Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sky Aquarium

Hi Hi ...... so, our handsome prince didn't show up at KSW's wedding, eh? I was kind of expecting that he'd go since he's not in the middle of shooting a project. Hehe but what do I know, he must have his own reason. If he does everything as we expect, then he is not Bae Yong Joon anymore, right? Thanks princess for giving us a live report on the parade of stars, it's still rare to see so many big shots like JDG, LBH, SSH, JWS in a single place. Since Mr. Handsome decided to lay low and there's no new pictures of HRH to post. I'll share a very beautiful exhibition that I went to with you, hope you'll enjoy ......

Last week, we met up with an overseas visitor for dinner. Since we only had one evening, so I thought the quickest way to show her all of Tokyo was, where else? from the sky! Hehe, I am no Donald Trump, and I don't have a helicopter to take her for a spin :) So we went to the top of Mori Tower to get a panoramic view of the beautiful Tokyo night. Mori Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo - 54 storeys high and yes, this is high considering Japan is an earthquake zone.

The stunning Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge afar .....

There happened to be a Sky Aquarium exhibition going on. I wasn't really keen at first, to me aquarium is just fishes in a water tank, simple as that. Being a fish lover, 2 dishes immediately came to my mind - sashimi and steamed fish, yum yum :) Funny that was 10 pm on a weeknight, but the crowd in the aquarium was still elbow to elbow! I thought now that's Tokyo, forever alive and bustling!

The entrance is a few wide steps of 'lit up' aquariums. Ok, quite an elegant introduction so far ....

Did I walk into a nightclub? What's with the dim light and music?

The crystal lighting changed from pretty pink to romantic purple to mysterious blue, it just overwhelmed me @@

See the 2 small sharks under the purple light, wonder if they are dancing too?

Fishes in glass containers of different shapes and sizes, real cute!

I didn't even want to leave this room, another look before we left this beautiful display

Something even more spectacular is behind these columns and waterfall, notice the little fishes in the fountain?

I felt like I were swimming under the sea or maybe walking on the moon?

This GIANT crystal ball was revolving with water streaming down the sides! Do you see the hundreds of tiny fishes inside?

These are some more very creative design of aquariums, nice enough to be installed at home

A huge glass screen filled with water and fishes, cast with shadows of plants and ripples

Fresh flowers sticks out from tubes in the aquarium - an objet d'art!

Hehe, I got to show you some corals and fishes just to show you these are indeed aquariums, otherwise you'd really think that I ate up all the fishes, slurp slurp!

This Sky Aquarium exhibition has absolutely taken my breath away. It's the creativity and technological innovation of these aquarium's designs, married with the natural beauty and fluidity of sea lives that produced such a spectacular display under the glorious backdrop of Tokyo nightline. I hope you enjoy this wonderful tour as much as I did. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Wow this Sky Aquarium is worth visiting!! Without the pictures of corals and fishes, it really looks like an art installation. I think Mori Tower had the Sky Aquarium last summer, too. So this is on the 52nd floor? Must be the same place of wuri Yong Joon's Image exhibition venue.

Last week I visited Mori Museum of Art with those 'museum' people and were greeted by Mrs. Mori, a wife of Mr. Minoru Mori, a scion of a real estate family.

cloud nine

jaime said...

hi cloudnine,

yeah, i am very pleasantly surprised. u know this exhibition has been going on the whole summer, just spectacular!

wow, you've met mrs. mori! i am so intrigued w/ the shanghai world financial center - the tallest building in the world which mori has just completed. i think there is a park hyatt in that building too :)

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

I'm so wow
the round ones just drove me crazy
Tokio is indeed a very special city
thanks for letting me see this.


jaime said...

hi hi moontime,

yeah, i am so amazed at how they put the fishes and water in this giantic glass ball! tokyo is indeed a world class city, with so many art and cultural exhibitions. it's impossible to go through all of them. thanks for your comment.

love ... jaime