Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tokyo Dome 3D

Hi Hi sisters …….. hope you had a nice weekend. Even though I have left Tokyo, there are still so many outings I wanted to write about. Hmmm …. How about starting with that Tokyo Dome 3D movie in late May?

One of the venue was the chic Roppongi Hills Toho cinema, it was literally just steps away from my Tokyo residence. Many of Yong Joon’s old dramas like Winter Sonata, Papa, Barefooted Youth and TWSSG were shown there during weekday mornings. So, if some Japanese sisters recalled bumping into a droopy-looking ajumma donning her pyjamas and hair-rollers in the cinema drooling over Yonsama, sorry, that would be ‘moi’!

I still remember that was a busy week with TWSSG movie Chapter 3 also happened to be showing next door.

Just a snapshot of some BYJ merchandise in the display case before the sales people threw me out :)

Hehe, as I mentioned before, this country bumpkin had never watched a 3D movie before, so it was pretty cool when the usher handed me this futuristic doohickey at the door @@
As I was curiously examining my new toy, the familiar sweet melody of Winter Sonata came on. Aye .... why was there snowflakes dancing all around me? There ....... our handsome prince, with his usual charming smile, was taking each step slowly towards me?! It was so clear, it was so blue, he was so close! Sigh, of course this was only my illusion @@ My imaginery love-rival CJW just cut right in front of me?!

Thanks to the strategically-positioned 3D cameras on the stage and the magnifying effect of 3D eyeglasses, I could actually distinguish the ‘depths’ or ‘layers’ among different objects. Can you see the varying depths of CJW, her monitor, his monitor and Yong Joon here?

Now, the floating balloons and the audience inside the Dome really exemplified this 3D effect @@
Surprisingly, the Winter Sonata Anime event only occupied about 40 minutes of the 2-hours movie. More scenes from the ‘Beauty of Korea’ book event were shown, especially on Yong Joon's writing the postcard and reading passages from his book. So touching!
It was a pleasant reminder of the forgotten details from last September and was wonderful to re-live those 2 precious days with Yong Joon and our sisters.
Yes, compared to those blockbusters like Avatar with fantasy settings and graphics which fully explored the 3D technology, the Tokyo Dome Events would not present as an ideal 3D candidate. But to us fans, we are talking about simulating Yong Joon within our same physical space - as if he was close enough that we could almost reach our hands out to him, how cool is that! Of course, that was just the amazing 3D capability coupled with pure fan’s fascination. I thank Yong Joon for his brilliant sense on the pulse of the world, so this ajumma can proudly pronounce that “YES, I’ve watched 3D!” Hope you enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for allowing us to re-live those significant FAN-tastic moments with you . . . those Tokyo Dome days were just beyond words.


gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

I know it may sound trite but thanks for sharing with us. It truly means a lot since seeing a digest of those two events on the big screen in 3D will never come our way (for most of us, that is).

Good point about 'pure fan fascination' playing a role in viewers' enjoyment

jaime said...

hi alcy,

thanks for coming by here. yes, the 3D movie really captures the greatest moments during the 2 days. Too bad, I was so busy in June that I did not have time to re-watch it. It was really moving!
Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

Yeah, doesn't look like they will release the 3D movie into DVD. I can understand that since I still haven't opened my plastic wrapper for the original Events DVDs, let alone watching it!

Have a nice day!
love .. jaime

cutie_let_let said...

Hello there, Jaime!

I wonder how does Yong Joon look in 3D. I wish I would be in Tokyo. :D

Anyway, Celebrity's Sweetheart, starring Choi Ji Woo, is currently airing here in the Philippines. And, I had read one of your older blogs saying that Ji Woo's first love in the drama looked like Yong Joon. You're right! Choi Phillip has an angle that makes him a look-alike with Yong Joon.

Is there any news about Yong Joon and Ji Woo doing a drama together again?

Take care. :D

Yudi said...

Dear jaime,

Finally you are back.it is too late for me to read them all for now, have to come back to read tomorrow. Just want you know how happy I am to see your new entries.

Sending from my iPod.


jaime said...

hi hi yudi,

thanks for dropping by. hehe, i've been pretty slow these days. please enjoy the rest of the summer, eventhough it's still so hot today!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi cutie_let_let,

BYJ and CJW finished voice-acting in Winter Sonata Anime. Hehe, don;t think they will be collaborating soon.

cheers ... jaime