Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fashion then & now

Hi hi sisters .... I'd like to move onto a lighter topic before going back to the Osaka Event. You read the princess blogged about that some people thought his clothes at the NHK interview being too somber. Maybe it's just me, how come I also have this impression that he is always wearing the same jacket, T-shirts, jeans and boots in this trip? In my own ignorant ways, I can only conclude the followings :

1. HRH must have lost his luggage on the way to Osaka, that's why he still has the same outfit that he arrived at Kansai on his back! (don't smack me, just kidding :)

2. I blame it on those ridiculous airline restriction on luggage weight. Just that darn Damdeok armour alone has already gone over the 50 lbs weight limit! What? They expect HRH to wear his birthday suit on stage?? (hehe, actually I don't mind at all @@)

3. Ms Hong & team must have been blinded by the beauty of HRH and can't tell one color from the next. That's why he's always wearing black - greyish black, brownish black, light black, medium black, dark black .......

Now if you don't believe me, please take a look at the contrast of his wardrobe during his Saitama trip in Aug 2005, can you see the big difference?

Haneda Airport - 2005Incheon 2008

Interview on stage - Saitama 2005 Osaka 2008

Farewell on stage - Saitama 2005
Farewell outfit on stage - Osaka 2008

Press Conference - Saitama 2005
Tokyo NHK Press Conference - 2008

Tokyo movie premiere - 2005

Yokohama Charity Soccer - 2008

And how can we not love his cool & sexy look in fedora :)

Seriously, I do see a change in HRH's demeanor and appearance in this trip. He looks extremely relaxed and very confident in every occasion. As he said it himself, he is very comfortable in front of his family and feels like this is coming home. I think at this stage in his life, he wants to show us more of his natural self. He wants us to look beyond the fancy clothing, to see his works and hear his words. He trusts that we will love and support him no matter what he wears. Hehe HRH, you know us so well, we have already fallen under your spell :)


gosijo said...

Hehe, Jaime, your luggage restriction theory reminded me of a scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Except that in Rear Window, Grace Kelly's character ends up packing in her tiny Mark Cross overnight case only the most elegant nightgown you ever saw. When she takes it out, she explains it to wheel-chair bound, broken-legged, Jimmy as 'preview of attraction to come'.

bb said...

hee... actually i heard that he was sporting a 'repeat' outfit at gosireh y'day too :p

p.s. but... somehow i don't think it's a matter of not packing enough clothes... heard that SP shim checked out and flew back today, and along with him, he had also checked out boxes and boxes of stuff... i assume they're the same boxes they had brought to tokyo from seoul? wardrobe? :p

i don't mind the darker shades actually, but more variety la... :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Chingu!

I personally would love the BIRTHDAY SUIT on HRH! as with everybody else here, hehehehe! Can we slip into Ms. Hong's list an UNSOLICITED list on her LIST OF SUGGESTED( or SUGGES-TIVE, hehehehe) SUITS FOR HRH next trip out of Korea?

I would guess that the reason for Ms. Hong's dark shades for YJ lately is for him not to be recognizable? Seriously, who wouldn't recognize him whether he's weraing drags &/or rags? With that angelic face & magnetic charm ..... OMG!

I agree with Jo Onni's suggestion,
if ever that lighter baggage restriction does apply, imagine if HRH packs in his luggage only his JAIME's, uuppssss, his JAMMIES, hehehehe! And also bb's suggestion of variety to suit all his family's taste both young & the likes of me-the not-so-young? heheheh!

Take care dearie!

Love, judy

bb said...

hee... wrong info there... apparently mr shim did go to the airport, but it was to send someone off, he didn't get on the plane himself :p

jaime said...

my dear gosijo,

hehe, I sure wish there is more attractions to come from this gorgeous man. But looks like the 'main attraction' is doing an encore in America. The US sisters will be very busy hunting again :)

Thanks for the reference to Grace Kelly. Like HRH, she also brings a beautiful thought to my mind.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe princess,

actually me too. I like men dressing very simple and low key. He looks perfect in the low cut Ts and jeans. but but this man can also carry coloured clothes so handsomely, I don't know what to choose anymore? :)

thanks for the news about Mr. Shin. I know I am selfish, but I am sad to know he's leaving Japan soon.

love ...jaime

jaime said...

yeah chinggu,

I also have a feeling that HRH wants to go 'incognito'. Hehe, at least he thought he could :) He does not realize how many 'hidden' fans he has in N. America.

Please take care!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

That is way he needs to come to the Carbian
we are famous for our hideaways for celebraties
World famous places in fact a lot of Celebraties buy houses because they find freedom and peace in this blesed island
We have a growing comunity of eoreans in the country they are not many but wen have some.

I know what you are thinking but no I would not get to see him
I probabvly would not know he was here at all
that is how much privacy he would have.

They tent to buy houses away from the Capitol they Buy and Stay in La Romana, Casa de Campo,Punta Cana, CapCana etc........

I got to say they are a few of the most beautiful places in the World, and I would not mind to see him laying around in a Shailow tanning at all...


Yoko said...

Just want to say I'm enyoying reading your blog and this one also funny and so nice to read,thanks!


jaime said...

hi hi moontime,

sorry for the late reply. I agree with you, I love the Carribean. We used to go on cruises down there every year. Sunshine, beaches, the culture, the music, what's not to love! Yeah, I feel Yong Joon can't really relax in the States as he has so many fans over there. The tropical Islands are perfect, they are so peaceful and quiet.

You are very lucky to be living there, moontime :)

love .. .jaime

jaime said...

hi yoko,

thanks for leaving a comment and sorry for the late reply. I have been busy studying my japanese, my head is about to explode just trying to memorize all the hiragana and katakana! fighting!

love ... jaime