Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Premium Event DVD

Hi Hi ..... Yeah, it's one of those no BYJ news day again. You probably know the DVD for the Osaka Premium Event is available for order already. The Special Limited Edition is selling for 4728 yen (about US$47) on HMV Japan, release date is Nov 28. I think if you order 2 DVDs, you'll get 21% off too :) Not bad, eh? Now I just need to see what other DVD set I want too. Hmmmm .... maybe the 'Hanryu Expo in Asia'? Does anyone know it's any good? These picture cards are posted by daisukibyj, I wonder if they come with the Premium Set?

original in byjgallery by daisukibyj
reposted in baidu by wlbyj


Anonymous said...

Ohayo Jaime,

I think those picture cards are giveaways for the Premium Event Dvd, but the story is a bit confusing.

As you know that there are two types of Dvds, and the Special limited edition offers 16 picture cards, whereas the Regular edition offers 3. There is also a difference about 'bonus present' between the sellers. Four (yon) unreleased 'real' pictures are only from bofi. Bofi also plans to offer some special present. On the other hand, IMX gives you the discount depending on how many sets you order, plus they will give you one of IMX's BYJ goods.

It's good for us that there is a competitive market.

As for 'Hanryu Expo in Asia', I found it on Amazon site and its price is 12,810 yen.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Hi hi cloudnine,

Thanks for the info. Yes, I find it quite confusing with so many products and they are so similar. I am very tempted with the bonus BOFi and IMX offers eventhough I have no idea what they plan to give. The benefits of HMV Japan is it's in English and shipping within Japan is free! So very convenient.

Yes, I also found Hanryu Expo DVD, wonder if the contents is good. Never heard any sisters raving about it, maybe because it's not that good?? Hehe anyway, I'll think about it, still get plenty of time before the Osaka DVD release date :)

love ... jaime