Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nosebleedingly handsome

Hi Hi dear sisters ..... thank you so much for your warm and comforting words. I feel much better and am now wrecking my tiny brain trying to remember what happened 2 days ago in Yokohama, yikes! Please bear with me, I'm going to work on it now. Before we start, please grab some cotton balls because your nose is about to bleed after looking at this gorgeous picture. Hehe, you have to click and enlarge it to give HRH's eyelashes the justice they deserve :)

original by byjfan kaorin


Hyds said...

Lovely top picture Jaime. I think it should help me unblock my nose at the moment. Been battling with a nasty cold. Hope you are feeling better despite the cold weather.
Love, Hyds

Layla said...

Hi Jamie,

It's been awhile since i last surfing your blog....
Actually, not only my nose bled, but blood gushed out from ears, eyes, mouth....hahaha...just an impression the damage caused by him not in person (as always i only can dream of meeting him) but through his photos...


jenny said...

Hi Jaime

I love the pictures very much especially the first one.You make us dreaming of him already in this early Wednesday morning. No need to work loh. He He He He.



xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,

Ha..ha... When I saw your title, I just can't help myself for putting in a few words.. You are sure right, but then, few cotton balls wouldn't be enough for this case....

How's your preparation for the trip? Everything set? Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi

jaime said...

Oh Hyds,

sorry to hear that you have a stuffed up nose. glad to hear his picture can unclog all the blcoked passages :) Hehe, we all react differently to this gorgeous man!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hahaha dear Layla,

I feel the same way. Blood gushing out through nose and ears, heart almost popping out looking at that picture :) I think he is creating a new medical syndrome among adoring women, which only he can cure :) Please take care, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

aiyo sorry jenny,

please ask your boss to blame it on yong joon, not me, huh?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear xiaoyi,

thank you very much for your help and info on hkg and macau. yes yes, leaving tomorrow, still not packed yet. just booked the hotel in macau. soooo looking forward to the eating and shopping :)

You have a wonderful Christmas too w/ your family, ok?

love ... jaime

phuong said...

i love the top picture too , such the heavenly handsome artist !

jaime said...

Hi Hi phuong,

sorry for the late reply. Yes, he is so breath-takingly handsome, eh? Have a wonderful holidays!

love ... jaime