Saturday, October 17, 2009

A week to cherish - III

Hi Hi sisters ........ it’s been a while, I hope you have been keeping well. I am embarrassed that this is a long overdue report but hope you are still interested in Yong Joon’s book event. On the morning of Sept 30, there was a BYJ Winter Sonata Anime Exhibition held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. A lot of our overseas sisters had planned to attend, but somehow I made a booboo and missed the boat, sob sob :( Back in summer 2007, I visited the Hallyu Expo in Tokyo Dome and saw the Winter Sonata display, so I sort of comforted myself that this would be similar. Heard that there were displays of some Anime sketches, Yong Joon’s figure and clothes, and more event merchandise for sale :

Hehe, recognize when and where Yong Joon wore these? Sorry, no prize :)
Still, I was happy at least I could join our overseas sisters for lunch before heading to the Dome. Today’s book event started at 4pm but the rain lingered on from last night, it made us extra awkward to maneuveur among the crowds carrying so many bags.

The set up of the stage remained the same as yesterday, they had replaced the sparkling trees around the center stage with a silk screen canopy of Korean foliage patterns, very poetic.

The event started with a video of Yong Joon’s journey around Korea in the past year. It took us to different masters and their respective arts. It was like a trip back in history showing us the traditional way of living in the remote mountains, villages and temples of Korea. Then the turntable in the center stage slowly rose up and no surprise, we saw Yong Joon again in less than 24 hours!

Our handsome prince was dashing in his dark suit, carrying his book in one hand, he looked formal and prudent. He greeted us with his usual gentle and warm smile, often holding the microphone close to his heart.

He proceeded to open up his book and started reading a paragraph - p. 257. From my Japanese version, I think it’s about Hwangryongsa-ji of Kyungju and his thoughts while admiring the thousand years old stone tower under the moonlit sky. As you can imagine, just looking at his elegant sitting posture, listening to his velvety voice echoing around the Dome and feeling his emotions, which language he spoke didn’t seem to be pivotal anymore. It’s his sincerity that led us to share his enthusiasm about the beauty of his country.

While we were still mesmerized with his voice, the next performance on Korean traditional dance was already underway. Hehe, usually I will skip any non-Yong Joon part. But the surprise factor in the middle of this act was a beat boxer and a break dancer came out and switched the beat to hip hop! I heard that this mix of traditional and techno was Yong Joon’s idea, very cool!

Next, the expected interview on Yong Joon and lacquer art master Jun Yong Bok by MC Miyamoto san and Kim Tei. As you know, Yong Joon is very respectful to his sensei, he kept looking at Mr. Jun like a son admiring his father. Before Mr. Jun left the stage, his advice to Yong Joon was to “allow yourself to loosen up”. He must have witnessed that extreme dedication and ‘perfectionist’ work attitude during his apprenticeship at Iwayama Urushi Art Museum.

I'd like to mention that I really like the MC Miyamoto san and Ms Kim Tei. Miyamoto san is very smart and has this quick wit, he commented that the revolving stage was like kaiten-zushi. Hehe of course, they were the zushi on the table. Ms Kim Tei always said what the fans like to hear, she responded quickly, then everyone would want to pick Yong Joon for sure :) We were very lucky to have fabulous MCs like them.

Then hanbok designer Lee Hyo Jae was introduced. Yong Joon personally walked over to help her up on stage, you can see Yong Joon is very attentive to this sensei. She is very shy and soft spoken, I thought her embroidered blouse and green pantaloon were kind of bohemian-looking. I later found out that Ms. Lee is also a lifestyle specialist who has great respects of her environment and tradition. The most drooling scene was Yong Joon modeled the bag that she tied using bojagi (furoshiki for Japanese). We cheered joyfully because he just walked like a pro on a catwalk, swinging the bag over his shoulder – looking incredibly sexy in his lanky figure!

Before Ms. Lee left, she commended Yong Joon's family that we have incredible judgement in supporting and loving him. To be continued …..


myoce said...

Ohh....I enjoy this post so much, Jaime ! Am waiting for the next part he he...

I agree with you, he was very attentive to Ms Lee ^___^

Love, myoce

gosijo said...


What a treat to read this entry! You even dug up information we didn't know at the time!

You are so right in saying that we may not have understood a word he was reading but all of us in the Dome were in tune with his feelings for his country and his wish to convey its beauty and poetry to us.

We all look forward to the next parts but take the time you need. We'll just savour it slowly while he slowly gets better.

jaime said...

Hi myoce,

Thank you for reading this. I am sory it does not capture every conversation. I just wrote how I remember it.

I hope Yong Joon is recovered by now and taking things easy, as suggested by his sensei. I must thank you for always keeping your blog updated so we can have new and interesting reads. Please take care!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

Thank you for your encouragement. I apologize for being so lazy and late in producing a report. Thanks to you and sisters like suehan, lynn, gaulsan who wrote and translated your thoughts in a timely manner so our overseas sisters know what transpires through the events.

I know I have missed a lot of details, afterall, it's a 3 1/2 hours event! Yong Joon is so nice and generous to us :)

Enjoy your weekend!
love ... Jaime

alcy1985 said...

Hi jaime

Thanks for continuing with Day 2 at Tokyo Dome despite your time constraints. Somehow you still managed to capture some details that I've not read before. And I'll still eagerly await the continuation but pls take your own time on it. . .you see, no matter how time passes, what happened on those two days were super special and I'll never tire of reading about it.

Thanks again for this wonderful space :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Greetings on a icy cold weather, foreboding a terrible winter to come.
In the United States, the weather forecast is that this will be the worst winter for years.
What is wrong with the weather?
In the Philippines, three consecutive storms have caused more than 500 deaths, hundreds of thousands sick, and millions of people losing homes, livelihood and businesses. Ondoy is supposed to be the worst typhooon in the past forty years.
No wonder Bae Yong Joon and Family are very concered with environmental issues.
On the positive note, there is another storm brewing in the Philippines -- "Lovers in Paris: Pinoy version" starring mega daughter K C Concepcion, the very handsome Piolo Pascual and Zanzoe Marudo. It is literally taking the country by storm. "Lovers in Paris" is seen not only by millions of Filipinos in the country, but abroad by You Tube, on IPods and computers.
"Lovers in Paris" is a beautiful illustration of the global reach/power of media, the use of the "500 Channel Universe" for the good and enjoyment of a people.
Congratulations to ABS CBN and thank you to Bae Yong Joon for starting what he wants to be now called as the Asian Wave!
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

jaime said...

Hi Hi alcy,

Thanks for being so generous with me. I really feel like I have nothing extra to offer, that's why I am hesitant to repeat the story. But I can't help to record this important event in my blog. Glad you like reading it.

love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

Really? Cold already in Philly? Hope that worst winter forecast will not come true.

Yes, I heard about the super typhoons that swept thru the Philippines. Sorry not much time to read the news lately. Hope our sisters and their families are safe. Please take care!

love ... jaime

karen said...

hi hi jaime,

I enjoy this posting so much, looking forward for your next posting...hehehe...

Take Care ya.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for taking time to share the 2nd day with us. Do take your time as we will wait patiently for the upcoming updates.

Please take care and wishing that all the sisters and families are safe and healthy.


jaime said...

Hi dear karen,

thanks for coming by. sorry for the long absence. hope u are doing fine. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi marilyn,

thanks for reading. please correct me if necessary, my poor memory is failing me again. I must have missed some wonderful details, miahnae!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,
You have everything penned down correctly and beautifully. Like you, the memories are slowly fading but I continue to watch the clips to remember the wonderful event days. Sigh...

Take care, my dear.