Friday, June 20, 2008

NHK Special

Hi Hi .... just to remind you that the 1 hour NHK special on Yong Joon and TWSSG will be aired tomorrow at 5pm. I hope you can watch it using TVants. I haven't used it since watching the MBC award last Decemeber, so don't know if it works for NHK? If not, we can always wait for the video clips from our wonderful Japanese sisters.

Remember NHK constructed a special 'historical' set for this interview?

Hurray, so we know at least there is some time set aside just to interview HRH. Notice he has his own chair?

so he can talk .....

and talk and talk .....

Hehe, do you notice both ladies have a hankie on their laps? This is what I notice about Japanese ladies always carry a pretty all-purpose hankerchief with them. Just in case .....

I really like EJA's style - feminine with an edge. Her multi-braclets look - wonder if each one of them means something special to her?

Dear Yong Joon, hope you are enjoying your carefree days in NY :)

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