Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sakura no Yume

Hi hi sisters .... just in case you wonder why I have been so busy, I was over at my cottage doing some final decorations. Hehe no no, I meant my new personal blog - Sakura no Yume :)

I never thought I needed a separate blog, as my love for Yong Joon is already a part of my journey, pretty much like other things in my life. Sharing this experience with BYJ sisters here are both joyous and precious to me and nothing will change. In the past 2 years, as I opened my eyes to the Japanese world of kimono, nihon buyo (dancing), chanoyu (tea), arts and literature, I know I'd like to study further to enjoy this beautiful culture. This is the beginning of my Sakura dream .....

Hehe, you're welcome to hop over to my cottage but please don't feel obliged, I won't be hurt :) Thanks!


Marce said...

Im going there

jenny said...

Dear Jaimie

Thank you sooooooo much for all the update and beautiful write up that u have share with us all this while. Really appreciate all your effort. Although din comment that much lately cause of busy but i do see all your write up .

CNY is around the corner. Take this opportunity to Wish u and family a " Happy and Properous Chinese New Year ". May the year of Tiger bring u best of health , luck , wealth and many many happy returns . Have a roaring start of the year yah . Where were u be heading this CNY sis .

Our prince look handsome and georgous in his new pic . He look fatter and happy . Hope he have a nice and wonderful new year with his family too .

Big hug to u and cheers

Jenny Chee

Note : Wishing all bae sister who are celebrating CNY a " Happy and Properous Tiger year " and Happy Holiday to others .

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

So this ia what's keeping you away for some days. It is so wonderful sharing with us your fascination and experiences since landing in the Land of the Rising Sun (aka BAELand annex).

And what a big surprise- you will dance! Wish we can see thsi and cheer for your performance. You really amazed us all. This shows how patient and very diligent you really despite being sooooooo hilarious all the time. CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy CNY and Valentine's to you and everybody here.


jaime said...

Hi Marce .... thanks, c u overthere :)

jaime said...

Hi Hi jenny,

it's nice to hear from you. please don;t feel obliged to write me, I understand we are all very busy with our lives. Yeah, especially CNY is approaching. Even though I don;t celebrate CNY, I also wish you and your family a very prosperous Year of the Tiger!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

you are too kind with your words. btw, do you also celebrate CNY? I guess so. You must be really busy now :) I also wish you a happy valentines and Year of the Tiger!

love ... jaime

オテモヤン said...
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