enviable qualities :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear regie,

Yong Joon is so handsome that he doesn;t need any fancy clothes to adorn him. just a plain (hopefully form fitting :) black shirt on him will do, hehe.

please take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi karen,

I am so happy for you that you enjoyed Hong Kong. You make me longing to go there again, I miss all the delicious Chinese food. Hehe, you are right, I think Japan is a shopping heaven for women too, but the walking really kills me :(

love ..... jaime

jaime said...

Oh really, Carol Ann? No BYJ promo at NYC Face Shop, what a disappointment! Tamar is right, maybe Yong Joon's contract is for Asia only. They probably use caucasian models in N. America, right?

Yeah, I found the Korean town in Toronto is the same, no sight of Yong Joon's anything. You know, why don;t you try Chinatown? You may have a better chance of finding Yong Joon's poster and DVDs. Hehe, but I know most DVD merchants are not too keen on Yong Joon since he doesn not have any new drama for them to sell.

Oh, other places to try is shopping online like YesAsia, HMV Japan, Amazon for his goods. Good luck!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi cecy,

so you like Yong Joon in long hair too? He does look so droolingly handsome, right? Glad you like it!

have a nice day!
love .... jaime

Carol Ann said...

I don't know - that is what is kind of confusing.

The first FS store I found and went to was the Palisades Park, New Jersey store and they had his posters everywhere (I even have a photo of myself next to one!)

It was not long after they had changed spokespeople so they even had boxes of product that still had Kwon Sang Woo on them!

One of the girls saw how happy I was to see BYJ and gave me one of the posters to take home. I think it was because she was just so shocked that not only did a non-asian know who BYJ was, but loved him so much ... hee hee! (Her response was a surprised "You know him?!")

I just had a friend email me and she would like to go back up to PP soon, so I will see if they have his new posters up or if there are no posters there now either. I will let you know ... :-)

jaime said...

Hi carol Ann,

I was in the Shibuya Face Shop a few days ago. They took out all the BYJ posters and pictures! There is only a standee left. Yeah, the recent one of him in black is nice.

regards ... jaime

annacronism said...
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annacronism said...

Hi, Jaime.
We don't mind, dear. As long as we can admire them with you. These are beautiful. Take care. Love, Anna