Sunday, July 5, 2009

Screen Captures' series

Dear sisters ..... if you really miss our prince but don't have a long stretch of time to sit down and watch his drama, now there is an alternate way to re-connect with him. Thanks to some sisters in Chinese Baidu - lihuang33, wlbyj, YJ影之国, they have gone to great length to capture the crucial scenes and key dialogue to re-create the whole drama in a picture series! While enjoying their fruits of labour in silence, I wish I could thank them directly in Baidu (but I couldn't type in Chinese). So I'm expressing my thanks here for their dedication to Yong Joon and the generosity to share this love with others.

In response to gosijo and coco's request, I am posting the links to the 3 most classic dramas of Yong Joon - Winter Sonata, Hotelier and Have We Really Loved. Now they are all work in progress, but Winter Sonata is close to completion. Don't worry if you cannot read Chinese, please click on the links in the order of the page and post number. Hope you'll enjoy :

Winter Sonata - Junsang series
Winter Sonata - Minhyung series
Hotelier series
Have We Really Loved series


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

I still remember how surprised I was when I first saw these screen captures in Baidu, how much time it takes to do all these work! This kind of unconditional love was another reason that pulled me into the BAE circle. Thank you very much for making such a good use of these pictures (I love “Quite a handful”, it’s a feast for the soul).

I’ve sent an email to Lihuang33 just now with this post and the previous one as attachments, I am sure they will be very glad to know their hard work has been enjoyed by other Bae sisters.


jaime said...

dear yudi,

Thank you for delivering my thanks to the baidu sisters. I have been a silent reader of baidu for 3 years, but feel regretable not being able to type in Chinese. Hehe yes, I love the big clear screen captures they created with our Yong Joon's handsome face :)
I hope they don't mind me using them without asking for permissin first. Please take care!

love ... jaime

p.s. I have written a PM in your baidu id, please check. thanks.