Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bali - taste

We had a very deep sleep (you know the kind of sleep that you feel all your bones have sunk into the mattress?) and woke up to a glorious Bali morning!

After much of a struggle, we dragged our reluctant son out of bed (btw, if anyone knows of an effective and pain free way to wake a teenager up in the morning, please write a book about it :) I was curious to verify if the breakfast is really 'out of this world' as everyone had attested to. The set up of Boneka restauarnt has a separate kitchen/buffet area, cheery relaxing dining room and an outdoor terrace, all surrounded by infinity fountains overlooking the hotel ground.

As soon as we settled at our table, there are cheerful servers parading around offering you their fine delicacies du jour and freshly baked pastries. Of course, you can also order from the endless selection on their menu or choose from the cook-to-order buffet area, but why walk when you have everything being brought to your table? Hehe, that's why I got punished with this supersize tummy :) Now, hope you are hungry cause there's a lot of food coming up .....

The vitamin drinks - fresh fruit smoothies, the passion fruit is heavenly!

My favourite - eggs benedict

sausage and potato cake

fresh tuna sashimi

Indonesian rice porridge

assorted dim sum

Indonesian homecooked specialty - personally prepared by the hostess
lobster omelette
American steak and eggsmie goreng
nasi goreng

fresh fruit crepes

whipped cream waffles

my son's craving for a good ol' chocolate donut

Hehe, we were not that greedy, these were different dishes that we tried over the entire stay. Of course, our growing teenager was not satisfied with just a small breakfast like this, lucky there is a delicatessan inside the hotel serving heavenly pastries and fresh sandwiches to keep his stomach happy between meals.

Gourmand Deli
their cutom order cakes and fine chocolates are absolutely irresistable! there is even a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries for hotel guests to enjoy.
fresh natural gelato pastrami sandwich

This chocolate cake and cafe latte were sinfully rich! There are jars of these fresh chocolate chips cookies for customers to munch on :)

Yes I hear you, what kind of trip journal is that without any famous sightseeing spots. That'll be next, my Bali - sight ......


yudi said...

Dear Jaime,

Haven’t got time to read your Bali series, but the beautiful pictures already makes me dreaming of Bali.

I just sent you an email, please check.


myoce said...

Dear Jaime...

Have read and enjoyed all your posts...even though did not comment...
But these delicious food really knocked me out, I just had to resurface !

Am having crazy work schedules and lots in betweens :( Miss talking with you here. Love your post on Bali and waiting for more...

Much love, myoce

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

I am already droooooooooling at all the delish pics and please place a very big warning sign so I can brace myself before viewing all sinfully tempting and waist-widening dishes. How about something like-DIETING STOPS HERE? Hehehehhehe!

Thanx for the report!

Love, judy

karen said...

Hi Jaime,

How are u ??
Long time i didn't leave my comment here..try to cathing up..

Love your Bali trip posting, the food really makes us drooling, I like your lobster omelette...yummy... the chocolate & gelato pic. that u post, is my very favourite..., if i were there...i sure can bcome very fat hhahhaa...

Looking for your bali trip next episode...& take care

Love, Karen

jenny said...

Hi jaime

I am very hungry now after seeing yr 2nd part posting. Hahahaha
Very yummy and delicious lol.

By the way what i mean MC is on medical leave.



Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
Thanks for lovely photographs..I showed it to hubby and he would like to go there too. It's good to know they have resorts here in Europe also such as the one in Aspen and Mallorca. Very nice.
Btw I have moved here
see you.

Anonymous said...

hello Bae Ladies,,,

OMG! I love BAli,,,after my long 24/7 nonstop work I'm also getting a very short vac. hehehe...My boss give me a bonus and instead of going to Hawaii I opted to see EL Nido,Philippines....

So Miss Jaime cheers to fabulous paradise in ASIA!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe next year we can all see JEju ISland for our King...hehehe

MIssy Newbie

jaime said...

hi hi yudi,

thanks for your email. I really appreciate your kindness.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear myoce,

thanks for your comment, you must have been to bali so many times already. when i write about the sightseeing spots, please feel free to correct me if i get the info wrong. thanks.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe chinggu,

I am saving you from ruining your perfect figure, that's why i had to gobble all these food up. too late for me. my waist is so wide to a point of no return, sob sob :(

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi karen,

yes, the lobster omelette is very delicious. in fact, they all look so tempting. too bad can;t eat too much first thing in the morning.
Thanks for writing to me.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

oh dear jenny,

what happened? why MC? is it related to your operatin last time?
hope you can relax and rest a lot. drink some good Chinese soup. Hehe, and watch a lot of BYJ :)
hope you will be fine very soon.

take care, huh?
love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

it is so nice to hear from you again. thanks for the link to your new site. hehe, it's not easy to stay away from the gorgeous one, isn't? welcome back!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi newbie,

Yeah, let;s explore the Asian paradise first. Jeju is on my list too! El Nido looks beautiful, how do you get there from Manila? Have fun!

love ... jaime

bb said...

hehe, now i'm wondering why on earth bali was never on my list of places to go... (yea, i know, i know, practically every other singaporean has stepped foot on bali at one point or another!)

so it's not just sun, sea, sand and heat and more heat?!

the food looks great! love nasi goreng!

jaime said...

Hehe princess,

I can understand the sun, beach, sea and especially the heat would not pose any attraction to you. Only for people coming from frigid places like me would go gaga over it. Come to think of it, I think Yong Joon, other than work, never really flocks to the beach every vacation chance that he gets. Maybe he is a 'cold' kind of guy too :)

love ... jaime