Monday, February 1, 2010

Old man winter

Hi Hi sisters ...... after sweeping through N. America, Europe and Korea, old man winter finally decides to visit Japan before we get too carried away in welcoming our Sakura :) The brisk wind and wet snow started blowing this afternoon and turned Tokyo slick and slippery. In a chilly winter night like this, what better than snuggling in front of TV watching our handsome prince's Winter Sonata and chew on his yummy chocolates :)

The chocolate box cover
Hehe, there are actually 5 rows of chocolates, but only 3 left now :) Can you recognize MinHyung's faces? Hmmm, I'm still thinking how I can preserve it?? Ha, there're more gadgets. You can use the box cover as a standup box frame. This picture actually will change into Yong Joon's face if you tilt it at a different angle.
See what I mean?! Whatyamacallit?
Another one, watch MinHyung's head ....
haha, now it's our smiling Yong Joon :)
Thanks kiyomi san, appreciate the chocolates and all these fun stuffs that come along with it :)


cecy said...

Hi jaime, these really are delicious chocolates, and as you say you in this cold afternoon crave the warmth of home viewing our prince Bae.
Here in Mexico City has rained all day and have spent hours as a grown cold, are 20:18 hrs. night and I'm here listening to Ryu with these beautiful melodies of "Winter Sonata" and I am filled with melancholy, has degree I feel like while mourn sigh, but I love to hear them.
Enjoy that delicious flavor in the warmth of your home, listening to the beautiful voice of byj in "Winter Sonata Animation."
Good start to the week, with love Cecy Mexico.

Tamar1973 said...

I did a blog about chocolate today, too. I even did a Korean chocolate....but yours looks better than mine.

karen said...

Hi hi jaime,

Long time i din drop my comment are u now, Jaime?? But i do dropping by everyday for looking up your new post n our man pic...hehhee.. I am still busy w my work ....sigh...dont know when this will end..

After seeing your post, the handsome man chocolate pic...its really lighting up my the chocolate box that can see his face in different angle...hehehe..

Looking forward to see the sakura pic in japan...such a wonderful scenery..
Take care ya...sis..


jaime said...

Hi Cecy,

Sorry to hear about the rain and cold in Mexico. I also love to play Winter SOnata OST by Ryu when I am alone at home, puts me in a warm and sweet mood. Hope Yong Joon's smile will keep you out of the blue, please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi tamar,

I read your post, the custom-order chocolates look very healthy with dried fruits. Am sure it tastes wonderful :) thanks for sharing!

jaime said...

Dear Karen,

Thanks for dropping by to say hi. I know you are still busy with work, please take it easy. Hehe, maybe reward yourself with some yummy chocolates :) Yeah, Yong Joon looks so handsome on the box and in those pictures, I will wipe them very clean and keep them in a nice cover. Please take care!

love ... jaime

alcy1985 said...

Hi Jaime

Cool, that the box frame has the pix alternating between the anime pix and YJ's photo. Really cool . . . How long has it taken you to finish two rows of the chocolates, hehehe... I don't think I'd eat them if I have a box.

Take care of yourself in the cold weather

jaime said...

Hi dear alcy,

Thanks for coming by. Hehe yeah, the box is really nice. To be honest, I have not eaten any. Kiyomi san is generous enough to bring the chocolates over to my home, so they are shared among the guests, our Japanese sisters. I am the same as you, I love to preserve them for as long as possible, but I know there is an expiry date. What should I do? Have a nice week!

love ... jaime