Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bassini fall 09

Hi hi sisters ...... there are some new winter Bassini pictures out, but before I post them, please let me put up the fall pictures just to complete my records. Hehe, I think you don't mind looking at his long hair again, eh :)

Pictures from BYJGallery by style and daisukibyj


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

No doubt we have seen this set of pix but it was good viewing them again all collated. Somehow they look even better this time round (I've always felt the AB photographer/s didn't do enough justice to BYJ. Maybe I miss him in long hair though I jumped for joy when he appeared in Tokyo with the new short cut.


jaime said...

dear alcy,

thank you for enjoying these pictures. you are too kind, I should have chosen just a few, but I can't resist posting all the pictures of our prince.

NHK BS channel is showing 2 episodes of TWSSG every night. I am watching it now, hehe you are right, he looks great in long hair!

please take care!
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

HI Jaime

TWSSG is where I first watched BYJ in acting. Never knew about him till then. I was just too captivated by his looks and more importantly, his acting and whoa! that wondrous velvety voice. TWSSG holds a special place in my heart. I just watched one episode of it last night, hehehe . . .

enjoy your TWSSG nights!


jaime said...

Dear alcy,

really? TWSSG is your first BYJ drama, so it must be pretty special to you. I must admit I enjoy rewatching it so much on TV. Damdeok looks so young and handsome. Last night was the final 2 episodes, I was glued to the TV till 1:30am! So tired today :)

Wish Yong Joon will continue to act for a little longer!

love ... jaime