Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yokohama Christmas Event III

Dear sisters ..... thank you for being so patient with me and for all your kind comments in the last few posts. I promise I'll reply tomorrow, ok? Shall we continue?

As we were settling into our seats, the familiar MC Ms. Kim Tei appeared. Her face is a bit rounder after giving birth and looked real cute. She said we could treat this like a date with Yonsama, hehe, she really knew how to talk straight into the family's hearts. There was a brief presentation from Megane Ichiba on the 15 million yen generated from the sales of the 'I wish' project. The fund will be donated to the Nepalese children, imagine how Yong Joon felt being able to reach out to the young ones in need?

The first singer opening the concert was Kang YoHwan, who sang the theme song in Hotelier. The screens were showing Shin DongHyuk's running scene, crying scene, pool scene @@ ..... Honestly, I really feel sorry for whoever is within the same vicinity of HRH when it comes to a woman's line of sight. We were all oohing and aahing at Frank Shin, who could spare an extra pair of eyes to look at YoHwan ssi on stage? Now, can any sisters tell me what the guy was wearing that day? I personally can't, sorry :) When the first song is finished, all of a sudden, the image on the giant screens switched!!

Our prince appeared in front of his family with the sweetest smile. He looked so dashingly handsome, still in his healthy long hair and dressed in a grey jacquard jacket, darker grey muffler and jeans. He was sitting in a studio with very warm Christmas decor, in front of a TV set. At first I thought this is his living room and the woman maybe a Japanese interpreter or satellite staff. There's a man next to him and upon closer look, yeah, he is Yong Kwok (aka Ryu Seung Woo) from Winter Sonata. Hehe, but regardless, my eyes were still fixated at our prince, drooling like a little puppy dog :)

You know what a perfectionist our Yong Joon is and every move of him in public is always so well thought out. Maybe this attempt on satellite communication is a first for our prince, so in the beginning, there were times when Yong Joon and Ms. Kim Tei were practically talking over each other. See how his cute eyes were wandering :)

At other times there were these long pauses and Yong Joon didn't know whether to talk or not. We were laughing and he was also laughing heartily with Yong Kwok too :) So playful that his body was tilted to one side and hit his head on Yong Kwok's arm!

He looked so relaxed and joyful like he was seeing his 'real' family and spending an enjoyable day with us. Hehe, Ms Kim Tei told us Yong Joon could see us in the arena, I instinctively sat up straight and fixed my hair, how stupid of me! Then Kang YoHwan talked about the background of the gift song 'You're my everything'. He knows how much Yong Joon loves his family, so he decided to write a song to express this love as a gift to him, how thoughtful :) Oh oh talk about being thoughtful, all these time the kind babasan had been patiently translating every single word for me by my ears. Thank you so much babasan!

Next the French version trailer of Winter Sonata anime came on, what a bonus! Yujin was in Paris by Notre Dame and other famous sites. Her eyes were swelling with tears when she saw the cassette tape that reminded her of JunSang. Our princess bb has blogged about the contents of the entire trailer.

They also showed us some videos from the Premium Event DVD on Yong Joon's last visit to Osaka and Kamakura. When Yong Joon was riding in the limousine from Kansai Airport to the hotel, he said his memories of Japan from his previous trips were only confined to hotel rooms. This time he really wanted to venture out to see more Japan. You can see Yong Joon was much more comfortable and determined this time compared to his April Snow and Image visits. Hehe, he is a man of his words. After the TWSSG event in Osaka, he did explore the temples of Kamakura bright and early one spring morning.

Even the Japanese family was gasping when they saw him wandering 'freely' on the streets of Kamakura!

The next singer was Woo Sung Min who sang the theme song 'The road' from April Snow. He is still young and shy like in the Saitama Event, but he has a wonderful voice. Then Ryu was the last singer to close the concert, he sang our beloved 'From beginning to now' and 'My memory' from Winter Sonata. Oh oh I meant close the concert portion, who else but our one and only prince could close the Christmas event for us!

Eventhough the main star was obviously Yong Joon, but throughout the event, Yong Joon always involved his friend in everything. When the 3 very lucky fans' seat numbers were drawn to receive personal autographs from Yong Joon, it's the joint effort of Yong Joon and his buddy :) At one point, Yong Joon rested his right hand on his buddy's shoulder. Yong Kwok explained to the audience that we might be envious of him, but Yong Joon wished he could place his hand on our shoulders', what a diplomatic friend :)

He appeared so relaxed and often so playful with Yong Kwok, not trying to present a perfect act in front of us like in Osaka. I felt like he was so natural as if he were my younger brother, a cousin, even a nephew.

Good times passed by so fast, soon the event was coming to a close. Our prince thanked Ms Kim Tei and told her she looked beautiful, so nice of him knowing how tired a new mom can be. H wishes his family health and happiness for the Christmas season and 2009. Then Ms Kim Tei asked us to sing 'Silent night' (in Japanese) to our prince, I became a bit sad as the thought of ever seeing him this way again seems so remote for a 'passersby' like me. Subsconsciously I didn't want to let go as this very special and precious man was disappearing from my sight. I thanked dear cloudnine and babasan for staying behind a little after the concert so I could cool my feelings down first.

In this holy and peaceful Christmas season, I sincerely pray that Yong Joon will have the best of everything installed for his future, love :)

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gosijo said...

Hi my dear Jaime,

Thanks for finishing your series so fast at such a busy time. These sharings with the vast majority of us who couldn't be there mean the world!


jenny said...

Hi Jaime

Thanks a lot for your journal on the event. We feel really happy after reading this although we were not at the event. Thanks to Sis Babasan, Cloudnine and other baesisters also for all their efforts. Jaime u are really fortune to have so caring, kind and helping sisters with you all the time.

wish all of you have a nice and great weekends.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Really really appreciate you spending your precious time posting so that we can know what's it's like at the event; for having to make effort during the event to remember details and take photos.

Thanks also to sis cloudnine and babasan for being such wonderful family.

S'pore fan

jaime said...

My dear Gosijo,

I hope you enjoy reading about the Yokohama Event as it's truly a heartwarming gift from our prince to us. Have a Merry Christmas!

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for reading. My words are poor and unskilled but with your wonderful imagination, I hope you can feel the joy and warmth inside the arena. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear yee,

thank you so much for being so nice to me and keeping me in mind. I have emailed you already. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear S'pore fan,

You're so welcome. I know I have missed some details as I am so forgetful. Hehe, I noticed babasan was actually writing down each program and details! I should have done the same :) Yes, she and cloudnine are so sweet and kind.
Please take care and thank you for taking the time to read.

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Just one thing, Jaime, my dear friend: when Ms Kim Tei said Yong Joon could see you in the arena, well, sitting up straight and fixing your hair... I must comment so you know for next time: you and 9,999 family, dear sister!

Hummmm, how to say this...? You have to find a way to stand out, ya know? In a way that will make him appreciate the uniqueness or cleverness (i.e. none of the devious ways chinggu may suggest to you in private). Now, you may come up with your own way but may I suggest a small article with two red bands on either sides and a white band in the middle with a very distinctive red botanical pattern in the centre? We know HE would recognize it instantly - after all, he has a chair with the same patriotic pattern - and he might be taken aback at seeing "Whaaa, there's even a Canadian in the audience!"

Heehee, I'm just joking, of course, Jaime. I know how shy and subdued you are in public.

Have a wonderful time in HK, a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

bb said...

goodness!! jaime, you? words poor and unskilled? goodness... *bb shakes her head and almost walks away... almost!

you write so well!!

and yea, thanks much much for sharing :)

jenny said...

BB you are right. I think I need to shakes my head, not you. Both of you write so well.

Anyway thanks a lot for sharing jaimie, bb and others.

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime

Thanks so much for detailing the event for us who can't be there. I can feel the ecstasy of that evening. And I love reading what you write. You write very vividly, and sometimes very funny too.


jaime said...

Hi my dear gosijo,

Thank you for your brilliant suggestion. I must confess I have very slow thinking and it never dawned on me the catch-iest way to get our prince's attention is none other than our good old reliable red & white Maple Leaf flag! (and you have already helped me out and dropped me hints by sending me so many, dumb dumb me!)

Hehe, but you know me so well, under the other 9999 pairs of eyes from the Japanese sisters, I don't know where to hide my head :) Sigh, those 3 fans who got Yong Joon's autograph are the luckiest. Imagine that moment when the prince was writing their own names on his pictures, how precious!

Always love to read your witty comment! Please take care!

love & hugs ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe bb and jenny ...... with all the head shaking and walking away, I feel like a schoolgirl just been lectured by a sensei :) Thanks for your kind words.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi hi alcy,

Thank you for your comment. I am happy that you can feel the excitment of that event. It's truly heartwarming for the Christmas season. Thank you for coming to my little home here and hope to see you again!

love ... jaime