Saturday, February 6, 2010

One fine spring day

Hi hi sisters ...... I know it's in the middle of our cold winter, but we are getting a little warmth and sunshine from the smile of Yong Joon. Yeah, it's indeed 'one fine spring day' in our hearts :)

What is he toasting to??
love him in this bright yellow, or any other color @@
My gosh, is he picking a ring already?!

Hehe handsome prince, I think you need a bigger bunch than this to propose :)

Hehe, but if you are Yong Joon ssi, 10000 girls will say 'yes' even if you are holding an orange :)
lucky lucky gal!

Good luck, dear!
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cecy said...

hi jaime, this super bellisima the spring collection, with all these colors so beautiful and bright, and the model much more to it, I love your yellow, blue, playing the piano, brown, ....... .. haaa and I feel a delicious orange juice.
Listen and summer is ahead ....., good super pretty, "time to pack ?.....
greetings with love cecy Mexico.

jaime said...

Hi cecy,

me too, i feel like drinking that orange cocktails too. hehe in fact, if it is made by BYJ, I'll drink anything.

love ... jaime