Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anisona Cafe

Hi hi sisters ... hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Last week, moichan invited cloudnine and I to join her for lunch with a visiting sister 'Baeby'. Hehe where else? Appropriately Gosireh! Since we are all familiar with Yong Joon's favourite place in Tokyo already, so I won't elaborate anymore. Gosireh still looks as beautiful and elegant as ever, except it's not as bustling when Yonsama isn't in town :)

Wonder if this is what the Korea First lady mentioned - Tanpyeonchae? The bean jello mixed with vegetables rice bowl, the waitress said it's very healthy and has detoxification value. Well, so far I had this lunch set 3 times already, how come I don't feel my BYJ virus is getting any weaker?

The pretty umiji cha :)

I didn't know Baeby before as she is more active in KOB. She lives in Hong Kong, but she had studied and lived in Canada for many years. Well to me, she is a fellow Canadian alright! She is very easy to converse with and her mannerism projects intelligence and grace. When moichan suggested that we moved to Anisona Cafe for coffee, how could I refuse?

WLS Anime Cafe (Anisona Cafe) is located on the rooftop of Matsuzakaya Department Store in Ginza. It is a temporary set up during the run of Winter Sonata Anime on DATV. Hehe, you notice the thick blanket on the back of the chair? Japanese restaurants usually have these blankets and giant heaters to warm up their outdoor customers during winter.

Looks familiar? Hehe, now you know why I post the first Gosireh picture, huh? The cafe just recreated this at the entrance. Not sure how real it is, should have walked up and examined it @@
But no time la, look who's sitting there starring at us?! Of course, we all ran over and stuck our heads around MinHyung. Hehe, I think certain features in this figure quite resemble our prince, even has pretty long eyelashes like him @@ To confess, I actually felt very conscious and even shy standing close to him, a plaster figure! How silly of me :)

There are displays of the Animated paintings all around the cafe. A quiet corner displaying some of the original concept paintings of the Anime
Hehe, no introduction necessary, right? Baeby and I were admiring how tall and broad Yong Joon must be! Oh oh, we even found 1 long and 1 short golden brown hair on JunSang's stripes scarf! For a few seconds, we were so excited thinking it was Yong Joon's hair! But sigh, JunSang's hair was black, and besides, after so many exhibitions and transports, how could Yong Joon's hair still stick on the knitted scarf? So disappointed!

Recognize these ones? Yes, from Sukapa TV commercials. Btw, for sisters who came for the Tokyo Dome events, you must have seen these in the WLS Anime Exhibition in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, eh?

The staffs were very understanding and had been patiently waiting for us to sit down at a table. By now, they must be accustomed to seeing these 'devoted' ajummas drooling over someone's figure, animated portraits, even clothes! Haha, only for Yonsama! Baeby ordered a 'honey and date' tea (came with a BYJ chocolate, see it?) and a sweet potato dessert, looked so good!

There are some Anime merchandise for sale, interesting bookmarks and notepads.
Yes, those yummy chocolates too! But who wants to eat with Yong Joon's face on it? Sweet love Vs sweet tooth, tough decision!
The box itself is a keeper! As you can see, we stayed until quite dark but we have our 'motherly and housewifey' responsibilities to return to, so we had to say goodbye to each other.

This is the beauty of Bae friendship : we all have our routine lives and challenges, BUT for one particular afternoon, we transform ourselves into young princesses getting together to share our crush for the same handsome prince boy whom we all secretly admire. Then when the clock strikes, we shed our beautiful ballgowns and gratifyingly return to reality. No complain, having the luxury to fantasize is already a blessing!

It was truly an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you for reading, my dear Bae sisters :)


gosijo said...

Lovely post, dear Jaime! I hope that even if it is now 'pumpkin time' we can all still find a moment, here and there, to smile about the 'Cinderella times' past and future.

You are right about the WLS Anime Exhibition in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. And the space around Min Hyung's fireside chair was so busy most of us didn't manage to see the stacked logs, let alone his red hair!

Anonymous said...

Hi gosijo-san,

This time we had ample time to take a picture with Min Hyung ssi, I even touched his red hait, hehe.
Hope everything is fine with you.

cloud nine

cecy said...


THANK YOU FOR YOUR IMAGES WHICH COULD transported to this beautiful place, that when it seems I READ THERE ALSO TALKS ESTUBO BAE beautiful things.
THANK YOU, to transmit your emotion and feeling that only those beautiful Admiration and love byj MAY EXIST.

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

Tks for sharing the Anisona Cafe beautiful pic & wonderful writing...ah..I wish I were in Tokyo also..hahahaa..

I will leaving to HK tomorrow, so will be only able visit your blog next week.

Have a great day n take care ya, sis.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for taking us on this enjoyable trip round the WLS Anime Cafe and sharing your "fangirly" escapades. I just learnt from u that this cafe is only temporary. What a fantastic promotional concept.

Hope you and your family are keeping well in the cold weather.


jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

Hehe, pumpkin times is perfect time for us 'Cinderella' to reminisce about the wonderful moments we spent with our prince last month. Lucky that we do not have 'evil sisters' around :)

Yeah, I can imagine the atmosphere inside the Exhibition in Sunshine City - so many things to see and so little time. Glad you came though :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear cloudnine,

Hehe, did you heart beat faster when you touched his hair? WOnder if Yong Joon had seen this one himself? See you soon!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Cecy,

Hope you like this set of pictures of the Cafe. I am glad they set this up so BYJ sisters have another place to visit. You have a wonderful week too!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear karen,

you are going to Hong Kong, business or pleasure? Oh, Hong Kong must be pretty nice at this time of the year, good weather, Christmas lights up already, delicious food, yum yum!

Please enjoy yourself! Have a wonderful trip, talk to you next week!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Alcy,

Thanks for coming by here. Yes, Anisona Cafe is only temporary, lucky that Tokyo weather is quite mild. Haha, we can never have a rooftop cafe during winter in Toronto, we'll be buried under a few feet of snow while sipping our cafe latte! I wish there were more casual style BYJ cafes and shops in Tokyo so fans can hang out there instead of going to Gosireh every time. Hehe, but I cannot be too greedy :)

Have a wonderful week ahead!
love ... jaime

Carol Ann said...

Hi Jaime!

I just have to say that I am seriously jealous of someone who lives where she can spend an afternoon of shopping with her girlfriends and eat at such a lovely spot, surrounded by BYJ memorabilia, be able to purchase such lovely BYJ items. Sigh!

I really enjoyed your "princess" analogy and having the images of "having to shed the ballgowns" and go back to ordinary life, to be the wives and mothers you are.

That's what I love about Korean drama, whether it is a BYJ drama or just any kdrama - it is such a pleasant escape from the ordinary to the extraordinary. But I admit, BYJ is one of the few actors who makes it extra special for me!

When I get together with my kdrama loving girlfriends, the best we can do is go to Koreatown in NYC - to eat the food we love and hopefully find a few korean movies, dramas or music we like in some of the little stores there. And even there, I have never seen the wonderful celebrity merchandise that Japanese stores seem to carry.

We are not of Asian heritage, but when we lose ourselves in our kdrama dreams as we walk around Koreatown ... we too can be kdrama girls like Choi Ji Woo, and have a wonderful man like BYJ fall in love with us ... hee hee! But then our day is over, we hop on the train and go home to real life again ... all the more refreshed for our little jaunt into "kdrama fantasyland"!

I wish you luck in keeping your willpower strong and not eating the chocolate ... lol!

jaime said...

Hi Carol Ann,

Well, Japan is a very special place where one can enjoy a fantastic Yong Joon experience - events, cinema showings, TV news and his merchandise of course. I think that's the reason why Yonsama's fire is still burning strong here.

I fully understand your situation, remember I am from Toronto where there is even less BYJ anything than NYC. You have a few galfriends who can share the joy of Korean dramas with you, that's wonderful. I am also very lucky to have gosijo and Ivy in TO, who also love Yong Joon very much. One day I will go back to TO, hopefully through the sharing of the Japanese and Korean sisters through the internet, we will continue to enjoy our journey with Yong Joon.

Have fun!
love .... jaime

karen said...

hi hi jaime, much, I going HK for pleasure, sis. I also hope by tomorrow when I reach there. I hope I can see all the christmas decoration is up n the weather is wonderful...hehehe...cos this whole week the temperature in HK is dropping..

Pls do take care, Jaime.

See u next week ya...

Big Hug ~~

gosijo said...

Dear cloud nine san,

I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't "seen" you much online lately. Glad to learn you were part of this outing with baeby(have I got this right?).

Yes, everything fine. Still glowing from all the wonderful happenings of 7 weeks ago.

Love to all bae sis!

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful pic and happy outing with bae sisters to Anisona Cafe . How come there are alot of our prince things exhibit and sold here also jaime. Really envy u all bae sisters staying in Japan, can see alot of our prince merchandise and etc. I am sure u all have a wonderful lunch with sister Baeby.

Heard the weather there is very cold now. Seem like winter is coming soon. So take good care of yourself and don't catch cold yah.

Take care

Jenny Chee

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

Yeah, Japan is a very lucrative market because of the high price and volume demand. That's why foreign businesses tend to focus their efforts in entering this market, and consumers can find anything and everything from around the world in Japan. It's a win-win situation.

I wish one day in the future, BOFi can have the shopping website in English too, available for overseas ordering. Then fans from all over the world can have access to all Yong Joon's goods.

Thanks for being so caring! Yes, it's wet and cold today, almost froze up :)

Please take care!
love ... jaime