Friday, November 6, 2009

A small surprise

Hi Hi sisters ...... it's a beautiful sunny day in Tokyo today, putting people in the perfect mood to go out. I spent a leisurely afternoon shopping, hehe a very fruitful one too :)

Then hubby came home with a little surprise for me. He passed by a bookstore and bought this pretty kimono magazine to encourage me, hehe knowing I will be learning kitsuke (kimono dressing) next week.

But that's not the reason I write this post, look at what else he brought home - the 'BYJ Japan visit official book'! Now, my hubby doesn't bring home a gift everyday, so I am amazed at how he even found this since he knows almost zilch about our prince. I am very touched that he is so supportive during the week of the events.

Hehe, I'll share a few droolingly-handsome close up inside the magazine with you, ok? Please enjoy and have a nice weekend :)

From BYJGallery by miemi


myoce said...

Dear Jaime,

The Kimonos are beautiful and so is Yong Joon...your hubby really knows how to make you happy !

I'm very glad he's getting better, hope better things will be happening for BYJ personally ^^

Bet if I see BYJ in a new drama or film...I'll fall for him all over again...sob sob..

Looking at his photos and reading excerpts from his book amazes our emotion and intelligence,watching him in films stirs our heart. What a combination.

Wishing you happy days,

Yee said...

Awww .. what a sweet heart!!
It feels sooo good when your other half is understanding and doing these little caring things from your dream world.
I am busy preparing for the meditation retreat in end of this month, so I did not comment, but still visiting you and BB everyday. Have a nice weekend and happy study next week ^^


Hyds said...
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Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
How have you been? It's good to know it's sunny over Tokyo coz it's been dull these days here in England.
That's so sweet of your hubby. He knows what you like which reminded me of my hubby who came home the other day with a little pressy, a book about digital photography. He must have thought I needed to learn more of the theories.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Awww. . . such a sweet thing that your hubby did. You are so lucky, and I'm truly happy for you.

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pix. The last one is my favourite.

All z best for you lessons on kimono dressing :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
Please thank your sweet husband for the mags. It's a sincere thank you from ladies all over the globe who shared your blogs.
I have been down with cold for couple of days, but looking at your pix-s have really improved my mood a lot, thanx.
Turkey week is just around the corner, how do you do it in Japan? Do they have turkeys?
Oh, Josephine, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the WS, that makes sense. I googled out the director and he has other 3 season-themed love stories. I haven't watched any of them but I hope they are as good as WS. Maybe other sis could rec. any?
Gotta go to pick up my son. Have a lovely w'end ladies and stay warm!

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

I am playing the catching-up games with your blog today as my sister has been visiting here this week. It makes me so happy watching those new interview photos and knowing he is recovering well and not having much work load for the rest of the year. I hope the Nikkan Sports BYJ 08/09 special issue has some close up pictures as well, I am waiting for the delivery.

Have fun with your kimono dressing class next week.


Carol Ann said...

Wow! What a thoughtful husband!

Great photos. Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful time learning "kitsuke" next week!

Carol Ann

jaime said...

Dear myoce,

Thank you for dropping by. Hope everything is fine with you.

Yes, we all breathe a sigh of relief knowing Yong Joon is recovered from his illness. Me too, I hope we can read the translation of his book to know what he really went through.

Hehe, I notice you and many sisters are busy with SS501. Have fun!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi yee,

long time no 'hear' :) hehe, I know your hubby watches Korean drama with you :) Must be nice to have someone to discuss the story with. Hmmmm .... on 2nd thought, maybe I should watch Yong Joon's drama by myself, in case I can't control my drooling.

Meditation retreat? That's for your temple/church, right? It's very nice of you to do these volunteer work. Enjoy!

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Matlock Bath. It's such a charming little town. Hehe, you are the photography expert here. Like Yong Joon said, he uses his heart to capture a shot :)
Lucky us, I can't wait to see the fruits of your husband's good intention.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear alcy,

Thanks for your kind words. Because Yong Joon left early this time, a number lot of press interviews were cancelled, I think only Nikkan Sports can get the interview. Last year after Osaka TWSSG Event, he went to Tokyo and had a whirlwind of interviews and so many magazines publications came out a few months after that.
I remember I was busy snatching up those magazines, not this year though :)

Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice weekend!

love .... Jaime

Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
Wow, that is a beautiful gift. I was to busy again, i think i will rest tomorrow because the next week promises to be busy too.
Enjoy your kitsuke classes,and take cake dear sis.
God Bless you.

jaime said...

Dear Dominique,

Sorry for the late reply. I hope you have recovered from your cold now. Yes, the weather is changing now and it's easy to get sick, please take care.

You are right, Director Yoon Suk Ho created the 4 seasons drama and they are have beautiful love stories, characters and scenaries.
I only watched the 'Autumn in my Heart' with Song Seung Heun and Song Hye Kyo, it's so sad that I can't bear to rewatch it. BYJ only starred in Winter Sonata and it's already a classic. I am sure all 4 dramas are worth watching, hehe, but I must confess my 'Spring Waltz' and 'Summer Scent' drama DVDs still have the new wrappings intact even though I have them for a few years! Hehe, just no urge to watch other dramas besides Yong Joon's :)

Err, I think there must be turkeys in Japan, just not very common? Ohhh, I love leftover turkey and we can make turkey sandwich the next day, yum yum :) Did you make turkey for thanksgiving?

Have a nice week ahead.
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear yudi,

Thanks for dropping by. I understand, we are very busy moms. I find I am constantly playing the catch up game too. I always wish I have more time to better prepare myself for everything.

Oh, are you ordering Nikkan Sports thru Baidu or Amazon? I am also eagerly waiting for the release date, but I have to go to the bookstore to buy :)
Please take care, ok?

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Carol Ann,

Thank you for writing me a comment. Please have a nice week ahead!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Marce,

Thanks for dropping by even though you are so busy. Please take it easy and I hope work will ease up a bit so you have more time to relax and enjoy Yong Joon.

Please take care!

love ... jaime

myoce said...

Hi again Jaime !

Yes, you're right I've been busy talking about them in my blog. Previously, I never imagined I would admire Korean actors and a Korean Boy Band !! If someone says that I would like them 3 years ago...would have never believed them. But that was before I watched The Legend.

Btw, that's not all I've been busy doing...Concy and KOB baesisters and I have just finished voting for BYJ in 2 polls . The result of the last one was just announced, Yong Joon won ! by a very wide margin from Rain.

Some would laugh at us for voting in polls, but if that's all we could do to show YJ we're still with him, then so be it^^

Have a cozy winter :)
Love, myoce

jaime said...

Dear Myoce,

What a coincidence, I just came from KOB and read your comment about the poll result. I actually admire the enthusiasm and tenacity of you wonderful sisters. I am very touched at what you said - YES, this is how overseas family can show him how much they love him. Thanks to you and KOB sisters for working (or should I say voting?) so hard on behalf of us.

love ... Jaime

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Thanks to your recommendation, not only I ordered 08/09’s issues through Amazon, but also found Nikkan Sports special issues for 04/05, 05/06 and 06/08 and ordered at the same time. I already received these three copies, just like you said, they are really good even though I could only look at the pictures. It gives a whole picture of what was happening with him during these years, and really worth to keep. How I wish I know Japanese, so I could get it in detail.

How lucky you could get it from bookstore, the delivery charge is even more than the book itself:( .

Have a good day and take care.


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

I am late , late ,late to comment here cause busy during the weekend. Thank you so much to share with us the mag and the beautiful pic of our prince .

You have a very caring , kind and good hubby. So happy for you.

Hope u have a wonderful weeks ahead with your family.



cecy said...

hola jaime.
gracias por tenernos siempre informadas con las actividades de byj más recientes.
y por compartirnos imagenes tan bellas de byj del libro.
los kimonos preciosos, un orgullo para quienes lo visten.
cuidate mucho y un excelente inicio de semana.
con cariño cecy méxico.

hola jaime.
thanks for always keep us informed with the latest byj activities.
and for sharing such beautiful pictures of byj the book.
beautiful kimonos, a pride for the wearer.
cuidate mucho and an excellent start to the week.
Mexico cecy fondly.

Tamar1973 said...

I love turkey too. The leftovers usually end up in my Turkey Kimchi Fried Rice! LOL!

jaime said...

Dear Yudi,

good to hear that you have also bought the back issues of Nikkan Sports. Really?! The shipping cost is higher, even for magazines? Sigh, I remember that too. Hope you will enjoy them. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

Please take care of yourself and try not to overwork. Hehe, hope you can relax when you see our handsome prince's pictures here.
Have a good week, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Cecy,

Thank you for coming here and glad you enjoy the pictures. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Oh tamar,

thanks for the idea, turkey kimchi fried rice sounds delicious. I used anything leftover for fried rice now, even just a little bit makes the fried rice more exciting and the food won;t go to waste.

happy cooking!
love ... jaime