Monday, June 23, 2008

AERA - 06/2008

Hi Hi .... Remember HRH went through 10 interviews straight in one day upon returning from Osaka and Nagoya? I was debating if I should bother posting any of those pictures cause they probably all look the same, so far I like this set the most from AERA. The only complaint I have is, how come so few? You know I am very demanding when it comes to HRH's photographs. I love to see those beautiful shots like the ones that Leslie Kee took - him in many many many different poses, expressions, outfits, props, backgrounds and even stories. Well, in other words, I guess I never get enough of HRH, hahaha :) Please enjoy .....

original in byjgallery/miemi
reposted in baidu/wlbyj


vegasbyj said...

Hello Dear Jaime!

Ogenki desu ka?
Been busy on this end - trying to get my condo ready for sale. I swear I'm not moving ever again...after 20 years in one place, I can't believe all the junk I have.

Thanks for sharing these AERA pictures. HRH is handsome as ever.

I hope all is going well with you! Is your son keeping busy this summer?

Take care!

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

Hehe, ogenki desu. anata wa?

I am so happy to hear from you. Kind of miss you but don't want to bother you either. So, you're moving? wow, it's a big change, how many boxes of BYJ goodies have you accumulated so far? Did you mark 'extremely fragile' and 'absolutely confidential' on those boxes?

Good luck with selling your condo, I know there's so much work involved in a move. Imagine I have to do it again a few years from now!

I have sent you a separate email :)

love ... jaime

bb said...

vegas, hehe, how about marking those boxes 'extremely sexy' and 'absolutely beautiful'? :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Vegas,

I did not know you are moving, good luck my dear in this 100+ temperature in Vegas. Even here last week especially weekend was a killer. Especially for hubby, he had to stay home with air conditioning on all the time. I had to go to Aung San Suu Kyi's 63rd. birthday at the monastery on Sunday and came home almost dying from that killer heat.
Well, if those extremely sexy / fragile, absolutely beautiful / confidential boxes are too much to handle, I can come pick them up even in this heat ...~__^ just want to help you, to take away some heavy loads from your shoulder....

Y. (blinking innocently)

vegasbyj said...

Hi Ladies!

You all gave me a great belly laugh this morning. Thanks!!

Moving and packing are not in my vocabulary. I prefer to just "up and go"...but that doesn't work.

Not to worry about my YJ items - NO ONE IS TOUCHING THEM!! I SHALL MOVE THEM MYSELF...even in this 100+ degree temps, I will move them all by myself. LOL

thanks again for the support and encouragement.

take care!!

jaime said...

dear vegas, bb and yee,

hahaha vegas, you remind me of my move a few months ago. The first few boxes I packed was HRH's treasures. That was the fastest and the most fun. The rest was simply chores. When the movers came, I watched them just to be sure HRH's boxes are safe and sound, the rest I didn't bother at all :) Where's my sense of priority?

thanks for a good laugh, ladies. love ... jaime

bb said...

hehe, i'm the reverse... i packed them last, and unpacked them last too...

then again, i belong to the group of people who would eat all the rice first, before tackling my fave food of chicken wing, crab, etc.... :p

p.s. hope vegas is not around to read this... but hehe, my experience was that the unpacking's alot worse than the packing :p