Monday, April 5, 2010

He's flying?

Hi Hi sisters .... just read that this morning Yong Joon is flying to Tokyo for the opening of Gosireh Hwa! So he is somewhere in the air between Korea and Japan now?

Yes, I am banging my head on the desk right now for not making a lunch reservation on the first day of opening. Yes yes, the thought of running to Kinshicho Lotte Hotel and wait for him has also crossed my mind. Yes yes yes, it could very well be the last time he comes to Japan before I leave. What should I do? What should I do? I sooooo want to see his face one more time before I leave Japan. Gosh, this is so hard, every time he comes to Tokyo, there's always this big struggle in my mind of where he is now, what he is doing and should I try to find out? Should I push aside all my plans for the day and wait for him indefinitely? Thanks goodness, I do not live in the same city as him, otherwise I will be up and about 24-7! Hehe at the end, I think my sense (and my old tired body) kind of tells me to stay put and just wait for his new handsome pictures, like most other sisters :) Have fun, Yong Joon and those lucky sis who will be at Gosireh Hwa :)

Do I see it right, a table for 1?
Thanks to byjintoronto for the original post and baidu/爱俊一梅 for reposting.


annacronism said...

Hi, sister Jaime.
At least you have gotten to actually see our Yong Joon-ssi. I may never get to do that. It is a long way from Tennessee (USA) to South Korea, or Japan for that matter. To me, you and all of the other sisters who have seen our Charming Prince are very fortunate. I am happy for all of you , though. Take care, and be well, dear.
Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

hi hi Jaime, must b very excited hearing this news Jaime...I am also happy for all the baesis who are in Japan, can hv a chance to see our prince :D

Hugs Hugs,

p/s : Jaime, I already send you an email for the reply on your previous post. Sorry for my late reply sis, cos lately quite busy.. :)

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

How r u ??? Very happy to hear this news sister. That mean we will be getting to see his new pic soon although we are far away lol . U will be lucky in Japan cause anyhow u are nearer than us. Hehehehe

If possible , don't miss it sister . Go and get a glimpse of him . We definetly will not have this chance. Hehehehe

Anyhow thank alot for this info and we will still to your blog for update .

Have a nice day ahead jaime



regie said...

dear Jaime,

just go might bump into him by acident!(strong wish!)

take care n peace,

jaime said...

Dear Anna,

Thanks for writing to me. Actually 2 years ago, I was in the same situation as you. Yong Joon was like a dream so so far away in Asia while I was stacked away in Toronto. But we never know what lies ahead of us in life. I think if it's meant to be, it will happen. Hehe of course, I only got to be see him like the size of a grain :) So please have hope and try to go to his official events if possible.

cheers ... jaime

alma said...


Anonymous said...

Chinggu, as I am reading this very precious info about our KING going to Tokyo, I am having the sudden urge to bang my head in the wall too.How can I ever be as lucky as all the Japanese sisters being able to see him in the flesh? Only in my dreams will I be able to do that, sighs......

Here's hoping that like what regie said, you'll be soooooo ultra lucky to bump into him. Who knows? just before you leave Japan,you might also get to say Sarangheyo to him UP CLOSE!

Take care and keep your hopes up and I am sure dreams do come true!


jaime said...

Hi Hi karen,

thanks for sending me an email, I will go and check it out. you see, I am trying to set up an id for BYJ mail, but I am still not used to it. sorry.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear jenny,

nice to hear from you. guess BYJ fans are never really far from him in their hearts. I will try to follow your advice and go out more in the next days. hehe, i won;t chase after him, but just go about my own business. Hope he happens to be at the same place, hahaha :) I am daydreaming again!

Thanks and take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi regie,

Yes sis, I will do that! Just BUMP into him :) 1 in 26 million chance. Thanks for your encouragement and hope. I also hope someday all the overseas sisters can see BYJ in person too.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

you're welcome, alma. hope you check out the new pics!

jaime said...

Hi chinggu,

saranghaeyo? Haha, I won;t waste anytime chinggu, the minute I spot BYJ, I would dash over, jump up and cling onto him like a koala bear! then I would peck all over his cheeks like a woodpecker. then ...... um hm, I'd better stop before you come running after me with an axe :)

dear chinggu, I also wish you will see HRH someday! Keep your hope up, if there is a will, there is a way! Take care!

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

Really Chinggu? Again me and my BIG MOUTH. Does this mean I have to sharpen my axe again and wish that I am there to make sure that you are going to behave like a real lady in front of YJ?Hahahahahah, gee, never thought that reading about you behaving like a koala bear(though I'm sure you'll be a verrrrrrrry cute one)would stir my urge to see you and wring your pretty neck! LOL!!

Take care and hugz!

Love, Judy