Thursday, April 1, 2010

Next life?

Hi Hi sisters ...... this is just the kind of days when Yong Joon lays so low that you feel he is so far far away from you. I once read a post in baidu how a sister wishes to be with Yong Joon in her next life (sorry I forgot when and by whom). I know the idea sounded so far-reached but her writing was kind of cute, and her sentiment certainly truthful. I vaguely remember just this, in her next life -

- Yong Joon will only belong to her since she has to share him with so many women in this life
- Yong Joon will cherish her and even spoil her since she gives un-reciprocated love to him in this life
- Yong Joon will tolerate her little imperfections since she shed her tears for him in this life

You know, that makes me think …… If this ‘past life, next life’ belief holds true :

“How about that special someone who is by your side at this very moment, loving and supporting you quietly while we indulge in this Bae fandom? What if HE is the ‘Bae Yong Joon equivalent’ from your past life? (haha, no guarantee that he has to come back tall, handsome and rich in his next life, right?) If that’s the case, aren't we ignoring the true love that we already possessed while chasing for the impossible dream?”

Hahaha, don’t blast me. I know I know, we love and support Yong Joon for his many virtues, definitely not for this ‘next life’ reason. Sigh, I guess maybe this is really a sign of too little BYJ news, I am even talking nonsense like this! So hehe, I won't be offended if you just ignore me :) Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

HAPPY EASTER to you and your loved ones!

Yupp, it's been way too quiet in Baeland but we'll still patiently wait for good news on his next project. Hope announcements will come soon.

Had wanted to comment on your previous few posts but had problems. Anyway, I'd like to wish you an enjoyable time with the Tokyo Dome dvds and the TWSSG movies. I'm really curious how it'll be done.

Best rgds

jaime said...

Hi Hi Alcy,

Happy Easter to you and your family too. I am also looking forward to watch the re-edited TWSSG, wonder what it'll be like??

Sigh, did you read bb's new post? Looks like there is a fallout between YJ and JYP. So there is absolutely no acting plan for Yong Joon :(

Please take care!
love .. .jaime

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
Someone said somewhere, sometime ago that Yj reminds them of the love of their life and his character in WLS reminded them of their first love. Whichever it was I think in a way YJ is loved for several reasons and admired for the true person he is among other things .
I asked these questions myself and I believe that if I put YJ and my hubby in front of me I'm afraid I have to choose the one I couldn't imagine living without. Have a happy Easter.


chakachan said...

hello ms. jaime...
how have u been doing lately? i really like this topic, because i believe in reincarnation-OK, past lives...whew!'s funny, but i sometimes go to a certain place and i have this strange feeling that i've been there before..or, i would be meeting someone, and he/she seems very familiar!..hmm..
anywayz...i would like BYJ to be my supastar brother. yup! i would like him to be my elder brother. i don't really see myself liking him romantically..i really look up to him and i am proud his achievements...he would probably spoil me with stuff that i want, provide my comforts in life..and tahdahhh...give a ride or two on his fancy cars!! he he he..

happy easter!!

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for sharing your view with me. Yeah, I think we sometimes do not realize how blessed we are already and tend to idealize someone we cannot have.

I also feel that beyond that very handsome face, Yong Joon's charm stems from his humility and desire to learn new knowledge.

Happy Easter!
love .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Chakachan,

Nice to hear from you, hope everything is fine with you.

Yeah, everyone has experienced some sort of 'deja vu' now and then, but somehow it cannot be explained scientically. I guess it's similar to dreams, you really can;t explain why. Could it be recalling from the past or foretelling the future? I wish we know, eh? Hehe, you said you are into this re-incarnation and past lives? Just curious, have you been studying further about it?

Happy Easter!
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

When I first watched TWSSG (at that time totally unaware who the lead actor was), I was amazed by the quality of the production and commented to my hubby that it's fit for a movie. And true enough . . . the intention had been there

Yes, I've learnt about the possible fallout but then I was never truly excited about it cos it would not really have much of BYJ acting in it. I'm just sad that he's got new troubles to sort out. But I think he's looking at other scripts so I'll wait patiently.


annacronism said...

Hi, sister Jaime.
Unlike some of the sisters, I don't have a 'someone special' in my life. My husband died quite a few years ago. I don't know about an 'other life', either. I love our Yong Joon-ssi for many reasons; his kindness and goodness most of all. The fact that he is beautiful to the eye is like a bonus to me; something extra special. I don't mind that we Family all share a special love for him. That is part of what has made us a family, and that is important to me. Happy Easter, dear.
Love, Anna

jaime said...

Hi alcy,

Me too, I also have my doubt on that 'Dream High' project. What meaningful role can Yong Joon play in a high school theme drama? At most, an inspirational teacher or principal. Hehe, I hope he will act in a more serious and challenging role, like in a World War II love epic kind of drama. Hehe, just my dream.

Happy Easter!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for writing me a comment. I am sorry to hear about your husband and touched on this sensitive subject(I should have been more thoughtful on this).
I also feel part of the beauty of this journey with Yong Joon is actually sharing our love for him with many other sisters. That's how we experience his grace and beauty : by living it out everyday in our own lives. Hope you are enjoying your BYJ journey :)

Happy Easter!
love ... Jaime

Marce said...

hi Jaime,
you are right, sometimes we want something we can't have and forget what we already have.
One month ago was my birthday, that day i was so sad, it was my 33th birthday and after to visit soompi, i tought: "no matter how long i live, i wont be able to meet him in person".
but to read about Him and his Family, give a smile to my days.
Thanks to sharing this journey with us Jaime.
Good Bless you and Happy Easter!!!

jaime said...

HI Marce,

Happy belated 33rd Birthday! Oh Marce, please don't feel despaired. You are so young and you still have a lot of chance to see Yong Joon. If you really want to see him, the sure way is to attend one of the official events in Japan or Korea. Hehe, he will be really really far away, but at least you know he is there, right?
Have faith and good luck, Happy Easter to you too!

love ... jaime

myoce said...

Hi Jaime !

A Happy Easter to you <3

Oh, what an interesting thought. Like others, I don't know much about this subject, but does anyone? Thinking on it....when I first "fell" for Yong Joon, I really2 felt I had to meet him in person...everyday devising ways and means! But eventually common sense came I don't aspire that high, but am open to any possibilities^^... anything can happen, right?

I am happy that I got to know BYJ and Baefamiy, consider it a blessing in my life. My family is the biggest blessing in my life...specially hubby who is not jealous of BYJ and lets me get away with a lot of BYJ-ward things^^

As for BYJ...he has stared and took on so many roles in my daydreams, that to tell anyone about it... I'd have to write a big fat novel...ooops....secret's out.

Ok, better go before I divulge more.

Love from your Baesis

Anonymous said...


I always visit your blog but first time to comment very interesting topic...I read a few books regarding past lives or reicarnation part of me wanted to believe but part of me is very skeptical...

One book I read a Psychiatrist believe about past lives its very interesting that a man of science believe so.I guess those people who is at the top of the food chain must be great kings nobles in their past lives???

One question also linger into my mind is Where did I come from?really!I was born 1981 so where am I in 1970?1980? right?hehehe now Im really getting weird......

Finally about BYJ they say that people sorrounds you now they are also the same people that you deal with in your past lives so maybe in our past lives we encounter Byj maybe he is a king before and we are all his slaves hehehe maybe concubine??????????

Happy Easter!


jaime said...

Hi Hi myoce,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think I understand what you mean. We seem to go through this same journey. Starting from being fascinated by him to now being more in touch with reality.

I do not regret spending almost 5 years on him. Like you, I feel very blessed and thankful to know about him and sisters like you. Whether he knows I exist or not doesn't matter anymore.

Please take care!
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyerin,

Welcome to my little home. Thanks for sharing what you read about re-incarnation. Yeah, some TV programs on the subject had people talked about their memories from past lives and that's so fascinating! Hehe yeah, Yong Joon probably was a king with thousands of concubines, hahaha!

Maybe I'll make a general post on this intriguing topic someday, then we can explore it a bit more. Thanks!

regards ... jaime

Anonymous said...

I read your blog frequently (also a fan of your blog) but it's my first time leaving a comment.

For me, BYJ's intelligence, simplicity, and gentleness attracted me to him. Of course, being an eye candy is certainly a plus. He has been more of an oppa figure for me than a "dream" partner. Not because he's not dreamy,..for god knows how sexy and charming this man can be. But because in my dream world, I desperately want this special man to be with this special lady. sigh..I wish my dream can come true. Sorry I can't reveal the name of this special lady :-)
Maybe one day, I too can find my dream man who resembles BYJ and possesses similar traits.

Your faithful reader,