Monday, December 8, 2008

Hairy business

Hi Hi sisters ...... Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We attended an 'O sooji' event this weekend. Now before you start picturing what exciting cultural grandeur I have embarked this time, it simply means 'big cleaning', sorry. Nevertheless, it's a traditional customs in Japanese society and maybe I'll write about it some day. Now, where were we? Oh yes, the sunshine boy and his hairy legs (that our princess loves)!

Well, but I really have a different hair issue to worry about today. You probably know already how ‘committed’ I am when it comes to our prince’s hairstyle, eh? When he grew his hair long, I became goldilocks; when he decided to color it light, I went blondie; he opted for the glam, ponytail look, I turned into a pony too! Hehe, don't believe it, remember this What's with the hair? article I posted before?

One challenge of relocating to a new city is you will lose the great network of personal services that you have established and been enjoying like your doctor, esthetician and hairstylist etc. Even though I would not count 'Mr. Trendsetter' hairstylist as my top 10 favorite guys in the world (well, I’ll reconsider if he stops performing his latest experiment on yours truly’s hair), but I have to admit that this guy has got the best haircutting technique. He understands the nature of his clients’ hair and considers how you can manage it at home. So silky and shiny, oh so healthy :)

So one of my concern when I came to Tokyo is 'where am I going to find another Mr. Trendsetter here'? Well, Lady Luck was on my side, and I meant Lady! I got attracted by this very elegant and cozy salon, so I decided to give it a try. They booked me with the (lady) director who is the only stylist speaking English. Like most Japanese establishment, they have impeccable service, very personal and genuine. I walked away with a very happy head and face :) and considered myself a loyal customer there.

Then a month ago, I became ‘itchy’ for other Japanese salon experience, cause I can’t compare unless I try other ones, right? So I went to this big and famous salon chain and tried out the latest Yonsama’s Osaka look. I was quite overwhelmed with the number of staffs and customers there, at least 100 of them busily hurrying back and forth, minding their own business. I was like one of the headcounts lost in a sea of scissors, hair colors, shampoos, magazines and blow dryers. Suffice to say, when these professionals did not pour their hearts into their work, the result of my haircut and coloring was less than desirable. (Well, you can tell when my hubby and son never noticed my hair change after I went to the salon, BUT this time both of them said, “mama, you look different!” Now that’s a VERY VERY bad sign! Sob sob, even the sweet mymy said, “onni, your hair is different!”)

Now, being spoiled with pampering in the very attentive Japanese style of service, I have learned my lesson and know it’s best to trust your instincts. This afternoon I am going back to my ‘Miss Tokyo Trendsetter’. I don’t expect miracles that she will turn me from a dustmop-holding ajumma to glass-slippers Cinderella, just decent enough so I won’t feel too embarrassed in front of my dear Yong Joon (Ok, via Satellite, so he won’t see me :) and Bae sisters this Sunday. You ask, what's so special about this Sunday? Remember the Yokohama event “Christmas with Family – Although We’re Far Apart”, it's the first time Yong Joon will appear LIVE via Satellite to his Japanese family! Can't wait!

Now, which style should I shoot for? His latest curly look?
or this glamorous loose tie-up look?

Hehe, I like this one the best for everyday look!

I pray as long as it's not the 'wig' look (even though his face is still so beautiful)! Now if you don't hear from me in the next few days, you know I am hiding under a pillow sobbing huh.


jenny said...

Hi jaime

Happy to hear that you will be attending this sunday event. So lucky staying in Japan cause you will have a lot of our king events.

Hope you have a new look from your miss tokyo trendsetter this afternoon.



jaime said...

hi hi jenny,

thanks, keeping my fingers crossed. Yes, I'm so looking forward to the Yokohama event and to watch him LIVE! Will report back to you sisters, ok?

love ... jaime

bb said...

aiya, i was hoping for some sexy business here! but hehe, i had a good laugh nonetheless, thanks for sharing :)

i know what you mean... when i moved from singapore to work in KL, i also went through hell trying to find someone who understands my hair and my personal habit (of not liking to put any styling products, not blowdrying, not fiddling much...)...

then when i moved to australia, it was worse...

and eventually i decided to just keep my hair long. darn long... so i never have to do much with it, wakaka!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Live via Satellite means only one way? That's not fair!! HRH should spot committed-to-hair Jaime or at least listen to our shouts.

Seems you are almost ready. (Still need to go to a nail and estetic salons?) I think I shoud make hopeless endeavor in next few days.

Did you hear about the bonus for those who go to Yokohama Arena?
There'll be an exhibiton of photos wuri Yong Joon took while he was in Japan. It will be a big day.

cloud nine

jenny said...


Tq and waiting for your report. Wah you all out there really get a big bonus from our king. As cloud nine said photos exhibition of our king as well. Really a big day for u all. How about other part of the world. Hope our king can hear our complain.

Anyway to all sisters out there, enjoy and remember to take lots of photos for us to see.

Thanks in advance


jaime said...

hi hi princess,

So you went through all that searching and frustration too, eh?That's when you started to grow your hair long. You've got such smooth and shiny hair now, so beautiful and healthy. I like the way you tied them in your avatar, very cute :)

Hehe, sexy hairy business. Hmmmm..... that topic sounds tempting. Just have to dig up more pictures of his hairy legs :)

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Enjoyed your past days' posts.

Good luck on your new hair-do.

Although I couldn't get to your old "What's with the hair" when I clicked the link, I still remember I had lots of fun reading it earlier, what with your usual witty touches like your reluctant stylist pouting due to your insistence on what he thot was a bad choice.

Looking forward to BYJ's new short hair-do too. I like the one he had in Barefooted Youth in the earlier episodes.

S'pore fan

jaime said...

My dear cloudnine,

Really?! There's bonus? You mean we can go to his photo exhibition before the event? Wow, this will be a whole day of ultimate fun! Lunch, exhibition, souvenirs shopping and then the concert listening to Winter Sonata and seeing HRH LIVE! Oh my dear, just thinking about it, I am so so excited already. (eventhough I feel so guilty leaving my mom and sis behind)

Hehe, I am a technology idiot, I think satellite is about sending and receiving signals and images. Remember NASA and the astronauts use that to communicate. So I assume yes, we can receive images from HRH, so can we send images to him in Seoul, right? Hehe just guessing, I do hope he can watch the event like the other sisters in Waldo and Toho cinemas though :)

See u on Sunday! Please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Dear S'pore fan,

Thank you for alerting me about the link problem to an old post. Hehe, I should have checked my work before posting it. It's fixed now, sorry about the booboo :)

Hehe, you like his very hip and cool style in BFY? What a coincidence, I was looking at those pictures last night and thinking if I should repost them, maybe I will do that. I still haven't got a chance to rewatch it though, have you?

Thanks for your warm wish!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi jenny,

yes dear, I'll remember to carry my camera on sunday.

love .. jaime

Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
Love this post! You know what, I had the same experience too. But my hairstyle was first influence with a celebrity here in the UK. Over a glass of wine I went to the bathroom and cut a fringe. People at work liked it and thought it suited me hahaha they didn't know the true reason.
Anyway coz of YJ I have been praying that my fringe will grow like his. So I cut and cut until I tame it. I'd say the one you like for everyday look is same as mine.hehehehe
Who would ever thought it would work? ;-)

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

You are very brave and skilled to handle your own fringe. It always looks so easy and fast when the stylist does it, eh? Hehe, you mean you have the same style as Yong Joon at Kyocera Dome in Osaka? How nice! It looked so soft and delicate. Please take care!

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Yes jaime. Some people I know wanted it trim but thought no still manageable.. Thanks and take care love, Hyds