Monday, January 11, 2010

Seijin no hi - 2010

Hi Hi sisters .... it's the 'Coming of age' day again - celebration of Japanese women turning age 20. Major preparation goes into what the young lady is going to wear today - the furisode (long sleeves kimono), the hair, kazari (accessories). These brightly-colored and beautifully-designed ensemble can easily run into 7-figures in yen, so you can imagine the importance of this occasion to the family :) Since I was introduced to kimono last year, I am particularly interested in watching how everything is co-ordinated and presented. This is what hubby took at Meiji Jingu where the young women go for their ceremonies :

See they are look like princesses - Snow White :)

These young ladies are like celebrities today, everyone from family to tourists to amateur photographers love to take pictures of them @@

Hubby of course would not miss this important Japanese tradition :)

Hehe, you notice the kimono bag is too pretty and small to hold all the makeup. Most Japanese women carry a second bag (usually eco bag) to carry the rest :)

Did I mention that Tokyo has so many beautiful and elegant women walking around everywhere? Sometimes even a woman like me (well, you can see other women too) can't help admiring them :)
Hehe, another angle @@

Ha, there is a kawaii girl!
one more! Imagine, how can you not be happy wearing something so pretty? Hope you enjoy :)


cecy said...

Hi Jim, how are you?,
I love to say hello and know that you're okay ... actually hear is a beautiful tradition, as are the clothing and accessories ( "Kimono and Kasari?), a pride in using them, actually seem taken from a fairy princess.
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful celebration.
Cecy fondly Mexico.

Yee said...

Dear Lady,

Thanks again for sharing this beautiful traditional ceremony, this is the second time for you, right?
I will be admiring like you and other ladies when I see all these beautiful girls in beautiful kimonos. You are one lucky lady dear.


jaime said...

Hi cecy,

yes, that's what it is - fairy princess :) thanks for bringing it up!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Yee,

hehe actually, this is the 3rd time for us as we arrived in Tokyo on Jan 1. as i mentioned, this time i can appreciate what is involved much more :)

please take care!
love .... jaime