Friday, August 20, 2010

2011 calendars

Hi hi sisters .... thank you for your kind comments, even though I have been absent for a while. Hehe, still didn't miss much from Yong Joon's camp. Yeah, I read about his leisurely time in Hawaii and California, guess we also benefit from his trip as the handsome prince did his 2011 calendar shoots with his new look @@

Wall calendar - 8 pages

Desk calendar - 16 pages

Both calendars include a bonus picture card and a special QR code - which I think fans can use their mobile phone to access the 'calendar shooting and making' footage. Hehe sorry, I can only make out this much with my poor Japanese. The 2011 calendars are available for ordering from JOB/goods ......

You know, I swear to myself as I was unpacking boxes and boxes of BYJ goodies from my Japan shipment that I will never be a BYJ shopaholic anymore! God knows I am still finding nooks and crannies in my cabinet to stuff those BYJ goodies. But, but ..... the moment I saw this picture of our handsome prince with his super long legs (and sockless!), slender body and refreshing smile, all my determination just fly out the window :) Haha, who wouldn't want to look at this face on your desk everyday in 2011? There is no excuse not to be happy and well anymore, don't you agree?
Thanks Xiaoyi for the pictures


cecy méxico said...

dear jaime:
I am glad to know you again and know that you are well, you know, recently I opened the computer again and I've been nice surprise.
I really missed your comments and issues that make to your wonderful blog.
thanks for sharing such beautiful images.
cecy fondly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for these calendar pix - they're really really good! We've been so starved of YJ pix that when these come least expected, they make me feel like in paradise.


L2N said...

hello jaime,

how are u? so nice to read your blog again. it's're back.
thanks for sharing a great picture of byj. I'll set them as wall paper for my mobile.
he looks enjoy a happy live, seen from his smile. but, he looks like loss a little weight. isn't?? you have any planning for byj birthday? I've not yet, I don't have any idea :(

sincerely yours

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
Just a quick note to say I'm glad to see you back. Hope you're settling in alright. You've been missed.

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy and relieved to know that you have resumed blogging after almost three months.

Jaime, your sense of loss is also ours, but your blog has become our precious place to meet, so I thank you all the more for sparing time and energy for us.

Now I can tell other sisters, whom I will meet next Saturday in Gosireh, that `Jaime-san wa genki desu.`
(This time I will write a birthday message for BYJ in Hungul^^)

cloud nine

Yee said...

Hi Jaime Lady,

So nice to know that you are blogging again, I'm sure you are settling well back in Canada.
I can imagine how you are feeling "happy to come back to the place and people you grew up with, missing the place and people from one of the most important parts of your life"
Now I am planning again for a trip to Tokyo for the December 15th. event (YJ & KHJ) at Tokyo Dome. Hope I can make it this time. How I wish you are still there ....


jaime said...

Hi cecy,

Thanks for coming here and leaving me a comment. Sorry to make you wait. My computer is set up temporarily but still looking for a better solution. Hehe anyway, I am not the computer expert here, so I have to be patient :)

Please take care!
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi alcy,

Me too! I like his calendar pictures too. Especially there is no new work nor news from him. The next sure bet is his appearance in the Hohoemi Event in December at Tokyo Dome, which is 4 long months away!

Have a nice day!
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi lenny,

Nice to hear from you again! How's your move and hope you are enjoying your new house :)

Thanks for reminding me, I have been so busy that it didn;t cross my mind to do anything special on BYJ's B-day! I know you always have wonderful ideas to celebrate the handsome prince's big day. I still remember the delicious meal you cooked to enjoy with your children. I'll try to think of a topic for the post, ok?

Please take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for your comments. Congratulations! You know what I mean :)My sincere wish for all the happiness and health to you and your family.

Please take care!
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear cloudnine,

Yes, please tell our dear Japanese sisters that Jaime wa genki and miss them very much! Have fun in Gosireh. I am drooling just thinking about the Samgyetang and the collagen in it, slurp, slurp!
Wah, I am so proud of you and your progress in Hangul. I am looking up to you and happachan for guiding me in Korea some day :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi Lady Yee,

Thanks for coming by. I am excited for you already, what a perfect time to go to Japan around Christmas! are you going with your daughters? Yeah, wish I would be there too. Hubby wants to travel back to Japan already, but the long flight really scares me off.
Good luck with the Dome tickets!

Have a nice week!
love .... jaime