Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yonsama Matsuri

Hi Hi sisters ..... the Miss 'slow news' me am posting now. You probably have all heard about the 'Bae Yong Joon Festival' in Japan SkyPerfecTV starting from 1 January 2009. For 3 straight months, they will be showing various programs and dramas of BYJ. Haha, so if you are not a Yonsama fan yet in Japan, you will be one very soon! And if you are already a fan, you'll have a ball next year!

I have to say our prince is really a superstar of his own breed. Never has there been a foreign star which received this honour and he just handled it with such grace and dignity.

Here are the 2 websites
SkyperfecTV and Hanryu for details. They are in Japanese, so I just did a very crude translation myself for practice. For a more accurate and complete translation, please refer to tomato-san's in princess bb's blog :)

3 months with many 'BYJ-contents' special programs
Broadcast program :

[SkyPerfect BYJ Exclusive Special ~ Change & Future] - SkyChan

[Drama TWSSG Premium Event 2008 in Japan] - SkyChan

[Winter Sonata complete version, subtitled] - LalaTV

[Love Greetings] - Travel Channel

[Complete Exclusive BYJ Coming to Japan Private Document 2008 ~ from inside the backstage to private image showing] - TBS Channel

[Life Experience ~ BYJ Chapter] – KBS world

As well, to commemorate Yonsma Matsuri, there will be BYJ goods for sale offered by BOFi. A special website will be set up on Dec 26 for application.

Hehe, it's tomorrow! Our prince's photo exhibition in the afternoon and the Christmas concert at night in Yokohama. My eyes are rested, my ears are rinsed and my tickets are ready, I can't wait! And apparently according to bb's Manager Yang : THEY can't wait either :) I'll try to report back when I have time, ok? Have a great weekend!


bb said...

hey, not trying to be pushy or anything, but please please please look at everything twice hor... once for yourself, and the second time for me :p

have fun!

steal some shots if you can? please pretty please?

jaime said...

hi princess,

thanks but I am so chicken to steal shots. lucky mariko and others have done it :)

love .. jaime