Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emperor's new socks

Hi Hi sisters ..... you know, as much as I like to make this blog a fun, loving and beautiful place for us to share our journey with Yong Joon, I feel pretty unfulfilling these days not being able to write something more creative and meaningful because my days are so occupied with other interests in Japan. I am planning to make some re-organization of my post materials soon, hehe rest assured it's not going to affect this blog or my love for the handsome prince (ya chinggu, don't start celebrating yet!) So, please bear with me for posting pictures again :)

Hehe you know what our handsome prince has not been doing much lately? Ok ok, go without saying, he has not been acting, but that's not what I am thinking about. I meant to say he hasn't been going sockless! Yes, do you notice that he's been pretty much wearing leather boots or his converse sneakers in the past year? I still remember when I first saw our very proper and conservative Yong Joon baring his ankles (nice ankles, but still) with his leathers shoes, I really thought he forgot to wear his socks (hehe, a mild case of wardrobe malfunction)! After he explained to the reporters that he did wear socks inside his shoes, I still felt it was kind of strange. But hey, the man is so gorgeous that he transcends fashion, style and tradition. Who notice the socks down there anyway when you have a face this handsome up here, eh?


Wing said...

I really like the low to no-sock look myself. I really don't know why. So when I see our Yong Joon in that look, I cannot help but smile.

Thanks for the post and heres to wishing you well.

(Great picture selection!)

alcy1985 said...

Hi Jaime

Re: the chocolates? Nvm the expiry date. Just keep them in the fridge to make you smile each time you open it, hehe.

Love the last two of this set esp.- we never seem to be able to see him in shorts or bermudas ever :(

I myself don't particularly like to wear socks, even with sneakers but then, I'm from a tropical hot country so maybe I've got an excuse. But I enjoy seeing Yong Joon's legs, ankle and all :) haha


jaime said...

Hi Wing,

Hehe, forgive my ignorance, this is really the first time I saw a man baring his ankles in leather shoes. Maybe it's the fashion for stylish men in Milan and Paris? I love the 'no socks look' with loafers, have a resort/cruise feel :)

Thanks for dropping me a comment, cheers!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi alcy,

Thanks for the advice, I will put the chocolates (especially the two with MinHyung's face) in the freezer then, until I leave here :)

Yes, I agree. I am also a flip-flop kind of gal in the summer, they are so comfy! But in Japan, everyone wears really nice and proper shoes. Since we have to take our shoes off to go into a tatami room, a restaurant or even fitting room, it's polite for Japanese to wear a clean pair of white socks or tabi. Now I always wear socks or at least keep a clean pair in my bag, just in case :)

Have a nice day!
love ... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

I have to wear socks with my shoes, unless they're flip-flops. Maybe it's because I was born in Montana with harsh, long winters! LOL!
At any rate, I'll take any excuse to see photos of our BYJ agian!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

In case he wears sneakers, it's ok with me to see him without socks, but not sockless in leather shoes.

However, there seems to be some people who think sockless is stylish. There's a famous Japanese actor, Junichi Ishida, who is well known as "a sockless man." (He was invited to Yong Joon's red carpet ceremony of DATV opening.) He recently became a poster boy for a sock company and this was a news on a TV show.
Thank you for the nice pictures.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Hi tamar,

hehe, I guess you never look back after moving to California. Me too, any excuse to post his pictures, old or new :)

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha cloudnine,

a sockless actor for socks advertisement?! what's next, a bald guy for shampoo commercial?

Hehe, I am not surprised at any fashion statement. The surprise element actually comes from HRH, I just don't expect him to be avante garde :)

Good night!
love ... jaime

yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

As far as I remember, YJ is the only man I've seen wearing leather shoes without socks, he sure has his own flavor even when scratching the topic of socks.

Looking forward to the new look of this lovely blog. Take Care.


Tamar1973 said...

Actually, I'd love to go back to Korea, which gets cold in the winter (maybe not as cold as Montana, though).

I have lived in California for too long. LOL!

jaime said...

Dear yudi,

Me too, I think he is the first man I saw going sockless in leather shoes too :) Hehe, he sets the trend.

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you and and your family a very prosperous and healthy year of the tiger :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi tamar,

I understand, if I were you, I'd love to go back to Korea too. Hehe, just like me, I would love to continue to live in Japan for a little longer :)

have a nice weekend!