Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yonsama Eclipse?

Hi hi sisters ..... hope you are all doing fine. Sorry for the MIA, had a visiting relative for the last few days. Hehe, I am pretty sure you've all seen these recent pictures of our prince hanging out in his neighbourhood - Gangnam.

In Vecchia e Nuovo - like the sun, he emitted light rays around him. Hehe, even from the back :)

In Cafe Miel - he even cast his perfect silhouette on the glass window and the reflection of that distant white brick wall @@

Heck! Forget about that 'once in a century' total solar eclipse, I'll risk blindness if I could just stare directly at this beautiful light @@

I am wondering what's in the minds of these people around him? Did they have to restrain themselves from not turning their heads his way? How did they managed to look so calm and cool about it? Ater all, it's Bae Yong Joon sitting behind you! It doesn't happen everyday, does it? Hehe, maybe they had already stared at him and got blinded by his light rays? Regardless, these are a bunch of the most lucky individuals on planet Earth and I am happy that our prince looked so relaxed and 'himself' that night :)

Thanks to kyaputenQ BYJgallery and free BYJfan for the pictures

Just a reminder to sisters who live in Asia about the Solar Eclipse tomorrow, please don't miss it huh. Maybe our Yong Joon is polishing his camera and lenses now, getting ready to capture this precious moment? Have fun :)


chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime...
left japan for singapore this evening..yeah, i'm leaving osaka tonight at 9:00! it sure was a fun trip visiting my cousin and her cute twins..hee hee hee...glad to hear that u are fine..
with your new topic..hmm..the girl kinda looks familiar..is she a classmate from college??...she sure is lucky to be doing work for him. he's soo cool to do work outside of the office...he has certainly come out of his shell and is comfortable being seen around seoul...nice nice....can't wait for his book to come out...see you in Tokyo..in 2 months time!!!

take care!!!

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

glad you had fun at Osaka, are you at the airport? So when you get to Singapore, you will be able to catch the eclipse in the early morning!

So, you are coming to Tokyo for the events?! Wow, what a nice surprise! Please let me know when. Have a pleasant flight!

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
I was beginning to wonder what happened to you. Good you are back. Yep, I'm pleased to see his photos here and there.
They might have noticed him, if not they probably regretted it by now if they happened to be there and not noticed him. At least he seem to have a peaceful time. That's more important.
I'm not so keen on eclipse, it scares me a little bit. When I was a kid they used to say monsters come out during that time but of course old tale that was.
Share some pics if you can.

Anonymous said...

not everyone feel the way you do, i saw him in seoul one time, i didn't feel a thing.

Tamar1973 said...

Well, if Yong-Joon-ssi does take some photos, let's hope he includes it as a part of the "Beauty of Korea".

jaime said...

anonymous, while I may never comprehend others' oblivion towards BYJ, I accept that because different people trigger different chemistry and connection.

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thanks for your kind concern. Yes, I would kick myself too if I didn't notice him but like you said, it's precious to see him being so 'care free'.

hehe, I'll let you know if any monsters surface, ok?

btw, I like your avatar. please take care! love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi tamar,

I read this has become big business for tourist industries across these Asian cities with total solar eclipse. Lots of astronomers and enthusiasts have flocked to these cities to witness this moment. Hope Yong Joon will take a break from his writing and enjoy :)

love .... jaime

karen said...

hi hi Jaime,

Glad to see u r back, I've check out ur blog few days but no posting.., ya me too can't wait to see his Beauty of Korea book...

Eh...i just curious, the second pic, got one ppl sitting in front of Yong Joon-ssi, who is it ?? Anyone knows ?? Is them in the same table ?? :D


jaime said...

hi hi karen,

thanks for checking up on my blog. u know, i checked the pic again. it looks like this person was sitting at a different table in front of Yong Joon, not at the same table (or it could be the same seating arrangement as the foreground in the last pic). yong joon and his companion seemed to be sitting at those big comfy armchair/sofa at the end. See, she even put her Macbook on top of the cushion! what seemed unusual was he actually sat facing out to the crowd, usually he picked his seat facing a wall, like in Michaelangelo and Vecchia.
hehe, any significance why you asked?

love .... jaime

xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,

Hello dear, glad to "see" you online again. Hope you got my message yesterday. It's been really quiet in Bae land, and i'm really excited about his travel book, do hope the english version to come out soon.
Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi
p/s: pls do remember to contact me, if you ever decided to visit Malaysia, ok?

jaime said...

Dear xiaoyi,

thank you very much for your message and your kind concern, i just answered you :)

Yes, me too, I think this will be a very beautifully designed and packaged book. definitely a collector's item! hehe, at least for us BYJ fans :) I also hope he will travel around, being an ambassador of tourism, to promote his book too. then fans from all over the world will be able to see him in person!

you know, there is a TV commercial about Malaysia on CNN Asia and the sceneries are so beautiful. If I am fortunate enough to visit your country, I will look forward to meeting you :) Please take care!

love .... jaime

Anonymous said...

I saw BYJ at gangnam area several times I nearly dropped my phone....to just catch a single shot........

He looks kinda slim than his previous bod in TWSSG....he walks very fast too..........

WE were strolling around I will not say what's the streets name...when we saw him.......

My friend say he saw him in that area pretty much all the time.........

When I saw him I was so excited even though I'm not a fan.....he has these celebrity thing...can't explain........

If you want to catch a glimpse of him choose gangnam area on your watch list and the city that surrounds it........


xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,
Thanks for your message, I've received.
Yea, and hope to see his images on the promo materials too.
Take care and do keep in touch.

Loves, xiaoyi

karen said...

Dear Jaime,

Tks for ur explaination Jaime, ...there no special meaning y i ask..just my curiousity...hehee. I'm so glad that as tippie say he can walk around the street freely than before..n he is sitting facing the crowd ...hhmmm...means our prince more relax nowaday....hope he can enjoy more freedom in future.

p/s: Hey Jaime, u planning to come over to Malaysia ?? I was staying in Malaysia too, u ladies (xiaoyi) mind me joining u all when u r here ??


jaime said...

Hi tippie,

Thank you for sharing your precious experience with us. I think a lot of us wish we had your luck of 'spotting' our prince several times on the street.

My closest encounter with him was about 4 feet apart, it is still like a dream @@

regards .... Jaime

jaime said...

Hehe dear Karen,

Have you met xiaoyi and jenny in your Malaysian Family gathering before? Sounds like you all know each other :) It'll be my honour to meet you ladies if I travel to your country. Just the thought of the delicious food in Malaysia already makes me drool :) Thank you very much for your hospitality.

love ..... jaime

karen said...


Ya, i know xiaoyi n jenny but we are from a different state & town so, i not manage to go for the family gathering this year ...sob sob..they are from Kuala Lumpur n me from Penang hehee..

hey, Jaime do let us know when u r plannning to come over ya..we take u eat the yummy food :)