Friday, January 1, 2010

Akemashite Omedeto

Hi hi sisters ....... Welcome to 2010! Hope you and your family will have a happy and prosperous year ahead :) You are having a busy family day? There are a lot of wonderful traditions in Japanese New Year - like people heading to the temple to ring the bell at the strike of midnight for blessings in the coming year, or rising bright and early to watch sunrise on the first day (um hm, this one for sure it's not for me :)

But one tradition that you probably have watched is - Kōhaku Uta Gassen 紅白歌合戦 (aka Red & White Song Battle). For the past 60 years, this famous singing extravaganza has been ushering in the New Year with the Japanese people. Only the most popular artists are invited and it's considered an honor to participate. I remember growing up watching this show every New Year's Day and was so fascinated by the beautiful and creative costumes of the singers. In some years, certain successful foreign artists were also invited to join this elite group. Last night, Susan Boyle was there performing her winning song 'I dreamed a dream', what a gifted voice!

Still no news from our prince since he last appeared at the Presidential residence. Guess he really wants to have some private time, eh? Thanks to vento/BYJGallery who posted this 01/2010 calendar from BYJ mobile so we can catch a glimpse of his latest look @@


annacronism said...

Hi, Jaime.
Ouch, what a gorgeous calendar photo. Wow, 'prince charming' is really looking good, now. He was too thin for so long that I was deeply worried about him, but looks as though he is doing well. Thanks, dear Jaime, for passing this along to the rest of us. Love, Anna

vegas said...

Happy New Year My Dear Lady Jaime!

I hope you and your family enjoyed your Taiwan visit!
I can't believe it's 2010! Where did the year go?

Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2010! May good heath and prosperity be yours.

To all the Bae sisters - wishing each and every one of you all the very best for this new year!

To our dear YJ. Wishing you continued success in all that you pursue in your life!!

Take good care my dear Jaime and thank you for everything you have shared with us.


Hyds said...

Happy New Year Jaime!!! Yjssi must have spent a quiet yet meaningful holiday.. Would love to see more of him this year. Take care and best wishes for 2010. :-)

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

It is so good to see you back. I hope you had a good trip to Tawan.

Wow, our prince looks so cool in this picture, thank you for sharing it with us. It makes me very happy seeing his latest look in the first day of 2010.

Wish you and your loved ones a Happy Happy New Year.


cecy said...

hi jaime, as you are?
today on the first day of the year, and I wish the best for you and your family, that is a year full of blessings, health, prosperity and harmony.
thanks for sharing your wonderful blog.
hugs from Mexico City with much love.
Cecy fondly Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for sharing YJ's latest look with us. Gosh, he looks so very good here. He's bouncing back . . .yay! :)


jaime said...

Hi Anna,

You're welcome. I am very thankful to those sisters who are so quick in sharing his news and pictures. Happy New Year!

regards ..... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Vegas,

Aloha?! That means you are back in Hawaii for the New Year holidays now? How nice! I also hope you will have a prosperous 2010, with everything turning for the better. May all your wishes come true! Enjoy the nice weather and have fun, cheers!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year to you too! I know you have a lot of plans this year, I wish you will achieve all you set out to do. Please take care and keep yourself healthy :) Fighting!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

My dear yudi,

So good to hear from you. Did you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays with your family? I hope you and your family will have a safe and prosperous year. I guess you will be busy preparing Chinese New Year soon :) Please keep warm!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi cecy,

Thank you very much for your warm wishes. I also wish you and your loved ones will have a wonderful 2010! Hope we can continue to enjoy our journey with Yong Joon :)
Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi alcy,

You are welcome. I am also very happy to see this new picture. He does look a bit slimmer, and gorgeous as usual :) Have a wonderful New Year holidays!

regards ... jaime

chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime..
happy new year to you too!! i'm excited for BYJ's up and coming projects for this year..can't wait for his next drama/movie...hmmm..i think patience is a virtue that i must learn every year..our BYJ is soooo busy with other things, that he forgets his "day job"(as an actor). anywayz, i think he did gave his all last year, that i don't want him to loose much weight any further, so i hope that he gains his good health back.
by the way, luv your new background suits the pictures of BYJ's back..soo introspective!!

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Thanks for the update and i like the calendar pic . Hope u have an enjoyable and wonderful trip in taipei with your family. Wish u and your family a Happy and properous New Year 2010.

So sad cause still no news from our beloved man yet . sob sob sob



Yoko said...

Happy new year, Jamie!

I feel really thankful that you keep this blog so nice. I hope I enjoy things related YJ ssi this year also.

Happy new year to all other bae sisters,too!


jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

sorry for my late reply. Yes, I do agree that his health is most important. Until he restores it to his normal condition, I hope he does not feel any pressure to oblige to us.

Have a wonderful 2010!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi jenny,

glad u like the picture. cheers!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi yoko san,

Thank you for your encouragement and Happy New Year to you!

regards ...... jaime