Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi hi sisters ...... The whole day, I was like 'an ant in a hot frying pan'. I practised one dance, walked over to my computer and checked for HRH's new pictures ... nope. Practised another one, walked back and checked again .... nope again! Must have walked back and forth 10 times, then I just gave up and decided to concentrate to finish my practice :) Finally after dinner, a merciful sister is generous enough to share her pictures of the handsome one - original in mrs*alice's blog, reposted in baidu/YJ影之国, thanks. Yes, I understand the staff usually requests the fans not to take pictures, so if reposting these is not appropriate, please give me a shout, ok?

According to xiaoyi's blog : "Yong Joon came to Gosireh Hwa around 11 am this morning. He made his round to each table and greet the family. He left around 1pm and 500 family was waiting for him outside. He slowed down the car and lowered the window, smiled and waved to his family." He was wearing black framed eyeglasses, white shirt and dark colored suit. Doesn't he look so happy and gorgeous?

Some people speculated he might have gone to his favourite restaurant in Tokyo afterwards. Where else, but Gosireh! Could he even go to his Digital Adventure office after lunch, which is in the neighbourhood anyway?? Aiyo, if that's the case, I really should kick myself in the bxxx! I can practically crawl to his DA office in a few minutes :(

Still wondering how long Yong Joon will be in Tokyo for? Sakura is in full bloom right now, I hope Yong Joon can go around freely to enjoy the beautiful Sakura while he is here :)


Karen said...

hi hi jaime,

tks...so much much...for ur updates, sister!!! I was waiting here whole nite for his pic.hahaha...he looks gorgeous !!! I hope he can enjoy his time in Tokyo, walking freely on the street & eat his favourite food :))

Hugs Hugs

jaime said...

Hi hi karen,

yeah, we are all so excited to see him out and about meeting his fans, even though it's not an announced visit. Gosh, it's been so long, eh? Glad you enjoy the pictures as much as I do :)

Good night!
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...


Great pictures I'm happy that he looks healthy and happy......

No cloud in the sky!his aura is good maybe the heart is happy....

I want to see YJ inlove huh!never seen him inlove as if I know him personally hehehe...

Don't you gals agree how is byj inlove??????

Miss Tapya!

jaime said...

hi Miss Tapya,

thanks for your comment. Yes, we hope Yong Joon is happy :)

cheers ... jaime