Thursday, November 13, 2008

Retracing YJ's steps - Toride

Dear sisters ….. thank you so much for reading and leaving me your comments in the Kamakura outing, I am so touched at your interests. The credit belongs to cloudnine who has so tirelessly arranged the itinerary and guided us around. Hehe, since moi can’t offer much, so I was just quietly observing and recording the days’ events. Thanks thanks cloudnine for the educational tour. Next, shall we move onto Toride?

You remember in the Megane Ichiba CF making video, Yong Joon looked so excited telling us about the crew would all go to eat ramen after filming? He said this was his first time eating out in this Tokyo trip, poor boy! (fyi : he worried about causing a commotion in Tokyo, so he had room service at Conrad during his entire stay, well except once to Gosireh I suppose.)

Today we had the honour of Pallet and moichan joining us, we met at Shibuya crossing, probably one of the busiest intersection in the world. Trust me, on any regular day when all pedestrian lights turn green, there are literally 1000 people crossing the intersection.

Toride is located in Shibuya, about 30 minutes walk from the subway station. If you watch Amazing Race (yeah yeah, my whole family is big fan), you know it’s almost impossible to decipher an address in Tokyo because the streets have no name and do not follow any grid systems. Other than having bionic legs or built-in rollers under your feet, the best way I'd say is to follow other Bae sisters. Finally Toride, a traditional storefront for a small ramen shop. The 3 benches in front actually reminded me of bb's post on how the NHK crew took turn lining up so they could have all 25 seats inside the shop :)

Inside is quite small and dark. In front of the open kitchen are a row of counter seats.

and a small quiet corner for 4,

then a huge table for 10 that Yong Joon sat at (the far left I believe). You see, 2 Japanese sisters were eating there already :)

Hehe, like most of the small Japanese eateries, the patrons are usually male workers and they tend to walk in and want a no-fuss quick bite, then go on with their living. Now suddenly Toride has these ladies all dressed up in groups as if they are coming in for an afteronoon of high tea and leisure chat. All thanks to one single late night visit by Yonsama!

Like Raitei, there is an unwritten Yonsama course. It’s not on the menu, so be sure to ask, ok? The House ramen (with shredded pork, half-boiled egg, nori) and gyoza (dumplings)

Nigiri rice balls (hehe, this is Kelly’s)

Yong Joon also ate dessert – strawberry ice? and drank beer I believe, but we didn’t order them. I particularly like the pork bone soup base. It’s milky white, very sweet and tasty, so different from other ramen shops’ salty miso or greasy soyu soup. Chuao!

Next, we had a very important mission – to boost up the Japanese economy. Well actually, it’s Jessica, Jos and Kelly’s jobs but I am just happy to be the accomplice. Kelly and Jessica are determined to have their Yonsama eyeglasses while Jos couldn’t bear to miss the chance to shop for Japanese fashion. Hehe, I don’t blame you Jos, I have been here for 10 months and I still can't get enough of those pretty Japanese fashion@@.

By now, you must be very familiar with the display of Megane Ichiba already. This cube display is new though, have to show you ....

Then Kelly (the serious photographer with all the equipments to match) noticed how unprofessional I was using only one hand to snap a shot. Hmmmm, as I recall, some hunk did the same not too long ago, and his picture turned out just fine :)

Kelly kindly gave me some tips on how to capture a shot at a better angle, even re-arranging the store display!

Kelly and Jessica decided to use their Yonsama frames for sunglasses (which I am sure they have a few pairs at home already :) Hehe, looks like it’s an unwritten rule that we Bae fans always buy 2 of the same Yong Joon’s goods; one to use, the other one untouched, in its original wrapping for keepsake?

Since we have wait for 25 minutes for their glasses to be ready. We went to a nearby coffee shop and this was my cafe latte :)

Their plan was to go to Park BOF after and then dinner at Gosireh with more Japanese sisters waiting. When the clock struck 3pm, I felt a bit sad as I had to switch my role from a carefree Bae fan back to being a caring mother (and I am sure Yong Joon would want us to live responsibly too:) I had no choice but to bid farewell to Jessica, Jos, Kelly and all the sisters. Hehe, maybe cloudnine can fill us in on the exciting events I had missed that night? By now, the JF sisters should be back home safe and sound. Hope you ladies had a sweet and wonderful memory of Japan :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Thank you for the compliment but Kamakura is my place so it is rather easy for me just to retrace YJ's steps. The only regret of mine was the weather.

After Megane Ichiba, we took JR Yamanote to Meguro (2 stops) and then subway Nanboku Line(2 stops) to Shirokane Takanawa. We could take a taxi from Shibuya,but the things is no one could explain where the Park Bof is to the driver, haha! Thanks to pallet's advice we managed to find Park Bof Tokyo in a quiet residencial area of Takanawa. As we went pass Gosireh the girls easily spotted the sign of "高矢禮" on the way and couldn't help taking a picture.
At Park Bofi the girls left the message in Hungul, which amazed me a lot. They wrote 'please come to Singapore' and 'Take care!'.

Kiyomi and 4 other Japanese sisters welcomed us at beautiful lit Gosireh and later Mariko joined. We talked and talked to our hearts content so that I don't really remember what I had. Glad to hear that Gosireh is having more non-BYJ patrons since that TV program 'Gochi Battle'.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Dear cloudnine,

Thank you for your account of the rest of the day. I was really banging my head for not being able to follow you ladies to Park BOF and Gosireh. I am happy that you gals had so much fun.

That sounds great. I am sure Yong Joon will be happy to know non-fans also appreciate his restaurant :)

Have a nice evening!

love ... Jaime

liezle said...

hello jaime and cloudnine! been waiting to read stories about how you guys spent wonderful days with the JF ladies. jess actually posted a short note on soompi to tell us that they had a great trip and that they're so glad to have met many baesisters.

if given a chance to travel again to japan next year, i hope to see you guys again.

have a great weekend.


anm said...

Wishing someone far away [but close to my heart]....Many many happy returns

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime:
I am glad that you enjoyed retracing the footsteps of Bae Yong Joon in Japan. I wish I could do it myself one of these years. I the meantime, the weather is cold, windy, raining in Philadelphia. I try to keep myself and my children warm and dry and well fed as you suggested. Tomorrow, it will be -1 degree celsius, and the first day of winter (shades of Winter Sonata) will be on thursday. While I watch and play with the first pellets of snow, I will remember the beauty of Winter Sonata, the lun yu quality of Bae Yong Joon, and the kindness of the Bae sisters and family. May I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving Day, too.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Jos said...

Hi Jaime

Guess what, I totally enjoyed roaming the streets of Shibuya during that 1.5 hours. Of cos, the best part was getting the 900yen pink jacket.

By the way, I have uploaded about 300 photos photos on Facebook. I think I have sent you an invitation to join FB, did you get it?

It was really great to meet all of you in Japan and for such memories that we will remember for a long time.


jaime said...

My dear liezle,

Sorry for the late reply. I enjoyed our short meeting in Osaka and Tokyo. I really look forward to the time you will return here again. Although I understand if you decide to fly to Seoul instead, there is a much stronger attraction at that end, right?
Thanks for leaving me a comment, see you in soompi!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

My dearest anm,

I am so moved when I read your message. I feel like we have missed so much time and so many chances to be there to support each other. Having said that, we are such old friends that it seems like everything is understood and can go unsaid. Hope this is not wishful thinking, but I do hope you will still be there when I return home. Our friendship is too precious and I can't afford to let it slip anymore. Please take care! I do pray for your health and happiness!

love & hugs ... Jaime

jaime said...

dear josephine,

Please keep yourself and your family warm. And Happy Thanksgiving to you! Big celebration in the States, eh? Oh, I miss Turkey and the cranberry sauce, yum yum?

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

DEar Jos,

Thanks to you, now I am exposed to another hip technological application called Facebook! Love all your pictures, you gals are so cute!

Yeah yeah, I think next time you should take me shopping when you come to Tokyo. How did you manage to find such a pretty pink jacket for 900 yen? Hahaha, and I thought I am the 'expert' shopper!

Glad you had a great time in Japan, I'll see you in Facebook!

love ... .Jaime

Jos said...

HI hi,
I simply love FB since I can connect to many people at one time. Photo sharing is just 1 example. Hope to see you in FB often =)


bb said...

i met the gals (nine of us + plus tiff's little one, actually) for dinner and some catching up tonight... they were ooh'ing and aah'ing over how delicious the toride ramen was!!

i want go i want go i want go!!

p.s. hehe, despite extending a few days after their tour package, the gals still found that they didn't have enough time to do everything that they wanted to...

i guess now they understand why i always try to stay at least a week when i visit tokyo... in fact, seoul too :p

jaime said...

hi princess,

I also find the Toride ramen quite good too. They really prepare it well. The soup is tasty, the egg is soft and fresh, the nori is crispy, very very nice! Hehe, both Tokyo and Seoul are big cities with so much history and cultural events to see. Now we have to add on a few more days to do BYJ sightseeing and sisters' meeting, it's never enough time anymore :)

love ... jaime

bb said...

and i can't wait to be there in tokyo!!