Friday, November 7, 2008

More pure & natural

Hi Hi sisters ...... You know his singing CF is out already. Please quick, go to Quilt and check out tomato's post! He seems to really enjoy his singing and humming, eh? We have clearer and bigger Face Shop pictures now. I feel like having a soft breeze blowing to my face whenever I looked at him :)

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These 2 are bonuses, bet you can't sleep tonight after seeing this exquisite gorgeous face @@ hehe enjoy!

As princess has already mentioned that 3 Joonsfamily sisters are visiting in Japan now. So this weekend many Japanese sisters will accompany them to Kamakura to retrace Yong Joon's footsteps. We'll also be going to some famous BYJ places in Tokyo. So will be very busy, promise to write about it after, ok? Have a great weekend!


bb said...

pout pout... wish i were there!!

have fun, be safe!

p.s. jos was 'complaining' about how it's so wet today, when they're doing disneyland :p

p.p.s. then she was talking (on facebook) about how the supposed-to-be-five-star-hotel doesn't have internet access in the room,hehe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you for your advice on food and clothing appropriate for winter. I started to dress up in five layers: 1) thermal wear, both top and down, 2) then cotton shirts and pants, 3) then woolen sweater, 4) woolen muffler or shawl, and last 5) a leather overcoat, socks and boots. So I feel warm already even when I walk in the wind and go to the supermarket, which is actually refrigeration surround.
Today, it is raining in Philly and I watched all the small birds fly out from cold to a better warmer place most probably. It is going to start snowing next week.
So I have stocked up on soups and hot food and even emergency snacks. Dear Jaime, would you believe, I was even able to buy your suggested Shea Butter moisturing body wash. You are brilliant. God bless you.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
All of a sudden, I realize that the Bae Yong Joon's CF vudeo by Face Shop is also based on the four seasons. Perhaps, they should already show Bae Yong Joon in winter gear, so we can remember/reconstruct him in Winter Sonata. And BAe Yong Joon/Face Shop can give advice on what to do and use for skin care during winter. Would that not be good branding/marketing?
His song about beauty that makes you now, will make the whole world beautiful, is sheer poetry specially in its original Korean language as translated by Fumi and posted by BB. Thank you.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

bb said...

hey jaime!

just dropping by before i go to bed... hope your day with the gals went well :)

p.s. omo omo!! am almost too shy to type those jumbled-up verification words for this comment!!

it actually spells: matebbyj, haha!!

Layla said...

Dear Jamie....

U r right...i had sleepless nights during the weekend because of the two killer photos u posted.... anyway, had printed them and hide it under my pillow....hahaha....

bb said...

pout pout! still not back from gosireh...?
pout pout! why am i in singapore when the gals are over there in japan...?

sob sob...

wail wail...


jaime said...

Hahaha, calm down, my dear princess. If there's any consolation, I didn't go to Gosireh either (sigh, mother duty :( I can already picture the good food, nice place and the laughter.

I know a lot of sisters went and I am sure they had lots of fun, so sob sob together with you too! We went to Toride and Megane Ichiba today. Hehe, wait till Kelly & Jessica come back and show off their cool glasses :)

you know, my teacher told me since Korean won is low and yen is high, a lot of Japanese just hopover to Seoul for a weekend. How's Singapore $ fare against won? sounds like a good idea?

love .. .jaime

bb said...

sounds like a good, but impossible, idea...

am sooooo... swarmed with work that i was just telling my staff my plate's so full i need another! haiz... anyway, you don't wanna hear about my work troubles...

so... how's toride? i really really really like ramen, so i can imagine i will really really really like that!!

and the two gals had sunglasses made? hehe, i know kelly's longing to get a pair of megane ichiba, but i didn't know jes was also itching to get her hands on a pair :p

so... are you going to put that good idea into action...?

p.s. me going to HK wed, back sun. work, of course :(

p.p.s. and this work trip's soooo... packed i can't imagine having the time to do anything else... altho i do wanna go check out a fortune teller fella if i can squeeze the time :p

and nope, am not superstitious or anything like that. have only seen one my entire life (him!), and i just want an update... i like this chap, he's 'pragmatic'... :)

jaime said...

oh princess, are the girls back in their hotel safe and sound (and full :) now? hehe, looks like you are getting daily updates from them? hope they have a great time so far.

I am very tempted, I am trying to figure out an optimum time (optimum in the sense of 'no guilty feeling towards my boy' :) Hehe, and next time in Seoul, got2B all BYJ, no more palace and museum!

to Hong Kong again? Hope you can at least eat well, I know you will be so busy. Will you be seeing some light at the other side of the tunnel soon?

take care!

love ... jaime

bb said...

actually, nope, ain't getting updates from the gals, except for a couple of brief exchanges with jos on FB.

and yup yup, gals are safe and sound in their room now... the net-addict jos is online already :p

p.s. nope, no light at the end of the tunnel yet... it's a long, long, long tunnel. probably another 3-6 months before i can see light at all... haiz... (just took over another dept, lots of things to fix....)

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

Hehe, I am glad you have figured out a way to keep yourself warm in chilly Philadelphia. You know how to tie the muffler in MinHyung's style, do you? It really keeps you warm :)

Yes indeed, even Yong Joon himself said he felt like a poet while he was humming around the countryside.
Thanks for your kind words always!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hohoho sorry layla for causing you sleepless nights. Oops, I think the apology should come from the culprit himself :) Afterall, he is doing the damage to me too.

Hope you'll have a sweet dream tonight!

regards ... jaime

Layla said...

Dear Jamie,

Yes, agreed 100% with u that the apology has to come from him, but i can dream on that if i need him to do that....ever since i become one of his fan, my days are incomplete, sleepless nights and so on.....(hahaha...hopefully my husband is not reading this now!)....but i like it anyway...

jaime said...

Hahaha layla, you are so lucky if you ever dream of him. Please do let me know when it happens ok? He is very addictive, eh? I also think about him always (secretly of course:) Have fun!

love ... Jaime