Monday, September 1, 2008

For Anonymous on Legend

Hi Hi sister Anonymous ..... hehe, it would be easier if you give me a name. You were asking about whether there are any real pictures that Regie based these drawings from and if this is BYJ's new drama? Yes, I am posting the real pictures here from the drama 'Legend' aka 'The Great King and Four Gods'. Hope you are back to see them.

The Legend was first broadcasted in Korea late last year and has made its round in most Asian countries. There are actually DVDs out in Japan (with Japanese subtitles), Singapore and Taiwan (in Chinese subtitles). If you like to know more about this BYJ drama , there is a TWSSG thread in Soompi :

or please visit bb's blog

or xiaoyi's blog for complete stories, pictures and vods.

Hehe, does he look regal?

This is the picture of BYJ's back that Regie used. The famed photographer is Leslie Kee.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime and Bae Sisters:
I remember from classes on the actors' studio that an actor should have intelligence, emotional sensitivity, physical attractiveness, sympathy and empathy with character, good memory and expressive body movement, but most specially attitude.
This Bae Yong Joon photographs show that whoever character he portrays, and whatever pose he does, he has attitude. Ragie is starting to capture it. It is something not learned from directors or cinematographers or photographers. It is a gift from God.
Sarang Hamnida from Philadelphia,

jaime said...

dear Josephine,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I find him being so admirable for immersing himself into that character. I remember when MinHyung cried at the beach in Winter Sonata and I can imagine how hard it is for Yong Joon to feel that pain.

love ... jaime