Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sherlock-ing Yonsama

Hi hi sisters ....... how're your days? I always enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes when I was a child, so I was eager to watch the new 'Sherlock Holmes' movie in the weekend. It just seems like these days if the movie is not about 'saving the world from being destroyed', then the plot is not grand enough. The Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have turned into fighters and jokers here, not the English gentlemen and great detectives that I was familiar with :(

Well, my detective skill has nothing to boast about either. The handsome 'suspect' has been walking on the same piece of land for a week now, but there isn't a trace of where he is! All we know so far is he caused chaos in a new restaurant in Kinshicho Lotte Hotel ...

then he stopped traffic on the way to a hospital in Kanagawa prefecture
Suffice to say, he stole many female hearts in Japan and around the world. Now, can't say that detective Jaime didn't try her darnest to apprehend this culprit ....... I did stake out at his favourite hangout, Gosireh, during one lunch hour.

Hehe, even tried out his new 'bait' - the beautiful skin lunch course (ginseng chicken)! Oh, so yummy and full of collagen :) Too bad I was wearing kimono that day and had to nibble like a proper lady, otherwise I would have gobbled up everything on the plates. This beautiful Sunday, hubby and I strolled past his DA office on our way to Sakura viewing. Was hoping for the odd chance that he might drop by the office. What?! NOT a single person working on Sunday afternoon?? Hmmmm ..... I think I have to report this to the handsome CEO :)
So, this concludes my Yonsama tracking in Tokyo for now, stay tune for my next report :)


Yee said...

Dear Lady,

Nice report !! please keep on coming, looking forward to it.
I feel the same with you about the Sherlock Holmes movie, very disappointed. That's why I hardly watch these western movies, not my style. The last movie I watched before this was Memoirs of a Geisha or the last Harry Potter movie, may be 2 or 3 years ago.
The reason I went to watch this movie is I love Sherlock Holmes books.
May be I am too outdated for the modern movies and TV shows. So I'll stick to the K dramas especially historical dramas and Takarazuka ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

It's been sometime since I last wrote on your blog. Hope everything is well.
As usual, am entertained by you. Definitely waiting for your next installment.

Take care,

zahra said...

Hi dear , i enjoy everytime i read ur notes about byj .
i want to say , my byj blog is :


i will glad if u notice this and
guide me with ur suggestions .


Yoko said...

Hi, Jaime

Thanks for your updates. I'm happy to see the caps of YJ's recent visit to Japan video, coz I couldn't see the video of it on quilt. I don't why but I only watch the video on You tube in Quilt. I'm catching up with what happened for the past 10 days, coz I'd been busy and,worse!sick.Your blog is really helpful.

I've just started practicing hard for my performance again. Gee,it's in a week! I don't expect everything goes perfect. So so is fine.

Love, Yoko


Mikino said...

Daer Jamieq /Dear sis
Thank you for this post.
Until now only one I've written here, but want to admit that I follow your blog regularly!
He always has a lot of work .... He is a man who loves his work and I admire him! I'm glad you see Him again. He looks great! I hope, now he's health to be well!
With love

jaime said...

hi hi yee,

so sorry for my late reply. I only watch more movies now in tokyo since it's so convenient to get around the city. hehe, I can understand the attraction of Takarazuka :) It is fabulous!

Please take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Marilyn,

Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for dropping by. Hope everything is going well, take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Dear zahra,

Thanks for your comment. It's wonderful to see other fans blogging about BYJ too cause we all have different ways to write about him. I notice your recent posts are pictures from the Cultural Medal Award, he looked so handsome there. Please keep up the great work.

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Yoko,

Sorry for my late reply. I do hope by now you are feeling better. How's your performance? Did everything go smoothly? What dance and props did you choose?

I am very curious to know the type of kimono you wore? Am I too nosy? Sorry, my life and time seem to be all consumed by Nihon Buyo and Kimono these days. All the best!

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Mikino,

Welcome here! Thank you for writing me a comment and I do hope you have a happy time here. Have a nice weekend!

cheers ... jaime

David said...

Pls use black colour for yr text. Against the background, I always hv difficulty in reading yr blog!

jaime said...

thanks for your suggestion david. i did try to use black in my text but then i really don't like how it looked. also tried using a darker brown or green, ditto! so please bear with me for a while. i might consider changing the colors of my blog someday, but not sure when yet.