Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Korean teacher

Hi Hi sisters ...... Thank you for taking the time to read about the Tokyo Dome Events and wrote me your thoughts. Hehe, I meant to post these pictures for a long time. There are many reasons why people learn a new language. The most common one is to gain another marketable skill for work, interests like travelling, or in my case, for survival :) Imagine I'd be like 'skin and bone' instead of wearing these 'Michelin tires' now if I can't order any food in the restaurant. Sob sob, come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't have learned any Japanese at all! But my mind is reversed 180 degrees when this Nintendo DS software came out. Some say "there is no bad student, only bad teacher." Hehe, I can't agree with it more, especially in this case.

Where can you find a finer (and sexier) Korean teacher than this?
For sure, I won't be dozing off like what I am doing now in my Japanese class :(
I will be staring straight at this handsome teacher without even moving my eyeballs @@
Hehe, maybe even drooling a little bit, but I promise I will cover my mouth (blush blush :) Please don't wake me up if I close my eyes and daydream about us taking a school trip - like to Paris :)
Haha, if I were at the top of the class, maybe we could even take a graduation picture like this :) Gambatte!
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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Jaime

If my teacher were as gorgeous as BYJ in those pix, I don't think any of the lesson material will get into my fuzzy head . . . it'd have no space for anything else but images of our dear king, hehehe

oops, then I'd be wasting his time . . .


Tamar1973 said...

ROTFLOL! I can't imagine sitting on my professor's lap as a graduation present, though!

jaime said...

Hehe alcy,

remember our cute cloudnine wrote before that she will keep writing 'saranghae' on her exam paper. We'll all flunk and have no choice but repeat another year with our gorgeous teacher :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

haha tamar,

Only on this professor's lap. you think this will inspire us to study harder? Btw, do you speak Korean?

...... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters;
In excavations of pre-Magellan sites in the Philippines, some inscrutable inscriptions have been found that are more akin to the Korean language. If only so that I can read those inscriptions, I would be interested in learning how to read and write Korean.
So you see, it is true, that if we do not meet in the present, we must have met in the past life, or will meet in the future, Bae Yong Jong ssi and Family!
Sarnag Hamnida,

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

What interesting info. Since I can't remember my past lives anymore, I certainly hope sometime in the next, or next next life, we will have a chance to know BYJ the person himself :) Thanks for the hope!

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Annyeong haseyo.

I am currently taking Korean Language lessons - beginner level.

My attendance would be a definite 200% if I had YJ ssi as my seong seng nim. In fact, the first to arrive, the last to leave class and with lots of questions in hand to ask our Prince.. (all for the sake of spending more time with him, ... we all have wishful thinking, don't we?)

btw, had so much fun reading your witty comments and looking at his gorgeous pictures.

looking forward to more of your posts.

Sarang haeyo.


jaime said...

Hahaha Marilyn,

You have the right attitude, you will be the perfect student in Mr. Bae's class :)

You are taking Korean lesson now, how nice! It must be a good feeling to be able to understand what Yong Joon says. Sigh, after Japanese, I don;t think I have any brain cells left to attempt Korean. Wish you all the success in your study!

love .... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

YJ as a teacher?!!! would I be able to concentrate on the lesson or devote all my moment SCHEMING to fail all sessions so that I'll be asked to get private tutoring lessons from him? Hehehhehe!

Would be very happy to join each of you in our remedial class! See yah!Hahhahaha!

love lots,

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Hahahaha jaime,funny write up . Happy reading it and thanks for sharing with us . I think if BYJ is the teacher all will be in clound nine everyday thinking of the time with him and dreaming of him at night . So at last everyone drop out and repeat repeat again . We at the loss side and the school gain all. Such a good teacher they ever employ.

So did u dream alot in your japanese class ah . Dreaming of how good if BYJ is my japanese teacher jaime. hahahahaha


Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Hangeul language is tough and very guttural, but for YJ's sake, I will try to learn as much as possible. (the keyword is trying..ha ha ha)

I only wish there was a big enough market for a Korean- English Nintendo DS.. (since we cannot have him as our personal teacher, we will make do with this .... Sigh.)

I will be the first one to buy it..

Dream dream dream, dreaming even when it's daylight. Ha ha..

Do take care.


gosijo said...

My dear bae sisters,

Before we go on plotting to fail our Korean class just so we can stay with our favourite seongsen-nim, I think we should never underestimate his great intelligence and even greater mischeviousness. In order to motivate us to work harder and excel, he is unlikely ever to offer private tutoring; he might in fact insist on graduating to teaching the next level for the next term. What if he goes so far as refusing to accept students with less than an A minus in his next class? Haigo!!

jaime said...

Hehe chinggu,

Yes, we definitely need individual attention from this sexy instructor :)

love... jaime

jaime said...

Hahaha dear jenny,

I dare not daydream during my Japanese class. I only have headache because there are so many words and rules to remember :(

I dare say though if Yong Joon were the teacher, I for sure will work triple hard to impress him :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe dear gosijo,

I agree, it's probably much easier to get on his good side if we ace all tests, as with all other teachers. Thanks for the good point!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Thanks Marilyn for sharing your experience with learning Hangeul. I find just looking at the symbols, I have no idea how they put them together! I wish you all the best in learning, Gambatte!

love .. jaime

Tamar1973 said...

My Korean is pretty rusty. I used to tell people I know enough Korean to be dangerous.

jaime said...

Hahaha tamar,

I am just the opposite, I know enough Japanese to keep myself and others safe! Sigh, the only time I miss Canada is when I feel desperate about not able to communicate here.

love ... jaime