Monday, April 26, 2010

Memory of the Journey album

Hi Hi sisters .... am supposed to have lunch at Gosireh Fua in Lotte Hotel today, but didn't feel well therefore couldn't go, sob sob! Since I can't share that experience with you, maybe I can show you something else. I received this BOFi package a couple of weeks ago .....

Tada! It's the Bae Yong Joon Photo Album - 'Memory of the Journey' in search of Beauty of Korea. The name is quite a mouthful, huh?The left is the photo album, the right is the album pocket.

The size of this album is very generous - 22.5cm x 28cm, with over 75 pages of colored photo (quite a lot of them are close up shots too) @@ I hope it's ok to show a few samples here, hehe my shots are bad enough to be worth any reproduction anyway .. .....

See, if you can't read Korean or Japanese from his 'In Search of Beauty of Korea' book, this photo album is sort of like a 'pictorial substitute' (IMHO). By looking at the pictures, you can get a feel of his experience - his curiosity, his attentiveness, his sincerity - in this journey.

Hehe, sort of on the side : I always wondered about the sneakers that Yong Joon wore during his travel as I am curious how he could keep the white sole so clean?? Haha, now you know I am a clean freak too. I finally noticed the label on the sole in a picture that he sat down on the steps. It's the Lanvin hi-top suede sneakers 2008. Apparently these are highly sought-after fashion sneakers, hehe, much like its handsome owner :)
I know I know, I am silly enough to even look at the soles of his shoes! Hope you enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks for sharing some of the pages of the photobook with us. Wow! it certainly will be a treasure, with so many close-ups of our handsome one. Enjoy! :)


Tamar1973 said...

Yeah, only if you want to pay over $800 for sneakers! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Thanx so much for sharing the photobook with us. Love the pics and keep healthy, okay?


L2N said...

Hi Jaime Onnie, glad to see you again. Very nice photos, you're really lucky to live there. so you can close with him and get information about him faster. I plan going to Japan and Korea next year. Probably not long, About a two weeks. I'm really curious about "Beauty of Korea" (and also Japan). And if I'm lucky I could meet him lolol. Komowoyo Jaime (lenny from Indonesia)

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

Hope u feel better by today..
Tks for sharing the beautiful & close-up picture of him, he looks so handsome n gorgeous !!!

Pls take care, sis...

Hugs Hugs,

jaime said...

Hi hi alcy,

glad you enjoy it. It's a nice album cos he looked super gorgeous there. I've checked both HMV and Amazon, unfortunately it's not available there, maybe later?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

tamar, I agree with you. Guess $800 to us is like $8 to BYJ :) Hahaha, then his shoes are a bargain!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

sorry to keep u worry. i am fine now, thanks. just lots of food and sleep (and BYJ too) will do the trick for me :) u take care too!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi lenny tongseng,

so you are a young fan, huh? u are planning to go to Korea and Japan next year? how wonderful! I also hope you will have a chance to see BYJ too. How about attending his official event (if there is any)? it's a great experience to see so many BYJ sisters. thanks for dropping by :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi karen,

good to hear from you again. i read your email, thanks for sharing your trip details with me. hope work is not as busy now? please take care!

love ... jaime

atta said...

hai jaime..
i really love your blog
thank's for sharing about Yong Joon,
story and picture from him

jaime said...

hi atta,

thanks for your kind words. glad you like my little blog. have fun :)

cheers .... jaime

L2N said...

Dear Jaime. I all ready have a husband n two children. but still I expect will have a chance to see BYJ there. And about attending his official event (if there is any), I need your help..I seem to be frequently opened this blog, and you also have to frequently update information about him.


Marce said...

Dear Jaime,
You would have a good time at Gosire, but you had a nice time looking his book full of pictures, thanks for share it. I Really love you, but please take care, hope that you feel healthy soon, Take care my dear lady, God bless you.
pdt, I really want that book, but they dont send any to bolivia =(.

jaime said...

Hi Marce,

Thanks for your comment. please be patient with BYJ products and check, ebay, amazon and HMV website every so often. you may find something you like there, just not as up to date as in Japan.

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaime,

The "Memories of the Journey" is such a treasure to have. I don't think it's available elsewhere. May i ask how much is a copy?