Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TWSSG Jewellery II

Hi Hi my dear sisters ...... Thank you for looking at the first set of accessories that was posted a few days ago. Eventhough we love Damdeok and Sujini, but they have relatively simpler costumes than other characters. Hehe, my explanation is they are gorgeous enough and accessories just would not serve much purpose around their beautiful faces anyway :) Here is the next set from Kiha, please enjoy ......

Actually I'm not sure if this ribbon was Damdeok's or Kiha's??l

Remember how cute and curious our handsome prince was?

I never knew Kiha had so many hair ornaments in this scene @@

These hairpins in the next few pictures are so pretty ~(*o*)~

This 'tree branch' thingy is the one that really caught my attention and I felt so sad for Kiha's fate at the end, sob sob!

source from BYJ Gallery - daum 공예카페 난뎡님
collected and posted by style, thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
The jewelry are just fantastic, they can compete with Tiffany, or perhaps Tiffany can reproduce them on contract, like they do with Picazzo. I have a personal preference for Lee Ji Ah or Suzini, because she portrays a rare female partner, a good enjoyable friend and comrade at arms first, before becoming a beloved. But Moon Sori or Kiya is also complex and complicated in her portrayal of a youthful partner at play, a secret trusted friend who heals and protects, but who can be destroyed by jealousy. At the end however, she wins over as a mother earth to her father god.
Their jewelry are iconic symbols of their light and dark personalities.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

jaime said...

hi thanks josephine .... me too think kiha's accessories are quite nice. thanks for reading

love .. jaime