Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anime 'Live' ending

Hi hi sisters ..... hope you have a good weekend so far. I had a pretty thrilling Yonsama weekend myself, kind of like a first endeavour in my life. Concurrently, there's also some very exciting news from the WS Anime camp (as you've read from bb and tomato) - our handsome prince and CJW are actually going to shoot the ending scene of the last episode 26! Wowowow, that leads me to all kinds of hypotheses and imagination ..... You all remember this last scene in the drama itself, ah? The image is so beautiful and romantic with the sunset background, you can't help but wish that they'd get married right away and make a happy family :

So, it's very logical for us to expect the ending scene of the Anime to finish the 'unfinished business'. You know what I mean, right? .........
Hehe anyway, I don't think we should expect anything less than what we witnessed in Tokyo Dome this past September. From the cheering of the fans, we all want JunSang and Yujin to have a 'Happily Ever After' ending :)Hehe, you think they will hug and kiss again? Can't wait and see :)Looking forward to this April 24!


Anonymous said...

Hope that all you said or comment about our favorite couple will come true. I wish that they end up together hand having their own siblings...Love you blog.
Thank you and more power and more news about the Yongjun and Jiwoo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

This is news indeed! I was totally caught by surprise . . . really never expected YJ to reprise the role in drama. So so exciting. . . but still wondering how folks like us outside korea and japan can watch the anime. hmmmmmm.....


jaime said...

Hi anonymous,

sounds like you are a fan of the Junsang-Yujin couple. We are all looking forward to this final scene :)

jaime said...

Hi Hi alcy,

Nice to hear from you. Yeah, DATV is serious about its copyright of WS anime, so Japanese fans who do not have a subscription will not be able to watch it. I guess we also like to protect Yong Joon's hard work too. I just hope nevertheless, they will not ban the release of that ending clip after its broadcast so we can all share the joy together :) Have a nice week!

love ... jaime