Monday, September 29, 2008

Days of innocence

Hi Hi dear sisters ......I found these precious pictures of our prince during his debut in 'Love Greetings'. He was just 22 years old, looked and acted exactly like his age - young and innocent. 14 years has passed, but you can still see that purity and determination on his face.

His 'Club Monaco' sweater is a Canadian brand. Did he get it from his Montreal trip or a Canadian fan?
He was already studying his script, exercising, exhausted from filming ..... (sorry for the small size, pls click on the picture to expand)

Hahaha, funny that you can almost substitute the same shots now, but with AS and TWSSG.

Now 1995, he looked a bit more used to the camera and started to pose

Must be filming 'Sunny Place of the Young' then

Hehe, he already liked to put his hands near his beautiful chin :)
Hope you enjoy!

original from ~yuri-810 by yuri
reposted in baidu by YJ影之国


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jaime.

So enjoyable to look at the young YJ. Couldn't resist looking many times.

He looks so fresh and gorgeous. The poses and his facial expressions are so cute; so utterly charming.

jaime said...

hi anonymous,

thanks for leaving me a comment. i really love Yong Joon playing Kim YungMin in 'Love Greetings'. that character had a very gentle and warm heart, definitely made a great friend. have u watched it?

pls take care!

regard s.. jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

I'm a late fan. So, I've been unable to get hold of his very old dramas here in Singapore or for that matter elsewhere. Still trying.

Fortunately, I have WS, First Love, Hotelier, TWSSG.

Warmest regards.

jaime said...

hi hi new fan,

welcome to my little home. Oh, you have some of his best dramas already - even First Love!

As for April Snow and Untold Scnadal, have u checked I just checked that site, they also have Papa, Have We Really Loved, Seawind, Barefooted Youth and some special Events DVDs!

I still remember fondly 3 years ago when I first knew about BYJ, I practically was on every site and pounding on all Chinese DVD stores everyday until I got all my BYJ dramas. Fortunately, it didn't take me long. It was such a great memory :)

Hehe, after u order all those dramas, i think u will be a very busy lady. good luck!

regards ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for checking the site, dear Jaime.

You're very nice.

I'll take a look.

Best regards

jaime said...

Hi anonymous ,

sorry for replying late. I must have missed seeing this comment. Thanks for writing to me, glad you like Yong Joon's young pictures.

regards ... jaime