Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A stroll in the museum

Hi hi sisters .... how are you? Really really busy this week with personal stuffs, just a quick one for fun, ok?

you see, Yong Joon ssi, our museum collects a vast selection of treasures ......
like this smiling Kannon, not very lady-like the way she's sitting, but nevertheless still managed to charm all of our visitors :)
And this lavish egg holder, probably used to hold poached dinosaur egg a million years ago. Imagine the poor chap's stomach after his hearty breakfast, huh?
And Mr. Ambassador of Tourism, I proudly present you our museum's in-house seafood restaurant!
Let's check out today's lunch special @@ Wow, there sure are a lot of fresh catches to choose from!
See that chubby one swimming at the back, I can almost taste it in soya sauce already :)
Slurp slurp, I think this place definitely qualifies as 'the Beauty of Korea', click click click! Repost from BYJGallery/Style, original from houren's blog


alcy1985 said...

Hi Jaime

Very creative. . . like it :)

Somehow, the pix made me miss his long hair sooooo much. I was one of those yearning for a change and happily welcomed the new look at the Tokyo Dome events but now, I really think the long hair suits him best.

Thanks for the pix.


jaime said...

Hi alcy,

I feel the same way. Missing those long hair. I guess Yong Joon knows himself best, that;s why he kept it for so long :)

Have a good weekend!
love .. jaime