Saturday, December 19, 2009

To Seoul with love

Hi dear sisters ...... Wishing you all and that special 'someone' in my neighbouring country a very warm and peaceful Christmas! Hmmm ...... dreaming of a Seoul trip? Hehe, but Christmas is about family and togetherness, so we are off to Taipei for a few family-bonding days :)

Remember these very noble images from his 'BYJ Classics' CDs? That was Christmas 2006, 3 years ago! How time flies! He still looks every bit as handsome as before. Are you gasping like me?

Have a safe holidays! Please take care, love :)


Tamar1973 said...

Oh...our long haired BYJ...sigh....will those days come back again? Can I sneak some of that hair growth shampoo into his shower?!? LOL!

Hyds said...

Enjoy your holiday Jaime. Merry Christmas!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas dear Chinggu and enjoy the vacation w/ your lovely family!

Take care & hugz.

Love, judy

Anonymous said...

Thanks jaime for these gorgeous pix. I'd say he looks so seductive here. . . omg I miss him soooo much

warmest cheers to you and your loved ones,

bb said...

have fun in taipei, jaime!

'see' you when you're back! can't wait to read about your trip :) (and yea, i may not comment, but i read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your posts... hehe!)

merry xmas!

gosijo said...

Have a great time in Taipei with the family, Jaime!

Like bb, I may not always comment but I read every single one of your posts.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

karen said...

hi hi jaime,

Have a safe & wonderful trip in taipei with ur family, sis. Hahaha...Jaime, I miss Taiwan food tooo..., enjoy ur holiday n eat a lot of yummy food there ya...& don't worry, Seoul trip will be coming soon ;)

Bon Voyage !!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on a weekend past that is supposed to be one of the top ten worst winters since 1909, that is for a century, so do metereologists say. We kept warm and safe by staying at home, reading, writing and watching television. It is beautiful, though, a White Christmas season!
Did you know that Korea is the World Design country for 2010. That means that Seoul will really have a lot of tourists and students journeying through the Beauty of Korea, while Bae Yong Joon is ambasador for tourism. Isn't that Fate?
Please continue to click and read Junzi by Confucius in Baeyongjoon. Thank you very much.
Sarang Hamnida,

cecy said...

hi jaime, how are you?,
thanks for this past year, giving me the opportunity to meet such beautiful people like you, sharing such beautiful pictures of our prince and conveying your emotions on the part of your experience related to byj, as if we were there present.
say that friendship and love are essential part to live day after day, being both a blessing from God, we continue to cultivate his friendship so beautiful created by love and admiration for our handsome prince.
many congratulations to you and your family, like all sisters we follow your blog so cute.
happy holidays! , Merry Christmas! , And a year full of love and good health!.
With love Cecy Mexico.

annacronism said...

Hi, Jaime.
Merry Christmas, my dear. Hope you have a safe trip and a lovely visit with family. Love, Anna

LENY said...

Hi Jaime,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Love, Leny

lily said...

Hi hi Jaime!

Merry Christmas!!!Wishing you all the best this holiday season & the coming new year....

Have a wonderful & safe vacation (^;^) God bless you & your family!


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Sorry i am late again sis. Anyway u should have a fabulous trip in taipei with your family . Waiting for your travel journal . hehehehe

Wishing u a happy happy properous new year 2010. May the year ahead bring u best of health and many many happy returns yah.



jaime said...

To my dear sisters above,

So sorry for being so late and not replying one by one. I deeply appreciate your kindness and well wishes. See you in more recent posts!

love ... jaime