Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazing talent

Hi Hi dear sisters ....... hope you have a nice week. Hehe, both me and my computer are experiencing some hiccups and cannot think straight. Please forgive us if we have not been too productive (nor creative) lately :) I am so impressed when I saw these paintings of Damdeok by a Japanese sister kinkan, sure cause me to miss our prince more. So you think Yong Joon is all packed and ready to hit the road?

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more to come .....


gosijo said...

Wow, Jaime and kinkan, these drawings are amazing!!

Sorry to hear about your computer problems, chinggu Jaime. Hope you get back on track soon.

I came here to check some information in an earlier post but now find it hard to 'leave'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
Congratulations on these beautiful sketches of Bae Yong Joon by KinKan. I can feel the aura of Yoon-ssi from the sketches even as far as Philadelphia. That is a mystery.
Have a nice day.
josephine pasricha

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

sorry for the late reply. i am glad that you enjoy kinkan's paintings. It seems like she loves Damdeok in particular. If I have time later, I will try to search for any archive of her work. Maybe we'll find some treasures of MinHyung or Insoo??

pls take care!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

dear josephine,

thanks for leaving me a comment. It is simply amazing and still a mystery for me to comprehend how talented painters are?? Hope you are enjoying Philadelphia!

love ... jaime