Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strummin' my pain with his fingers

Hi Hi sisters .... it's really late now and I have to get up early tomorrow morning for my Japanese class, but I just can't resist posting this super cute gif of our handsome prince. This is from Sukapa (SkyPerfecTV) CM making clip. We know already this naughty prince likes to puff up his cheeks once in a while, but just look at how mercilessly he poked that cute finger onto his precious face! Aiya, be careful my prince, you're hurting me :)

Hehe, how come Roberta Flack's "Strummin' my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words, ........ " comes into my mind? Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks to vento from BYJGallery


cecy said...

Hola Jaime.
gracias por desmadrugarte
para compartirnos tan hermosa imagen
de nuestro principe bae yong joon
está precioso,... ha! me gusta muchísimo.
solo espero no tengas sueño durante tu clase
aprende mucho japones.
cuidate con cariño cecy méxico.

Hola Jaime.
thanks for desmadrugarte
to share such a beautiful image
our prince Bae Yong Joon
is precious, ... ha! I love.
I just hope I'm not sleepy during your class
learn much Japanese.
cuidate cecy fondly Mexico.

karen said...

hi hi jaime,

How r u doing now ?? Seems quite long did't see your new posting here alr hehehe, time flies really fast..... hope you everything is ok...
Tks, for sharing the gif, he is so cute, seeing the gif it's remind me the christmas is coming soon, just left only 1 and a half's one of my favourite occasion, i think you also love christmas too, am I rite ??

Enjoy your weekend n take care ya


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

You've said it.I posted this on soompi too cos he's "Way Too Cute"!I was reading thru some 'really' old articles about BYJ and it was mentioned that BYJ is a person with a thousand faces. Even we fans (family) only got to know a tiny part of him. So happy to be given a glimpse of the naughty, playful facet of him.

Sounds like your other two precious guys must be pretty naughty and fun too, eh?


jaime said...

Hi Cecy,

I am glad you enjoy this gif. Hehe, I can't sleep in my class cause I am the only student :) I have to answer all the questions my teacher asked :( Have a nice weekend!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Karen,

Sorry that I haven't been posting, just too busy personally to sit down to blog, but Yong Joon and you dear sisters are always in my mind. Yes, time passes so fast, it's the beautiful Christmas season soon. Do you have a lot to prepare?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear alcy,

Oh, you are so quick :) You posted in Soompi already. I am so sad that Soompi beta version would not recognize my id, so I can't go there anymore. I guess I have to re-register again.

Hehe, puffing up seems to be something a lot of us like to do, I guess we are all kids in our hearts after all :) Thanks for dropping by and please take care!

love .... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

I love that gif. When I saw it on Soompi, I couldn't stop laughing.

I just posted my 100th blog. Go check out the photo. I think you'll like it!

Carol Ann said...

lol! such a cute gif! I finally got around to watching Legend last week - I was waiting for good English subs - and now I am on a BYJ binge! That was such an awesome drama. I was blown away by BYJ in it. But after 24 hours of BYJ in about 7 days, I now feel the need to re-watch a lot of his dramas ... here we go again!

And such a small kdrama world too - Tamar1973, I saw your entry in the KTO contest on youtube. I liked what you said in your comment there - which led me to your channel and then your blog about cooking. I enjoyed the videos I watched! When I saw your name here on Jaime's blog, I just had to laugh. I love how I keep "meeting" people with my interests online.

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Hahahaha u also can't wait to share with us this funny gif although is late at night. Thanks very vey much for doing so. He is really look naughty , cute and funny. How is the progress of your Japanese class jaime ???

Have a nice and wonderful weekend with your family.

Take Care


jaime said...

Hi Tamar,

congrats on your 100th post! YOu have a wonderful blog and it's so unique :) thanks for sharing with all of us.

Hehe, you just made the value of US $ higher!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi carol ann,

YOu are so lucky, I wish I had time to re-watch all his dramas too! hmmmm .... starting with First Love, I just love Chanwoo so much :) which one are you going to watch first? Have fun watching!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear Jenny,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! There's such loud disco music coming from the street, must be a fun Halloween party downstairs! Are you enjoying your Halloween too?

Hehe, I learn quite a bit of Japanese, but I wish I had more time to sit down to study and memorize it, sob sob.

Please take care!
love ... jaime

Carol Ann said...


I never said I *have* the time ... hee hee ... something else will have to give, i think!

It has been a long time since I saw Hotelier so I think that one will be next :-D

Of course, I have noticed that the anime of Winter Sonata is online in at least one place ... so perhaps I will try that just for something new! The only downside of that is that I have to wait for each episode to be posted ...

But then Did We Really Love is one I really like too because the female lead is wonderful ... I really love the character of Shin Young. I also love that she looks like a real woman, not a stick model of a woman!

Hmmm ... First Love - now there's an idea ...

Oh decisions, decisions ... now I don't know what to watch first!

Tamar1973 said...

Carol Ann, the Kdrama world and the BYJ family is a small world. LOL! As for my KTO comments, I didn't say that to enter a contest, that was a fringe benefit. I think Gangwon-do is the most beautiful province in Korea (even before Winter Sonata).

Jamie, I could dream that the US gov't would swap out the "dead presidents" for our BYJ!

jaime said...

Hi Carol Ann and Tamar,

Haha, just reading about you thinking which drama to pick already makes me so envious! I love HWRL, but only the first half until Jaeho got engaged. I can't bear to see him getting sick.

Tamar, Gangwan-do, OK, I'll remember this name, thanks!

love .... jaime

Carol Ann said...

Don't be envious Jaime, i will certainly think of my fellow BYJ fans when I watch whatever I decide to watch ... lol! But I doubt I will be able to watch any others as quickly as I watched Legend. I stayed up far too late (early!)every night for the whole week and have still not quite made up for the lost sleep. But oh, it was SOOOO worth it!

It was very hard to watch HWRL once Jaeho got sick, but there is almost no one so satisfying to cry over than BYJ. He's just so talented at touching our hearts for both happy and sad!

You are so fortunate to have been able to spend time in Korea, Tamar. I have been a kdrama fan since 2005 and have yet to be able to visit the country I have come to love vicariously. I am hoping 2010 is the year ... and if I were able to win one of those tickets, wow ... 2010 would certainly be the year! LOL. Like I really have a chance ... sigh. Someone called my first comment spam so it disappeared and then when I rewrote it, it was buried in negative votes. Oh well. Netizens are tough.

jaime said...

Hi carol ann,

Hehe, that's exactly one of the risk we take when watching Yong Joon's dramas. I do not want to stop but I can never make up the lost sleep. It takes so long for the skin and face to recover! Ottekeyo?

Please enjoy!
love ... Jaime