Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Akemashite Omedeto gozaimasu, my dear sisters! Hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous year!

Hehe, got back from Hong Kong in time to spend New Year in Tokyo. Are you having a wonderful time with your family now? I hope our Yong Joon is with his loved ones now to welcome in 2009 :)


Lin Chen said...

Happy New Year to Jaime!

All the best coming to you with the New Year.

Love and Miss you.

gosijo said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Jaime!

vegas said...

Hello My Dear Jaime!


I'll be one of the last to celebrate the New Year here in Hawaii.

Thank you for everything you have shared with us this past year!

Looking forward to 2009 with you and our dear Baesisters!

Take care!

bb said...

welcome home, jaime! trust that your trip was fun!

새해 복 많이 받으세요 (Sae hae bok manhi baduseyo)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime, I am in Pennsylvania and have been enjoying your blog since the beginning, lurking happily,but wanted to let you know how much I like your amusing and warm hearted style. Please keep sharing when you can.
Have a great New Year with all of the world's BaeWatchers


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


Love, Judy

jaime said...

Hi Lin Chen,

Thank you for your well wishes :) I also wish you a wonderful year ahead with lots of happiness and health!

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

My dear gosijo,

I heard the weather has warmed up in TO - perfect for the New Year celebration. I hope you and your family a fantastic 2009 with lots of warmth and happiness. Have a wonderful holidays!

P.S. Thank you for your beautiful card, your words are especially touching to me.

love ..... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi dear Vegas,

It's so nice to hear from you here. Hope you will have a great time celebrating NYE with your family. Hehe, It's Jan 1 afternoon here now, but I think you are still counting down to 2009 in Hawaii. My sincere wish that you have the best in 2009, in terms of health, happiness and prosperity.

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi princess,

Did our 'social butterfly' princess make her rounds to all the New Year's Eve parties in town already? I hope you'll have a wonderful holidays with your family and friends.

Yes, I had a fantastic time in Hong Kong. Totally exhausted coming back, still recovering from the crowds and the noise!

My sincere wish that all wonderful and beautiful things will happen to you in 2009 :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear JP,

Welcome and thank you so much for writing to me in New Year. Your kind and generous comment is a big encouragement to me. I hope you will have a happy & healthy 2009 and we'll enjoy our BYJ journey together. Wish our prince will find his happiness and love soon :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi my dear chinggu,

Great to 'talk' to you again! I miss and thought about you gals always. You must be very busy at this time of the year with your family. Please take care and don't work too hard. Put aside some 'yourself' time to spend privately with our prince, ok? Hehe, I meant watching his DVDs ONLY! (Don't you dare to get within 10 feet of him, otherwise I can't guarantee how much hair you will have left, ok? :)

I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous year!

love & hugs ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Warmest wish that you and your family will have a most Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New Year.

Thanks for such a witty and happy blog. Still chuckling at you and your chinggu over BJY.

S'pore fan

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year dear jaimez!

Hope to see you soon!


jaime said...

Hi dear S'pore fan,

Very nice to hear from you too. Wishing you a great and successful year ahead! Thank you for writing to me here, the little war between chinggu and I fighting over HRH will not end until our prince found his true love. Then chinggu and I will be consoling and crying over each other's shoulders :) glad you enjoy it.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear Mariko san,

What a nice surprise to hear from you here! Happy New Year to you too. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful and healthy 2009, all the best!

love .... jaime