Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bae girls day

Hi Hi sisters ..... I am happy that you enjoyed HRH's irresistably handsome pictures. Hehe, today is one of those 'Bae girls' day (no no, Bae girls, not Bad girls) that I really look forward to. I went with cloudnine, baba san (visiting from USA) and mymy to watch TWSSG in Toho cinema. I think most overseas sisters are familiar with baba san, jill4byj and mishio, who organized the brilliant 'quilt' project for Yong Joon's 36th birthday. And of course (our not so little anymore but still oh-so-sweet) mymy whom we knew and love so much from bb's blog and soompi.

Incidentally, my son asked me last night how come my BYJ sisters all have code names like in his video games? Errrr ... then I also notice we have these cute double syllables name like : bb, baba, cc, coco, LL, mimi, mama, mymy, yon yon, youyou .... we can easily compose a lovely melody with them, huh? Oh, speaking of LL, we also bumped into LL san in the cinema today! Oops, sorry for sidetracking, what I really wanted to say was watching this ultra gorgeous HRH on big screen triggered all kinds of side effects on us poor women. First, cloudnine said she could hardly breathe; for me, hehe so embarassing, I almost choked when I swallowed my own saliva! Now please judge for yourself, you'll sympathize with us .....

just imagine this is your chest :)

and continue to imagine this is your hand @@

well what the heck, might as well pretend this is your head too :)

Now move your eyes from his forehead to the contour of his closed eyes, down his straight nose to the full lips, up to his protruding chin? See now why I choked?
After the show, we went to the fashionable Xen Bamboo bar for lunch. Hehe I mean, for fashionable singles at night, young-at-heart ajummas during the day :)

We talked about our innocent mymy's chance encounter with our prince 2 years ago at Narita Airport. She was literally within 3 feet and then realizing the gorgeous man in front of her was her Yong Joon oppa! When her jaws dropped to the ground (direct quote from her :), his kind eyes stationed on her as if enquiring whether she's ok, she nodded. He was relieved and then waved bye bye to his youngest fan. Even talking about the story 2 years later, our mymy still looks so shy and mesmerized. Cloudnine and mymy, do these pics look familiar?

I think headline said 'matome? hair + big chest = SEXY!'

Haha, they even pointed an arrow to his chest ----> 'this is sexy'

This was actually an unscheduled visit, so Yong Jong stayed very low key here.

Oh, I can't end this post without showing my gratitude. The very thoughtful sweet jillie (jill4byj) has asked the kind baba san to bring me these pretty and adorable gifts - my favorite pink lotus silk pouch, rose water hand cream, my very own Polaris necklace (I still can't believe it!) and her handmade artwork notepad. Oh my dear sweet jillie, how caring and kind you are! You always make a sister feel super special, big big hugs!

And my very best cloudnine onni handed me this beautiful package with her handwritten Japanese letter (which will take me days to decipher) ! The mauvy-pink Burberry handkerchief is so delicate and this precious necklace is designed and handmade by her own sister! Oh my dear cloudnine, how do I deserve this love. After HRH made me almost choked this morning, now both you and jillie really made me all choked up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, saranghae!


Hyds said...

Oh Jaime, you've got such thoughtful friends. I'm glad. The Polaris necklace sob sob sob.. I have been wanting that too hehehehe perhaps one day I could have the courage to buy it online. Enjoy your presents, you well deserve them. I wish you the best for the year to come to you and your family ;-)

jenny said...

Hi Jaime, you are very lucky to have such caring , nice and lovely sisters over there but anyway I think all bae sisters in all parts of the world is very nice , caring and what hyds said thoughtful as well. Do you agreed?

Very happy to hear that you have joyful meeting with the bae sisters there.Have a happy and nice weekend.



jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thank you for your kind words. Hehe my problem is, I treasure these BYJ gifts so much that I do not dare to use them. I just admire the new package from time to time :) So pathetic, am I? Will you wear your polaris necklace? I think I should start opening some, right?

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi jenny,

thanks for writing to me. I agree with you, I think BYJ sisters from all over the world are very loving because we respect and care about each other. Yes yes, I never stop to be thankful every day for my blessings, like knowing you nice sisters. Please take care!

love ... jaime

Lin Chen said...

Hi Jaime,
So busy that not chit chat with you all recently. Miss all of you so much.
Totally agree that YJ's sisters from all over the world are very loving.
I learn many things from all of you jaime, bb, roytavan, myoce, angel,.... i can not name all the names of you...

I think all of us do exactly what you just posted, imagine that is our hand, our head, ourselves with him. Can be close with him to hear his heart beat, feel his warm and love.

Anyhow, that is a rose of life, we are really blessed with warm friends and big love to BYJ.

Let I hug you and have your hug.

With love

Hyds said...

Not to worry, we share the same feeling. I received the 2009 calendar from a Japanese Bae friend and I would rather keep it in prestine condition and not use it even a copy of his picture I'm afraid to put it in a frame coz the change in weather may damage it I'd rather preserve it. Silly are we.

Hyds said...

No I haven't got the polaris necklace yet. I am still thinking of buying it. Perhaps when I have much much money hehehe I will wear it on special occasion.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime and all Bae sisters:
My paper on Bae Yong Joon is finished, accepted to be read in a forum this first week of December. It will eventually be published in a philosophy journal. May I thank you for journeying with me in the writing of the paper while I stay at UPENN. I have tested many ideas through your blog sites.
Please pray for me and my family --for good health, long quality life and abundance in prosperity and peace. May you have the same blessings this first week of Advent, Christmas and the New Year.
Of course, the biggest wish from all of us goes to Bae Yong Joon.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

phuong said...

Hi jaimee , many thanks again for your posts and artworks . Mr BYJ as Damdeok so charming , from head to toes , my favorite so far , and the music goes so well with your posts .
Have a nice weekend ....and do some dreaming !

bb said...

hi hi jamie!

so happy to hear that you've had yet another wonderful bae day out with the bae gals... (hehe, i did almost read it as 'bad'...)

it amazes me to no end my own bae journey has led me to so many unusual friendship all over the world :) am sure you feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and sisters,

As I don't have a blogspot or any space to write about my life and thoughts (only because I'm a low tech person.), you may assume that Jaime is always at receiving side in terms of our relationship in Japan, but it's NOT true.

I would like to tell you that I'm also receiving a LOT from her, both physically and mentally. She even cares for my daughter whom she only met once. Above all it's so pleasant for me to be with Jaime as you can easily imagine by her writings.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank our princess bb who gave us all a place to meet. As for the recent post on 'meeting new sisters' I'm glad that I believed my intuition when I was invited by bb to join her Jeju trip back in 2006. Can't you believe that we had not met before?

cloud nine

bb said...

hey cloudnine,

i believe you that jaime is very sweet and nice and awfully considerate. and yup, i too agree with you that she's so easy to be with, just like you are...

i remember you saying that jaime is also a very kind and generous woman... am so glad you have each other :)

and... you know, i also find it incredulous how you and i met for the first time. but sometimes, it's just strange how things work out, ya?

i can remember you used to share some translation and even abit about your trip/s on quilt. but i can't remember from which point you and i started to correspond. i don't recall exactly what incident or posting or whatsoever it was that brought our paths together.

but i do remember that i still didn't know you when i was in japan in march 2006. that was when cafe B was still around. i remember you telling that a fellow fan had told you that happiebb was in tokyo, and you didn't know who i was... and, after you told me this story, i had wondered if you were at cafe B too when i was there :)

anyway, no matter how our paths were brought to cross, i'm just mighty glad that they did :)

jaime said...

dear Lin Chen,

Sorry for my late reply. As our prince is busy writing his 'Beauty of Korea' book, we miss him even more, right? Thanks for coming to my little home here and leaving me a sweet and warm comment. Hope we can see some new pictures of our prince too.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi again Hyds,

Hahaha, please do use your 2009 calendar. I was very dumb and kept both my 2007/2008 calendars in the cabinet. Imagined I could have been staring at our handsome Yong Joon every day and I wasted my chance, sob sob! Hope you'll enjoy yours :)

regards ... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

I am so sorry for replying to you late. I am very excited and happy for you. You have finally published your paper and I can't wait to read it. I like to know from what perspective you wrote about Yong Joon, your viewpoints and your objective/conclusion. I am sure it has also been a wonderful journey for you as you have been leaving bb and me comments about your thoughts.

I congratulate you on initiating this project, persevering and completing it. Yes, I will pray for the health, happiness and proseperity for you and your family.

Thanks for letting us know about your publication. All the best!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi phuong,

Thanks for dropping me a comment. I hope you had a nice weekend! Yes, we like to dream :)

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi my dearest cloudnine and bb,

I am so touched to read about your comments, I don't deserve this but I count my blessings to have you two as my 'very special' friends.

dear cloudnine, even though I am lucky to have many friends in Tokyo now; but I dare say without you, my life here will be 'hell' instead of in 'heaven'. We may not see each other all the time, but the thoughts of you being so close here always warms my heart :)

now dear princess, Yong Joon may be the one who started it and spiritually connects his family together. But you are the one who puts it in reality by connecting sisters all over the world so we can meet each other! I hope you know how much we appreciate you and your blog :)

Thank you both for your very kind words, I don't know where to hide my head now :) and YES! dear cloudnine and bb, I love to hear how you two first knew and met each other. Please share with us!

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

(>_<) jaimey onni!!! YUP YUP Its that DAY!

really enjoyed chatting and watching twssg :D
thanks baba san! cloudnine-san and jaimey onni!
(^-^) waves to bb onni!

love <3 mymy

jaime said...

hi hi dear mymy,

waving to you back! so happy that u dropped by! hope to c u soon!

love ... jaime