Thursday, July 23, 2009

Environmentally-friendly guest

Hi hi sisters ..... So you think the chance of our prince attending Manager Yang's wedding on Aug 21 is quite high, eh? Any look you wish he'll show up in? Hehe, I must have nothing better to do, I even dug up pictures of the more recent weddings he attended .....

April 2006 - at manager of Song Seung Heun's wedding
Now how could you not remember the high blood pressure and irregular heart beat this '007' look gave us? It caused a big commotion in the Bae world and even triggered this ajumma to come out of the closet :)

October 2007 - his manager Hwang's wedding
He was in the midst of filming TWSSG. The very avante garde 'rocker' look, we adore his Luis Morais necklace!

October 2008 - at Jumoochi's wedding
He looked more nobly than a noble, more royally than a royal, more princely than a prince. Hahaha what can I say, my eyes are so rose-tinted @@

April 2009 - at his sommelier friend's wedding
Donning the 'Indian Jones' look with his favourite fedora and wrinkled coat.
Have you noticed that with every wedding, he's dressing more and more casual? (Yup, with the exception of Jumoochi's cause he had that cultural medal award right after) After reading his Cosmo Magazine interview about his view on 'The environment', I just wonder if he might attend his good pal Manager Yang's wedding dressing in an environmental-friendly theme? Hehe, I don't mean a linen rag, a paper bag or a fig leaf (how I wish @@); maybe something easy, loose, natural cottony kind of casual look? Just dreaming anyway :) Have a good evening!


Yee said...

Dear lady,

First please let me make it clear that I love this man unconditionally from the bottom of my heart, love him in anything, any where, anytime.
But I still am very old fashioned, so I love to see him in appropriate attire goes with the ocassion.
Aren't weddings special, formal ceremonies ???
Our man is a classy guy, so I want him to attend the formal ceremonies with formal attire, according to his class / standard.
Hee .. just a wish of an old ajumma here.


Marce said...

Hi Jaime,
How are you? You made my day with this pictures, I really loved to see him in each wedding.
Take care of yourself, Have a nice time.

jenny said...

Dear Jaime

After reading your post this morning , I am feeling " OMG long time never see him " really miss him. I really hope he will attend this wedding and at least give us a chance to see him. To me whatever or however his dress up , I am sure we all love to see him right.

Anyway weekend again, hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families. Thanks for always give us update and reminder. hehehe

Take care & Cheers



karen said...

Hi hi Jaime,
Ohaiyo, (am I rite with my spelling,) hehee….correct me if I am worng ok..

Oppsies I forgot Japan is an hour ahead of us, so will be noon d…

OMG you have remind me how I love the pic. when he was attend the wedding on 2006….all our sis sure will get high blood pressure n heart attack when seeing this pic….he his so handsome, so man, so young, his body so slim lol …..

Tks Jaime for your posting, all the pic have filled my day….muack …muack…

p/s : Jen, we all sis really miss him too much nowadays… long as he appear in Mr.Yang wedding we don’t mind what he wear, am I rite ladies ?? heheee..

Take care n have a nice weekend with your love ones ya,


Eiriyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

That last statement cracks me up, hahaha....

but while reading your blog I suddenly realize that I'm missing him more now than before. It's been quiet a while since we've seen him. I'm wondering if He is missing us too....

anyway, I love him in all the wedding that he attended specially the 2006 & 2007 weddings.

I'm dying from a surprise from him...

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you for visiting Sara's blog and making a comment at You are very kind with your positive thoughts and best wishes. Many of our friends and relatives also tried and hit an error. That is usually the case when a site is new. The kinks will be eventually ironed out.
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Congratulations on your faithfulness in making Bae Yong Joon always high in visits and hits.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime!!
yup.. the april 2006 pictures really caused an was to die for!! he's soo sexy in the pics!! it was a long wait for us sisterhood, so, it was an amazing and worth-waiting-for!
is he going to manager yang's wedding?? hope he would give us a new look..i really want to see a different BYJ this time..but, but, i look forward to HIS WEDDING!!! he he he

take care!!

jaime said...

Hi Hi Yee,

Sorry for my late reply. Hehe you know, weekend is always Tokyo exploration time for us.

Hehe, have I gone too far? I also like him in suits, he looks super handsome :)

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Thanks Marce for dropping by, glad you like it. please take care!

regards .... jaime

jaime said...

dear jenny,

I am glad you like the pictures. I feel a slight glimpse of hope because we know for sure he will appear in the 2 September events. A long wait, but well worth it, don't u think? Hope you are feeling fine and no more sickness, ok? please take care!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Karen,

Yeah yeah, those 2006 pictures are sooooo cool, I cannot take my eyes off him, hahaha! Hope he will give us another shocker in Manager Yang's wedding @@ Have a great weekend!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Oh my dear Eiriyn,

welcome and thank you for visiting my little home. I am so sorry for my late reply. I hope I didn't give you an impression that I ignore your comment.

shhhhhhhh ..... I understand :) I'll be honoured if you still want to show me the pictures. My BYJ email is shhhhh.....

Thank you for writing to me. Hope to hear from you :)
love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Anonymous,

Me too, I sometimes wonder if he is missing us or just happy that he 'escapes' from us :) But from so many people's mouths, they all pointed to Yong Joon really treasures his fans. So we can be very happy that he always have us in his mind :)

regards ..... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

I hope Sarina's blog will be successful and achieve what she sets out to do.

I am embarassed to confess that I really do not know much about blog management at all. I just think about Yonsama and write, and pray that nothing will crash. Yes I know, maybe I really should experiment more with the functions and capabilities of blogger :(

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi chakachan,

Hehe, we all drool at those 2006 pictures. Yeah yeah, he's soooo sexy @@ But but ..... if it's his wedding, I don't know if I will smile or sob?? what about you?

have a great weekend!
love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I'm the anonymous one, sorry I forgot to put my name...

Have a good day..



Tamar1973 said...

Yes, we do love that necklace, hehehe!

jaime said...

hi tamar,

I have a feeling that necklace goes with everything you have :)

love .. jaime