Friday, November 27, 2009

This is it!

Hi hi sisters ....... hmmmm, you probably know what I am going to write about just by looking at the title, eh? Yes, that last 'concert documentary' movie of Michael Jackson. I am not really a Jackson fan, I mean I didn't follow his work, bought every single album of his or lined up for tickets to his concerts. But I do love his music and dancing, I guess who doesn't? Most of us practically grew up with him, or in his music. His songs were mega hits, and each gave us memory, whether sweet or bittersweet, of a certain time in our lives.

So when Kiyomi san asked me to join her and her talented daughter, who is a professional dancer, to watch 'This is it', I readily said YES! The movie was basically a documentary of his concert rehearsals. Even though these footages were not intended for public release originally, Sony Pictures bought the film rights and edited the footages into a 'magical' Jackson's rehearsal concert.

This is the official movie trailer :

I must say I haven't enjoyed a movie (um hm, except Yong Joon's of course :) so much for a long time. Michael Jackson was really a legend, an icon at the pinnacle of his fields. This man was full of rhythm and beat, I cannot think of any pop artist who is even close to his rank. He performed all of the old favourites like 'Thriller', 'Billy Jean', 'Black or White', ..... Every single move came out from him was so painstakingly meticulous, yet he delivered it with such perfection and poise.

There was actually a powerful message that Michael Jackson wanted to convey through his planned 50 concerts - saving the rainforest and animals, thus saving the planet. He composed the melodious 'Earth Song' and fortunately the message video had also been filmed. Please enjoy the beautiful music and lyrics :

Earth Song :

'This is it' was released October 28th worldwide for 2 weeks, so it's already over. In Japan, today is the last day of showing. Can you believe it? Toho Cinema even has a 1am and 3am showings as I am typing now, and they're all SOLD OUT! So if you love pop music and dancing, please do not miss this movie. This is it!


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Agreed with u that MJ is a legend and an icon that nobody can ever take over like our prince.

I love his song , dancing ,his moon walking and his kind hearted personality. We will not feel bored to see his concert , MV and listen to his songs although is repeated for many times.

The most unfortunate is i did not make it to go and see his last movie and i am hoping that his VCD will come out soon.

Thanks for sharing jaime and take care in this cooling weather .

Have a nice and wonderful weekends yah .


Marce said...

Dear Jaime,
What amazing surprise was when i opened your blog today, and i saw "This is it", hehehe, was nice to see two of my favorites men at the same blog. did you know that Michael and our prince had the same birthday?

Have a nice weekend and God Bless you!!!


Carol Ann said...

He was truly a great talent and left behind a beautiful legacy of song and dance.

I was not a fan either, in the sense of buying all his cds, going to concerts etc. (The last Michael Jackson music I purchased was his *album* :-D Thriller - not CD!!! Shows how long ago that was!) But I did enjoy his music when I heard it on the radio. And his dancing ability was almost unmatched.

It is a shame that he was such a troubled and strange person in his personal life, that he felt the need to undergo such drastic plastic surgery procedures that he ended up really hurting himself. In recent years, it was hard to think of his talent because more than admiring his talent, I felt sorry for the person he had become, for the demons that seemed to haunt him.

I remember when I first became a BYJ fan someone compared him to Michael Jackson and I was horrified - because although BYJ may be a legendary performer like Michael Jackson, one who will leave an amazing legacy for future generations - my sense of BYJ is that he is a much, much healthier person mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally than Michael Jackson was ever able to be. So I don't really think there can be any comparison. And if BYJ has a few celebrity quirks of behavior, believe me, they could never be as extreme as the kind of things Michael Jackson said and did!

One can feel badly that because of his celebrity, there are some things BYJ may not be able to do like *regular people*, but I could never feel sorry for BYJ like I did for Michael Jackson. BYJ is a much stronger, much more admirable person in my book. He has not allowed his celebrity status to warp him from the warm, genuine person he is. Just my opinion! And not trying to *trash talk* Michael Jackson, just trying to express my feelings of sorrow at the pitiful person Michael Jackson had become in my eyes, despite his great talent and the good he sometimes could still do.

I can't imagine BYJ EVER being a pitiful person in my eyes so that is why I say there really can be no comparison!

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

I haven't watched Jackson for a long time and I am impressed by his talent again. Me too, I think I will get the movie DVD when it comes out. Have a nice weekend!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Marce,

Really? They are 2 of your favourite men. Yes, they have the same birthday, Virgo right? truly a league of their own :)

Thanks for dropping by.
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Carol Ann,

Thank you for sharing your view on this topic. I agree with you that the similarity of Yong Joon and Michael Jackson is their standard of perfectionism towards work and life, and it ends there.

Sadly Jackson had a troubled childhood and personal life, which led to his loneliness and tragic death. As far as we read, Yong Joon did have a pretty normal childhood surrounded by family and friends who love and support him. He seems to be a level headed person with strong principles and simple needs. I think his life really turned upside down when his popularity exploded in Japan. Along with fortune and fame, his shoulders have been loaded the responsibilities towards his family and country, and in the process he has also lost his freedom and private life. Sometimes I feel as if we are burdening him with our expectations, but he assures us so many times that we family are the one who give him strength.

Yes Carol Ann, in our eyes, Yong Joon is always a man with insights, determination and strength, who deserves us to treasure and support.

oh btw, which one is it? First Love or Barefooted Youth? Have a nice week ahead!

love .... jaime