Friday, June 20, 2008

Pastel again

Doesn't HRH look dapper in his crisp black suit?

I guess I can't deny it. Even though he looked ultra cool and sexy in his favourite B&W everything while in Japan, I still love HRH in pastel @@. Now please don't SCREAMMMMMM at me! Remember I am a MinHyung kind of gal? I just feel that he looks so soft, gentle, relaxed and happy here .....

Of course not every man can carry these colors, what a visual pleasure!

After looking at this warm sunshine smile, who isn't ready to go out and face the day?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Hehe I enjoyed BYJ in different colors today, watching WLS at Toho Cinema. Episode 5,6 have some of my favorite scenes, like Min-Hyung in a suit and Min-Hyung without glasses in his hotel room (with drunken Yu-Jin). Moreover, to our
surprise, a video clip of some Korean TV programs featuring WLS, including NG scenes and interviews
was shown before the episode 5.

This 'original' Korean version looked a bit different from the one we saw last summer, the picture was rather dark and rough.

Tomorrow, besides that speical program and the drama TWSSG, there is also a program named 'Hello from Studio Park' from 2 o'clock, which introduces the special program starting 5. We'll be glued to NHK all day tomorrow!

Have a nice weekend.

cloud nine

jaime said...

hi hi cloudnine,

Haha, I kept thinking about you watching Winter Sonata this morning. How I wish I could be there too! Hehe, you like the drunken Yujin scene? I like the 'MinHyung watching Yujin singing in front of their colleagues' scene :) How wonderful to be able to watch the NG scenes too, was it long? Was the cinema full?

Really, an intro to the special?! Oh my lord, between hubby's weekend TV sports program and son's video games, how am I going to squeeze in to watch HRH?! Hahaha, maybe I should go to a nearby electronics store (Yodobashi?)and sit in front of a giant plasma TV at 5pm?

Happy watching tomorrow. Please tell me all about it.

love ... Jaime

Lin Chen said...

Hi Jaime,
Thanks for photos again,
He is perfect as ever. Love him too much. Tomorrow I will watch NHK as well. In Vietnam , it will be 3:00pm.
Then we know at that time, all of us stick to TV and let all our heart jumping at joy of loving him, seeing him, speak, laugh, hearing his voice, but dont understand any words,
sign... so sad, huh!

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for all your recent posts. I visited every day. Just didn't have anything to add.

Hehe, Min-Hyung kind-of-gal! Perhaps I'm that too. Don't mind the pastels, don't mind the B&W either. I think a long time ago Mishio had a post where she waxed poetic about The Blues.

Oh, cloud nine, you saw WLS 5-6 today? I too especially like that no-glasses M-H / drunken Yu-Jin scene. On the one hand, Min-Hyung looks so unbelievably amazing, especially when he has that pained look on his face. On the other, I find myself rooting for Yu-Jin - you tell him, girl! Yeah, how dare he say such things about me? Slap!

Good viewing to those who can tomorrow (today already for you). I look forward to the reports.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and Everyone!

Well, I pretty much love looking at him wearing anything at all, dark, light, pastels, muted colours (I'm not even going to comment about the birthday-suit... though I'd like to, hahahaha).

I'm a Min-hyung gal too - altho I love all of his characters, Min-hyung was my first (BYJ) love, and it's likely to stay that way. His gentleness, graciousness, stunning beauty - well, actually, I guess that's true of all the roles he's played, but Min-hyung steals my heart like no other.

It's great to see everyone here - love to you all!


Yoko said...

Thanks for the info about Studio Park at NHK today,cloudnine. I didn't know that. Then I can hurry to my house from here.

Oh, I miss Min-hyung.It's been so long since I met him in the drama last. Actually I meet him everyday in some places in my house. But not moving and talking Min-hyung. Maybe it's time to rewatch it.

Yes,like others here, I too a Min-hyung gal!!


bb said...

wah, so many MH-gals here... i've always been more of chan-woo and dong-huyk gal myself... then again, nothing, or rather, no one could even come close to YJ the man as himself. hehe, i'm the BYJ type of gal... (and it's a good thing the 'natural' him seems to favour black-colored clothes without much prints and patterns... coz that's my own style too, wakaka!)

haiz... japan always seem to have so many bae-activities going on that i'm literally going abit green.... :p

jaime said...

hi Lin-chen,

Thanks for dropping by. I hope by now you have watched YJ's NHK interview clips and bb blog's pictures. Do you enjoy it?

Hehe, I am ashamed to say that I haven't watched it yet, so I am very thankful to the Japanese sisters who shared the video clips so fast.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear gosijo,

The fact that Winter Sonata has become such a classic is just wonderful. Practically every scene and all the dialogues are memorized and savoured by the fans. Hehe, one proof is I can walk in the cinema and watch Winter Sonata without reading any subtitles and I still know every line that HRH says! Hahaha, I wish I could remember my Japanese grammar that well :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear coco,

hehe, didn't know you are also a MinHyung gal. I thought your heart is captured by Chanwoo and more recently YeoSuk? So, looks like you have watched most of HRH's works except the very early ones, which I don't think there is any English subtitles available yet.
Please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Yoko,

Thanks for your comment. You know they just finished airing the last episode of Winter Sonata last week on TV. Did you catch any of those shows? If not, like cloudnine mentioned, Toho Cinema just showed episode 5/6 this past Friday. You can still catch MinHyung on big screen. Hehe if not, I know we can always pull out our own DVD and play it :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi princess,

I know Chanwoo is also a favourite to a lot of fans. Part of me love Chanwoo and the entire drama very much. Mind you, I always fast forward the non-BYJ portion though. Hehe, you can't blame me with 60+ episodes! Sometimes I wonder First Love is such an old drama, it doesn't have a glamorous set and beautiful clothing. I actually don't think BYJ looked as beautiful as he is now in First Love but I love to watch the interaction and the daily life of the Chan Family. I feel it's the story that reflects the society of that era in Korea and the depth of each character which really capture its audience. The struggle, the hardwork and success that Chanwoo went through has become a very encouraging story for young people.

Hehe, you notice Chanwoo and DongHyuk are always in dark clothing too?

love ... jaime

bb said...

yea, jaime... i tend to see FL and HWRL in that same light, that they reflected what the SK society was facing at that time. so other than just being great keepsakes coz they're bae-dramas, i think they have got social/educational value as well.

the issues they'd touched on in both dramas, the importance of a family's background when getting married, the stigma against orphans, the stigma against men who didn't serve the army, the shame of being poor, the importance of getting a tertiary education, the 'mafia' ways during those days, etc etc etc...

and yea, while wuri yong joon wasn't nearly as goodlooking as he is now, but i thought there's a certain raw element to him then (in FL)... and i also thought he really really played out that role very well. he's given that role such flesh and blood... in fact, except for HWRL and TWSSG, i sorta think he was at his best in FL. imho, even WLS and AS didn't quite challenge his acting so much.

and yea, they're always in darker clothing... AS, BTY too... he's probably the 'brightest' as minhyung.