Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Man behind our Man

Hi hi sisters ...... did you manage to see the solar eclipse in your city? Tokyo is cloudy and gloomy today, so we missed the opportunity to witness this phenomenon :(

You probably have read by now that Manager Yang is getting married on Aug 21, huh? He is known to be the 2nd most loved man within the Bae family. He is a close comrade of our prince, obviously a very loyal friend and responsible manager. From the many stories we read from princess bb and other fans, he is also very considerate and accomodating to Yong Joon's fans. Come to think of it, I actually saw Manager Yang last May inside Osaka Kyocera Dome as he was just standing at the aisle near our section chatting with BOFi President Bae Seung Woo. He is tall and slim, quite handsome and gentle looking in person, you know the kind you will notice while walking on the street @@

Mr. Yang has been Yong Joon's manager for 9 years now, that's most of his working life! Let's see some of his earlier times with Yong Joon during Winter Sonata's filming :

2 young and trusting friends
Already protective of our prince :) btw, you can tell Yong Joon was getting himself in the mood while walking to the filming site, don't you think? that's why manager Yang didn't want him to be disturbed.

aware of the surroundings while Yong Joon was discussing with CJW

hehe, was it the effect of sunlight or Manager Yang imitating his boss with trendy hair color?

Even earlier days at a WJS (wuri joengmal saranghae? aka Have We Really Loved) charity event

Not sure, maybe from the 'Old & New' CF days?

The Yonsama explosion began : accompanying Yong Joon on his 1st trip to Japan in 2004

Yong Joon's 2nd trip to Japan, setting all kinds of records in Japan

Enjoying the show Hong Kong fans prepared during Untold Scandal promotion

Yong Joon's 1st Asia tour for Untold Scandal continued to Singapore

Even though in recent years as Yong joon's business empire expands, Director Yang has taken over more responsibilities. During critical occasions, we can still see Mr. Yang by Yong Joon's side.

The appointment of his Ambassador of Tourism

See Manager Yang looked so concerned as only Yong Joon entered the venue by himself

Of course he was present at this milestone in Yong Joon's life as he received his cultural medal award

To a true friend who sticks by our prince's side through thick and thin, I sincerely wish Manager Yang all the happiness in the world as he enters into the next phase of his life. Kekkon omedeto!


jenny said...

Dear Jaime

Morning to you. Thanks for updating us on the wedding of Mr Yang and showing us photos of him with our prince from the day one I did not know him much , but I think he is a very responsible and hardworking manager of our prince.

Take your little space here to wish him all the best and happiness on his coming marriage. But I think they are people out there feeling sad to hear of his marriage. hehehehe

When will be the turn of our prince lei ? How is our feeling if he really announce his marriage? All this suddenly come to my mind ???????

Take care and cheers



karen said...

Hi hi Jaime,

Tks so much for your posting so many pic. of our prince n Mr.Yang that brings us so much sweet memory. My wish to Mr.Yang “ Congratulations!! & wish you both god-speed and life full of joy!”, sorry Jaime for taking your space.

Hahaa..Jaime, how will you feel when our prince announce his marriage ??

Me at first should be can’t take it, and sad lol....but lastly will give my congratulation to them n wish them all the best…hehe..

p/s: Jen, how abt u, how will u feel ?? (sorry Jaime, taking up your little space again)


jenny said...

Hi Karen

I think I will be very very very sad to hear the news but what to do we have to accept and respect his decision.

He also a human being and have his own life. Hehehehe



jaime said...

Hahaha dear jenny and karen,

me third, I think I will be sad too (shame on me, I'm not even eligible like you young ladies :)

But knowing how Yong Joon craves for simplicity and peacefulness, settling down and having a normal family life is probably best for him. So, we will be sad and lost for a few minutes, then come back to our senses to shower him with all the blessings from the bottom of our hearts :) what do u think, girls?

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Dear jaime,
Thanks for sharing these photos. I kept hearing his name but didn't really know what he looked like. He must be a very trusted companion to BYJ and it's great to know he is settling down. . Good on him. All the best for a new life journey.

karen said...

Hi Jaime,

hehee..yup u r rite Jaime,I just can't imagine what is our respond when we got the news that our prince going to marry...we should be very sad...I just don't know how long we need, to accept the truth hahaa...

p/s: Hyds, I heard princess bb says, Mr.Yang is very handsome in person n very nice lol...


chakachan said...

hi ms. jaime...
i certainly can't pass the chance to comment about Mr. Yang..the man behind "The Man"...i am happy for him that he would start a family of his own and thankful for taking care of BYJ.
the earlier days when he was still skinny..ha ha ha..he sure looked like a nerd!! But he too, like BYJ, blossomed into one hell of a hunk himself...and share a handful of love from our sisterhood. i am hoping that he wouldn't tire of our BYJ..i wish him the best...

take care!!

jaime said...

Hi Hyds & Karen,

Really Hyds?! you didn't know how Manager Yang looks like? Hehe, now you know :) Yes, Karen is right. He is much better looking in person, very gentleman-ly and comfortable on the eyes. This is not a good picture of him, sorry.

Hope everything is going well girls, have a great weekend!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

hahaha, you are so honest! I guess Manager Yang himself would laugh too if he saw these old pictures :) hehe in fact, I think we all have old pictures like these hiding in our closet. That makes me realize how beautiful and classic Yong Joon's look is. He still looked so handsome in his old dramas, right?

love .... jaime