Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bali - feel

To most city dwellers, whenever we think of exotic resorts like Tahiti, Fiji and Bali, a perception of 'lost paradise' inevitably flashes across our minds. After all, all the components of perfect relaxation are here - sunny blue sky, calm turquoise sea, white sandy beach plus a touch of unique mysterious culture. After Seoul, Cairns, Sydney, Hong Kong; Bali was the next dream destination on our family edition of ‘Around Asia in 800 days’ @@ To me, the appeal to these exotic resorts is their catering to the senses – feel, aroma, sound, taste and sight, so I’d like to approach my memory of Bali in the same fashion.

The moment we stepped off the congested JAL flight at Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport, we were greeted by our smiling hotel staff and escorted to a spacious VIP lounge. While the attentive hostess was serving us fragrant towels, cold drinks and hors d’oeuvres, another staff promptly took care of our immigration visa and luggage (you see, all tourists are required to apply for visitor visa upon arrival). What a wonderful way to start a stress-free holidays!

When we emerged a good hour later feeling refreshed, we noticed other passengers on the same flight were still lining up at immigration! We were led swiftly past customs to a limousine waiting outside, 3 other hotel staffs greeted us with more fragrant towels and cold drinks. By the time our limo pulled into the hotel compound, it was already past midnight. As we stepped into the airy open lobby of St. Regis Bali Resort, a warm breeze blew onto my face as if it was giving me a gentle welcome kiss. I could hear the remote sound of ocean waves crashing onto shore like it was rushing in to greet me. The whole ambience of the grand lobby, dim lighting, floral fragrance and the warm smiles (and more cold drinks! My poor bladder was bursting already), I felt like I had traveled back to the 1900s glamour era of John Jacob Astor’s hospitality.

The staffs cordially led us to our suite, by then we were so tired that I felt like these fluffy soft beds were inviting me to jump in!

Well, not before the trigger-happy hubby snapped up a few pictures around the room first ....

Foyer/Bar area (see the pretty beach bag and his/her hats, they thought of everything!)

Workaholic area (and it's certainly not me!)

Restricted teen's zone

Suitably for the lady of the suite (yup, that would be yours truly :)

We said a prayer of thanks for arriving safely in Bali and were looking forward to rising early tomorrow for breakfast. What?! Did I hear myself right? I never like breakfast, moreover, I never like getting up early for breakfast! But in all the raving St. Regis reviews I’ve read, everyone pointed to 'this has to be the best breakfast ever served' among lineups of 5 stars hotels in Bali. So we'll see, nighty night zzzzzzzz ......


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Thanx for posting the pics of your hotel room in Bali. So perfect and very 2nd honeymoony themed, hahahahah!

Love the bathtub and everything inside the room meant for the Lady. I would never get out of there if I were you, hhehehe!

Take care and hugzx2.


jaime said...

hehe chinggu,

i think that bathtub is designed to fit only 2 - HRH and moi :) hahaha, I'd better run fast before you strangle me!

hope everything is fine with you.
take care, eh?

love ... jaime

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

How are u ? Never come to yr blog for abt almost 2 weeks cause on long mc. Very nice to see u are started writing yr bali journal that i didn't miss out.

A very nice and beautiful hotel where i wanted to jump onto the bed now? Hahahahaha

Thanks for sharing with us and awaiting your continuation.

Take care & Cheers


jaime said...

Dear jenny,

thanks for dropping by. Are you on vacation? sorry what is a mc? Hope you are doing well.

yes, I have to make myself sit down and record all my trips, otherwise I'll forget. Still have so many to write :(

please take care!
love ... jaime

bb said...

st regis is beyond nice! it's fantabulous!!

thanks for sharing! hehe, now i know what i will be missing my entire life :p

but seriously, it seems like a lovely place... esp love your description of the bed!

jaime said...

My dear princess,

Um hm excuse me, now who is the successful sophisticated jetsetter who flies out to different parts of the globe every other week? and who is the ordinary housewife whose pride of the day is how shiny she scrubs that greasy frying pan? I think smart girl like you knows what you won't be missing :)

Honestly, I strongly recommend St Regis, I think this makes the difference between fabulous and so so. Thanks for your comment.

love .... jaime